Jun. 7th, 2017

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from Cambridge Day:

The long-dark iYo Bistro storefront in Davis Square could become the new home to Snappy Ramen, according to a worker visiting the site....

...with rent pressures at Snappy’s 420 Highland Ave. location, just a few minute’s walk away, the stagnant [iYo] location represents an opportunity for expansion. The former iYo space seats 68 in a total 2,510 square feet, while the current ramen restaurant location seats only a couple dozen people.

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Signs in the windows of the former LBC Pawn shop at 233 Elm Street announce that it will be the future home of a second Caramel French Patisserie shop from Salem.
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NOCA Provisions is a brand-new cafe on Rindge Avenue, at the intersection with Cedar, Rice, and Middlesex streets. It's run by the folks from Season to Taste Catering. Check it out for a change of pace from your usual Davis Square routine.

Season to Taste’s Noca Provisions Is Now Open (Boston magazine)


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