Mar. 9th, 2017

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A close college friend for whom money is tight has a somewhat precipitous move, and is willing to drive wherever in the Boston area to pick up boxes. [ profile] ron_newman thought it would be okay to post since I know a bunch of folks in Davis-ish and she would be willing to drive to Davis to fetch.

To quote:
"I am moving from Brookline to Belmont, and am in need of boxes. If you have suitable boxes, I can pick them up from you almost anywhere in greater Boston. I have a car.

Any size moving-compatible boxes are welcome. I have some liquor store boxes already, and intend to continue acquiring those, but if you have that size and/or larger, and/or clean packing materials, I would be grateful.

I have begun the packing process, and am unsure of exactly how long this will take, but probably will complete the move over the course of the next week or two."
Probably easiest to email me on vvalkyri on gmail and I'll get folks in touch.

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Hi friends!

I have a friend coming from out of town who will be visiting for too long to keep in my house (I don't want to stress my roommates). We need a relatively cheap hotel/motel/whatever from Monday afternoon to Friday morning the last week of March.

Neither of us will have a car, so T accessible would be heavily preferred. We are collectively kinda brokeasses, so cheap is also preferred. I recognize this is asking the impossible, but yanno, DSLJ is full of clever and helpful people who might be able to pull the impossible off.

Thank you!


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