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Friday 9/8: Boston Bike Party, Cambridge/Somerville edition. Meet at Alewife station at 7 pm, start rolling at 7:30, eventually ends up at Assembly Row.

Saturday 9/9: Walking tour and celebration of the Somerville Community Preservation Act, starting in East Somerville at 12:30 pm, continuing through Union Square, ending at the Prospect Hill Tower at 2:30 pm.

Saturday 9/9 (with some activities on Friday and Sunday): Assembly Row Riverfest, including fireworks over the Mystic River Saturday night.

Friday-Sunday, 9/8-10: Greek Food and Music Festival at Dormition Church, 29 Central Street.

Friday-Sunday, 9/8-10: Italian Festival of the Healing Saints Cosmas and Damian, on Warren Street at the Cambridge-Somerville line, near Twin City Plaza.

Sunday 9/10: Rock & Roll Yard Sale in Union Square.

Sunday 9/10: Cambridge Caribbean Carnival, parade followed by festival in Kendall Square.

Sunday 9/10: Somerville Dog Festival at Trum Field.
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according to a sign outside the store. It is located where AC Moore (and maybe part of Sports Authority?) was.
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Somerville has at least three outdoor movie series this summer.

SomerMovie Beast, Thursday nights:

  • July 6: Sing, at Seven Hills Park (Davis Square, behind Holland Street Red Line entrance)
  • July 13: Best in Show, at Seven Hills Park - Rained out
  • July 20: Jaws, at Baxter Riverfront Park (Assembly Row)
  • July 27: Bedtime for Bonzo, at Powder House Park
  • August 3: Finding Dory, at East Somerville Community School field
  • August 10: Jurassic World, at Nunziato Field (Summer St and Vinal Ave.)
  • August 17: The Secret Lives of Pets, at Mystic Housing Project
  • August 24: Viewer's Choice (one of 101 Dalmatians [1996], Babe, or Marley & Me), at Seven Hills Park

Cinema Somerville, also Thursday nights. All movies at the Somerville Community Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave.

  • July 6: Sherlock Holmes, Dressed to Kill (1946)
  • July 13: Little Shop of Horrors (1960) - Rained out, rescheduled for August 31
  • July 20: The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954) - replaced with Charlie Chaplin film festival
  • July 27: The Ghost Train (1941)
  • August: to be announced later

Sylvester Baxter Riverfront Park Summer Movie Series at Assembly Row, Saturday nights:

  • July 8: Secret Life of Pets
  • July 15: Sing
  • July 22: Jungle Book (Live)
  • July 29: Finding Dory
  • August 5: Moana
  • August 12: Lego Batman
  • August 19: Dr Strange
  • August 26: Star Wars Rogue 1
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Just an FYI for anyone who cares: far as I can tell, the developers for Assembly Row have apparently commissioned a push poll. They caught me while I was waiting for the grill to heat up, so I played along. The script reads like a fairly conventional poll about local issues, but then focused in on Assembly Row, and hammered on the affordable-housing thing -- asking my opinion ("do you disagree with the Alderman's position about affordable housing on Assembly Row?"), then reading off a list of the nice things that the Assembly Row developers have done (and asking about my opinion about each of those), then asking whether that list has changed my mind about the affordable-housing issue.

I'm not terribly hard-over about this, but I dislike push polls on principle: I find them a somewhat dishonest way to try to change peoples' minds. Note that these calls are happening; if they call you, you might want to be prepared for this particular tactic...

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Just heard from my Alderman that there's a huge new apartment complex proposed for Assembly Square, and the developer is trying to talk the city out of requiring the usual minimum amount of affordable housing.  If you think this is a bad idea, I recommend writing to the Planning Board.  More details on Mark Niedergang's website.
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The folks who do the free Saturday morning yoga (Some.Yoga.Studio) will also be holding summer solstice yoga events tomorrow evening.

6PM: Vinyasa Flow
7PM: Detox Flow

Free, but you have to register at the Assembly page.

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Via twitter:

Bailamos! Salsa with Meta Movements! Assembly Row will transform into a dance party on the third Friday of each month from June through August. Each night will include 30 minute dance lesson and then a dance party after.


EDIT to add the time, which is now posted over there: Third Friday of each month, 6-8pm
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From the Globe:

Come next year, Somerville residents won’t have to go far to pick up a bottle (or two) of their favorite Two Buck Chuck.

Next summer Trader Joe’s plans to open its 19th Massachusetts location at 133 Middlesex Ave. near Assembly Square Marketplace, the grocery chain said Friday.

It’s Trader Joe’s first foray into Somerville, whose next-door neighbor Cambridge currently boasts two branches.

In addition to TJ’s fresh-baked breads, Arabica bean coffees, and its many frozen entrées, Somerville foodies will have another reason to smile: the 12,500 square-foot grocery will also carry beer and wine.

Just five of Trader Joe’s Massachusetts stores sell such libations; three of them—Brookline, Peabody, and the Foxborough Trader Joe’s at Patriot Place—carry liquor in addition to beer and wine.


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from CNN: Sports Authority to close all remaining stores. They tried and failed to find a buyer after declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They have not yet announced when the going-out-of-business sale will begin.

This comes just a few months after City Sports went bankrupt and closed all of its stores.
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The Union Square Farmers' Market opens this Saturday, May 14, 9 am to 1 pm.

The Davis Square Farmers' Market starts next Wednesday, May 18, noon to 6 pm.

Both markets will run weekly through Thanksgiving.

Assembly Row will not have a farmers' market this year, according to e-mails I received from both the market management company and Assembly Row.
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From the Assembly Square newsletter:

Summer Yoga
Join us next Saturday, May 7 at 9am for our first session of Free Summer Yoga Saturdays. All you need is your mat! Registration is required, and you can sign up online beginning at noon each preceding Friday. Day of registration will be available only if space permits, so don't forget to reserve your spot!

I love this. It's a great way to start your Saturday. There are times in July where there's gotta be 100 people there. The registration piece is actually handy, then you don't have to fill out the waiver on site. I set a noon reminder on my calendar for Friday to be sure to remember to sign up (they really don't open the registration until noonish Friday). Then you go to the Assembly Row site, click the "Play" navigation, and on Fridays a sign-up link will be available under the yoga section.
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In an interesting development that is sure to put the mayor in an awkward position, Wynn wants to build a footbridge over the Mystic river to connect the Wynn casino site to Assembly Square. I know the possibility of a bridge has had support from people who don't even plan on visiting the casino, but according to our mayor: “A footbridge would benefit Steve Wynn and Steve Wynn only."

Read more at http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2015/11/12/wynn-resorts-footbridge-span-mystic/2i7jPr6hCYwSjTCsWwoxpI/story.html
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I just got back from my first trip to Outback Steakhouse in Somerville's Assembly Row.  Good food, standard "Outback" fare.  I really like it.  They apparently opened last Monday, so it's been just over a week that they've been open.  Parking is getting weird, the big lot outside of Sports Authority/ACMoore/Bed,Bath,Beyond is getting difficult to park in, as it fills up.  Expect it to, since they put meters on the sidewalk about 6 feet from the curb (!) so free parking in the large lot is likely to go poof as soon as more folks decide that it's easier to park for free and closer than to pay to park further from the restaurants.
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Someone's been putting these on cars near me, as well as in my apartment building lobby. Anyone know more about the issues involved here? I'm guessing this has something to do with last week's fatal construction accident at Assembly Row.

Profits Over People?
Income Inequality?
Somerville Deserves Better!

Federal Realty Investment Trust
has decided to
on wages and benefits

Please call Don Briggs @ (617) 684-1500
And let him know our Community will not stand for
Federal Realty Investment Trust
To Choose Profits over People in Somerville!

Building and Construction Trades Council
of the Metropolitan District
#goodJOBsomerville #incomeINEQUALITY
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I'm over there twice a week for bootcamp, and on Saturdays for free yoga, and I only accidentally found out about this farmers' market yesterday.


I'm not going to check it out today because there's a giant walk-a-thon thing going on that looked like it was going to be too crowded for my tastes. But I'll be going to future ones to check it out.

Also: can I have an Assembly tag?
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I just found out yesterday from the folks on the @AtAssemblyRow twitter feed that free yoga in the park starts up again on May 2. So on Saturdays, 9am, bring your yoga mat out for some delightful waterfront yoga.

They also said it was hosted by Some Yoga Studio this time. http://www.someyogastudio.com/

Here's what I know, haven't seen other official announcements so far: https://twitter.com/AtAssemblyRow/status/588828787770597377
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The Boston 2024 Olympic organizing committee is proposing to build a velodrome (bicycle racing track and stadium) on the east side of the Assembly Orange Line station, in what is now Draw Seven Park. They also want to build a BMX bicycle racing course next to the velodrome, on land that is now part of an MBTA bus maintenance facility. See pages 74-77 of this document for details.

Mayor Joe is not happy with this proposal.

Comments, anyone?
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Hey folks--I know it's over the other side of the hill, but I saw the free yoga class over at Assembly Square this evening, and it looked delightful. Just a public service announcement.

Assembly Row details: http://www.assemblyrow.com/#play Tuesday evenings 6pm, Saturday morning 9am.

I didn't take the yoga class today because I've signed up for the boot camp (not free) that's right after it on Tuesdays. But there were almost 40 people at the yoga session.

Read more... )
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Assembly Row's Riverfest is this Saturday from 11 am to to 8 pm. There will be food trucks, face painters, bands, a craft market, an outdoor steampunk exhibit, and fireworks over the Mystic River. Read all about it here.


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