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Last night a friend of mine was biking near Union Square and was attacked by a group of guys in a car, blowing an airhorn, yelling "kumbaya, bitch" and throwing or firing eggs at her from some sort of slingshot. She called 911 and filed a police report. Apparently a number of other people have also experienced this. Be on the lookout and try to get a license plate number if you can.
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Get the next LandLine ride on your calendar! LandLine is MAPC's vision to connect our greenways and trails into a seamless network. The plan has been developed in coordination with the LandLine Coalition, a group of 40 volunteers representing a number of local agencies and advocacy groups.

What: Mystic River- the final frontier of waterfront path and park development in Metro Boston! This ride will include beautiful spaces along the Mystic and Malden Rivers as well as projects in the works to expand and connect the network*. Bruce Kulik of the Medford Bicycle Advisory Committee will be co-hosting and Jay Monty, Transportation Planner with the City of Everett will be joining to share the latest in Everett.

When: Wednesday, July 13th, 5:30 pm (end by 8 pm)

[more details over there]
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Devastated to learn that the young cyclist hit in Inman Square yesterday died of her injuries. Heard on NPR that she worked at Diesel. The Cafe's FB page says they closed early today to mourn their friend. So incredibly sad.
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Come join me up the road/path in Arlington on June 1st for an evening of films from Spain to Germany to Bolivia and beyond! You don't have to be a cyclist to enjoy these tales of two-wheeled adventure. Ciclismo Classico proudly presents this one-of-a-kind film festival, the ONLY film festival in the USA to celebrate travel by bicycle.

See what happens when a bored businessman skips work and just keeps pedaling.
Watch the protagonists of our films as they encounter everything from llamas to cranky border patrols to mountaintop thunderstorms.
Be inspired by two families who bring their kids along for the ride - and make sure the Easter Bunny doesn’t forget their campsite!
Get an inside look at Cuba’s vast bike culture, including a man who built an 18-ft tall bike!

In addition to the 8 fantastic and inspiring films on tap, the Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival begins with a social hour (6:00 - 7:00 PM) and the famous Cookie Showcase, an all-cookie buffet featuring the best bakeries of Arlington and beyond! Every attendee will be entered into a drawing to win a trip to Italy with Ciclismo Classico! You can also win a beautiful bike jersey as part of our Great Jersey Giveaway!

Special guests for the evening are Jim Sayer, Executive Director of Adventure Cycling Association (when you hear him speak, you’ll be ready to quit your job and go biking!) and Charles Scott, the “family adventure guy” and filmmaker of our 2016 Grand Jury Prizewinning film.

It's a great time, and proceeds benefit Adventure Cycling Association and MassBike. Tickets available now ($15 in advance; $20 at the door) at

Additional dates have also been added further afield:

Thursday, June 2nd, Newburyport, MA
Friday, June 17th, Danbury, CT

More info at
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The city of Somerville has over 100 abandoned bikes, in a variety of conditions, that are being offered for sale.
When/where: Saturday, May 14, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the former Powderhouse Community School, 1060 Broadway

(Source: an e-mail newsletter I just received)
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The Somerville Bicycle Committee and Somerville Arts Council present the sixth annual Illumination Bicycle Tour this Saturday, December 19. Meet at 5:50 pm in front of Somerville High School for a wintry ride among warmly lit homes. The ride will be about 5-6 miles long, with stops at many of the Illuminations Trolley Tour highlights, and should end by 7:30.

I'm not even partially in charge of the event anymore, but this appears to be the route map, similar to what we did last year. The route has provisions for a longer or shorter ride depending on weather.

Please dress warmly and festoon your bike with lights, the more festive the better.

Here's the ride's Facebook event.

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On Sunday, December 13th, join the 19th Annual Ciclismo Classico Jingle Ride. This leisurely and festive singing bike parade goes from Arlington to Boston and back. The 22-mile bicycle ride rolls through Harvard Square, the Esplanade, Boston Common, and Newbury Street – we stop and sing carols at local landmarks, and just parade along showing some creative holiday spirit.

There will be free hot mulled cider and freshly-brewed coffee and pastries thanks to our starting-point hosts at the Kickstand Café. We’ll also enjoy hot cocoa and cookies at Harvard Square, courtesy of the Harvard Square Business Association!

It’s a parade, not a race – so if you have a bicycle, we’d love your holiday spirit along for the ride!

Join the Jingle Ride!
Date: Sunday December 13th, 2015 (ride will be cancelled if there is extreme weather)
Time: registration opens at 10:15 AM, ride leaves promptly at 11 AM
Distance: 22-mile leisurely loop from Arlington to Boston and back
Starting point: Kickstand Café, 594 Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington Center, MA
Cost: Suggested donation of $25 (children under 18 are free if accompanied by an adult). All proceeds go to Horizons for Homeless Children.
RSVP is required. Please RSVP at or contact Francesca at 781-646-3377.

PS: this year we aren't on the same day as the Jingle Bell Run, so you can do both if you'd like :)
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In an interesting development that is sure to put the mayor in an awkward position, Wynn wants to build a footbridge over the Mystic river to connect the Wynn casino site to Assembly Square. I know the possibility of a bridge has had support from people who don't even plan on visiting the casino, but according to our mayor: “A footbridge would benefit Steve Wynn and Steve Wynn only."

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Learn to be a Winter Cyclist or Improve your Winter Biking Skillz!

What: Winter Biking Clinic!
Where: Sprout (339R Summer St. Somerville)
When: This Thursday 11/12 at 7:00-9:30PM

Join Femmechanics’ own winter riding veterans for an evening of tips, tricks, commiseration and advice! We’re hosting an off-bike clinic, so no need to have a bike or experience riding – femme, trans and women (FTW) cyclists and bike-curious folks of all abilities are welcome!

We’ll cover bike setup, clothing and cargo, safety and behavior, and winter bike maintenance to get you through the season. Did last winter’s weather crush your riding soul and leave you looking for new tricks to try? Have you never ridden beyond the beach, but are thinking about giving colder weather biking a try? Entirely new to biking and not sure if you should wait until next Spring to start? Join us!

We’ll leave plenty of time at the end of the clinic for open networking and casual Q&A with our most enthusiastic winter riders – bring us your questions and share your concerns! Your bike doesn’t have to hit Craigslist just because the snow is coming, and the MBTA is not your only option.

See you out there!
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There are a few easy-to-miss posts near the Cedar St. part of the bike path advertising a lighting opinion survey. I followed the link and found this:

"Recently the City of Somerville installed new lighting on the Somerville Community Path between Willow and Cedar. SolarOne Solutions partnered with Somerville to win the Innovate Mass Grant Award that largely funded this project. Solarone is using the installation as a "living lab" to develop networked lighting solutions that can effectively manage solar lighting in adverse environments and track the available power stored in each system. An important part of the project is hearing from you.  Please take a moment to share your  experience."

The new lighting they are talking about is the LEDs which so far I've noticed between Willow Ave and Lowell St., and also over by the park near Woodbine. Here is the link to fill out the survey if you have opinions on the new lighting:

I am also generally curious what other people think of the lights. I find them to be way too bright.
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Yes, we've been rained out three times (May 31, June 28, Sept. 13) but we're going to keep trying!

Join the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission and the Somerville Bicycle Committee for a fun bike ride exploring Somerville's new "green" initiatives with the theme "Food, Flowers, and Farming: All Flourishing Anew in Somerville". The ride begins at 1 pm this Sunday, October 4, at Somerville City Hall.

The ride is geared for all ages and riding levels, and it will be escorted by the Somerville Police. There will be a few rest stops as well.

A $3.00 Donation is appreciated, and refreshments will be available at the conclusion of the ride at Aeronaut Brewery!

We're cautiously optimistic about this Sunday's forecast, but if there is any doubt, please check the home page of for possible cancellation notices. Should we get washed out once again, our final rain date will be Saturday, October 17.

For those of you who like Facebook events, here's ours. And here's a map of our route.

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So, in May 2013, I spawned what turned out to be a very long discussion of bike behavior, starting with my rant about a lack of lights. I didn't give numbers in the main post, but at some point I'd counted 1 in 6 night bikers having lights.

Tonight, it was more like 60%. Not counting myself, 38 with to 30 without on my way to Kendall, 9 to 6 back later, along Beacon/Hampshire. A few more if you count bikes with only tail lights, a few less not counting really dim front lights. Still at least 50%.

Has there been a huge change and uptake in the past two years, or was my original sample particularly poor?

(Dishonorable mention: the *car* cruising down Beacon with no lights.)
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This is a little different, but---
I came home a couple weeks ago and saw a blue bike in my driveway.  It was late at night and I assumed that it belonged to a friend of the family, so I wheeled it into my backyard so it didn't get stolen.  I then asked all my family members if their friends had left a bike during a visit but no one had any idea whose it was......I am now wondering if it was stolen and taken on a "joy ride"--
If you are missing a blue bike and can identify the make, etc, please let me know.
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Because of potential thunderstorms this afternoon, the Somerville Bicycle Committee and Somerville Historic Preservation Commission have once again had to cancel today's Historic Bike Tour. (It was also cancelled by rain on May 31 and June 28.) They hope to try once again some time in October.

Meanwhile, please go enjoy the Greek Food Festival, Saints Cosmas & Damian Festival, Cambridge Caribbean Carnival, or one of the other local events listed here.
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Thursday 9/10

Friday 9/11

Saturday 9/12

Sunday 9/13

(Whew! Did I leave anything out?)

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I've never quite understood the auto rules for the bike lane at the intersection of Willow & Highand (one of life's little mysteries).

I was driving there yesterday approaching the light and preparing to turn right (east) on to Highland. I was in the left-most lane (to the left of the bike lane in the image). Cars were passing me on the right in the far right lane and making the right turn. Needless to say, something felt off.

Usually the right-most lane has parked cars but it was street cleaning day so it was empty.

Was I in the wrong lane to make a right turn or were the drivers passing me on the right being jerks?

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Join the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission and the Somerville Bicycle Committee for a fun bike ride exploring Somerville's new "green" initiatives with the theme "Food, Flowers, and Farming: All Flourishing Anew in Somerville". The ride begins at 1 pm on Sunday, September 13, at Somerville City Hall.

The ride is geared for all ages and riding levels, and it will be escorted by the Somerville Police. There will be a few rest stops as well.

A $3.00 Donation is appreciated, and refreshments will be available at the conclusion of the ride at Aeronaut Brewery!

(This ride was originally scheduled for May 31, and then for June 28, but was rained out both days. Let's hope for better weather this time!)

For those of you who like Facebook events, here's ours. And here's a map of our route.

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The official ribbon-cutting for the Community Path extension will happen on Wednesday, August 19 at 2 pm where the path intersects Cedar Street. MassDOT Secretary & CEO Stephanie Pollack and Mayor Joe Curtatone will be there.
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Neighborways is a way to make safe, friendly travel on designated streets a reality. Mark Chase has been pushing on this and, receiving approval, needs help.
Read his note below and check out the Neighborways website to understand what the heck this is! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Paul Bockelman

From Mark Chase:
Last Thursday night the Somerville Traffic Commission heartily endorsed the 2015 Neighborway Pilot Project. What does this mean? By the end of this summer we will see a low stress connection between the High School and Davis Square! Assuming people like this as much as we think they will, this is the first step in connecting every school, park and square in Somerville with a network of low stress kid friendly streets.

There’s a lot to do in the next month. If you’re interested in lending a hand here are some of things we are looking for for help:
Painting Somerville’s first street painting on Willoughby Street. We will get a permit to close Willoughby Street do to this on a Sunday in August. Exact date TBA. This will be posted on the Neighborways website.
Physically painting our planters and streets-- especially if you are a night owl as this will be after midnight. If you have a spray gun we can borrow, that would be especially helpful!
Building simple platforms that our planters will sit on (simple carpentry skills)
Flyering streets where our neighborways are planned so more people will know about and support the project. In particular if you know anyone who lives on Woodbine and/ or Montrose Streets; those are the streets where we could use some more outreach.

Other things we’ll need help with are musicians to entertain us while we paint Willoughby. If you know a fun band that can appeal to all ages of people, please let me know. Thanks for all your support!


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