Mar. 11th, 2017

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According to the Tufts Daily, the owners of Dave's are going to open a restaurant and bar called Semolina Kitchen and Bar in late spring on the edge of the Tufts campus, near the Collaborative Innovation and Learning Complex at 574 Boston Ave. This the is big renovation Tufts did to the warehouse-like space across from St. Clement's.

“We’re going to be open in the morning for coffee, pastries … and a more continental-type breakfast, and then [we’ll] go into lunch and then into dinner,” Theophanis said.

The new restaurant will be a causal place for food and drink, Theophanis said. In addition, there will be take-out service and a pizza oven.

Seems like an odd place for anything other than a weekday lunch place for students & faculty. There's not much after hours traffic down there.

Doing a little research, it looks like this is the space, which I just assumed was Tufts property:

I guess it's been in the works for a while:


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