Mar. 13th, 2017

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Near the corner of Wallace and Holland, I found some items strewn about the sidewalk this morning, from what looked like the aftermath of a bag snatch or car shenanigans: contents of a Jeep Cherokee manual, a toiletry bag, band aids, and what looks like some sort of prescription liquid packets, and a few other random items. Nothing valuable really, but I'm posting here just in case.
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Hello, this is Jackie Rossetti with important snow emergency information for Tuesday, March 14.

Based on weather forecasts for a strong Nor’Easter that could bring up to 18 inches of snow along with heavy winds, Somerville is declaring a snow emergency to go into effect 12 a.m. Tuesday morning, however residents may begin moving cars to the even side of the street (unless otherwise posted) immediately, and into designated municipal and school lots after 8 p.m. tonight. Residents must move cars to the EVEN numbered side of the street (unless signage on your street says otherwise), by 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, or will be ticketed and towed. Again, anyone unable to find parking on the correct side of the street may park in any municipal or school parking lot beginning at 8 p.m. Monday evening. Full snow emergency and snow removal policies may be found on the City’s website at

Additionally, please note that trash pickup will be delayed by one day for the remainder of this week, and that there will be NO TRASH PICKUP ON TUESDAY. Somerville Public Schools and all branches of the Somerville Public Library will be closed Tuesday, and all City events have been canceled. City offices will be closed Tuesday, however 311 will remain open, and the City’s social media feeds will be available for questions and concerns.

If you have a non-emergency question or service request, please call 311 (or 617-666-3311 from cell phones or from outside the city). In case of emergency, dial 911.

Thank you as always for your cooperation and patience during this winter season.

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