Feb. 24th, 2017

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Hi again folks: although our Solarize Somerville program technically closed after successfully connecting over 100 neighbors with solar for their homes (installations are still going to happen for a while), some people couldn't go solar for various reasons. Roof issues, orientation, condo legal issues, or being in rental property meant not everyone had a suitable place for panels.

But I just got a newsletter from the city about a community solar option that I wanted to pass along, since people had asked me during the program. Clip from the city below.

Community Solar: A “No Roof Required” Solar Option
Renters and owners who want to go solar but could not participate in Solarize Somerville might find an opportunity in Community Solar. Boston-based Relay Power invites Somerville residents to sign up for a spot in their new, local community solar garden.

Participants pay nothing up front and save 10% on their electricity. After subscribing, the solar credits will be automatically transferred to offset your bill. No further effort is required.

The new site in Dover, MA will hold about 100 participants and is expected to be full by 2/28/17. The site is not constructed yet and will likely go live around May. Please visit relaypower.com for more information.

Note: The City is not officially partnered with Mass Energy Consumers Alliance or Relay Power, but we wanted to share the opportunities with residents. The City is not responsible for any actions taken by these institutions or individuals.


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