Mar. 31st, 2017

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April events at Havurat Shalom

Saturday April 1 there will be a presentation by the GLBT Asylum Seekers Task Force.

Sunday April 30, there will be a Legal Observer training.

And as always, Shabbat services and Passover services.

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Welp, that was a total bust.

The Jerk Bus beat me.  They kept moving too fast, not staying anywhere for long, and spreading misinformation about when and where they'd be, so I couldn't catch up to them.  It was like chasing Carmen San Diego; by the time I'd arrived at the State House, they'd already moved to Harvard, and I suspected that the moment I got to Harvard, they'd leave again.

So now I've got a bunch of resources and nothing to do with them.  You can download the whole load free here, I guess; I'm gonna take it down in a week, because some of it is pirated and I don't want to bilk my own community.  The whole thing contains:

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