Feb. 9th, 2017

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Did any of you go to this meeting? If you did, can you share your notes and impressions here? Thanks.
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Hello, this is Jackie Rossetti with important snow emergency information for Friday, February 10.

The City will lift the current snow emergency at 6 a.m. Friday morning. Beginning at 6 a.m., vehicles parked in any municipal or school lot will have two hours to move out of the lot. Any vehicles not moved by 8 a.m. will be ticketed and towed so that City crews can safely plow and treat the lots.

Property owners are also reminded that you will have six daylight hours tomorrow to clear sidewalks abutting your property of snow and ice. Sidewalks not cleared by 1 p.m. may result in tickets each day until the sidewalk is clear.

Somerville Public Schools will remain closed on Friday, however all City offices will be open and public libraries will be open with a morning delay. Trash pickup will remain on a normal schedule.

If you have a non-emergency question, please call 311 (or 617-666-3311 from outside the city).
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Audition sign-ups for Theatre@First's production of Mourning Becomes Electra are now open!

About the Play: Murder. Adultery. Revenge. Mourning Becomes Electra retells one of the most famous Greek tragedies, set in Civil War-era New England. The play focuses on the tumultuous history casting a dark shadow over General Ezra Mannon, his wife Christine, and his children Lavinia and Orin. When Lavinia uncovers her mother's murderous intents toward Ezra, she takes drastic action to protect her father and begins her own descent into evil, grief, and despair. Now's your chance to be part of Eugene O'Neill's rarely performed adaptation of Aeschylus's Oresteia.

Mourning Becomes Electra will perform May 12-20 at Unity Somerville.

Auditions will be held February 26 & 28 from 7-10pm. No monologue is required for this audition.

Sign up today at http://www.theatreatfirst.org/shows/mourning_becomes_electra/auditions.shtml.


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