Mar. 21st, 2017

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Davis Square Neighborhood Planning Meetings
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Our third Davis Square neighborhood planning meeting is tonight, March 21st at the Somerville Baptist Church, 31 College Avenue, starting at 6 pm.

We will have an engaged and interactive workshop, discussing the character and aesthetics of Davis Square. We want to hear from you and hope to see you there!

More Information on this meeting series here. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Please join Ward 6 Alderman Lance Davis ( and community leader Thalia Tringo on Wednesday, March 29th at 6:30 P.M. at the office of Thalia Tringo Real Estate (128 Willow Ave) for a meeting to discuss the formation of a Davis Square Neighborhood Council. The intent is to facilitate the formation of a group comprised of and led by residents, property owners, business owners, and other stakeholders that will meet on a somewhat regular basis to discuss issues relevant to the Davis Square community. This initial meeting will an open conversation regarding the initial format for the group -- how it could be structured, how to expand participation, and anything else that might be relevant.  Please extend this invitation to any and all who might be interested.


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