Jan. 4th, 2017

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I am experimenting with indoor bike lessons this winter using space at the Armory, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville.  I'm running a series of 4 classes on Sundays, beginning Jan 22 at 9:30.  People will come to my house at 14 William St near Davis Sq and get bikes etc then we'll go to the Armory for class at 10-11:30.  Second class is Jan 29 and, assuming you were at the first one, you can go straight to the Armory at 10, or come here earlier and we'll take you.  Third and fourth classes are Feb 5 and 12 at 5pm at the Armory.  We hope people will stay for all 4 classes, but they can drop out once they get what they need, if they want to.  I also give lessons at the Powderhouse School yard over the winter when there's no snow, if it seems warm enough to the student.  Contact Susan at (617) 776-6524 or SusanBMcL@gmail.com to sign up.  Check out my website: BicycleRidingSchool.org.  Happy new year!


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