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Tedeschi's in Davis Square (the former Store 24) has a sign saying that it will be closed from August 25 (tomorrow) through September 8 "for construction". The people inside told me that it will then reopen as a 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven bought the Tedeschi's chain more than two years ago, but is only now getting around to rebranding the stores.

Ahhhh Ants

Jul. 9th, 2017 05:49 pm
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I live near Davis Square, and I've recently realized that I've got a carpenter ant problem - the little jerks came out of nowhere, and now they're exploring all over my apartment. They are not focused on any one area (no trail to follow), and they are concentrated in a few rooms (with crummy windows), so I think the nest may be outside. Any recommendations to go back to an ant-free existence?
Edit to add: I do have a cat, and would prefer not to poison her.
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EDIT: I am adding, the next day, that the owner of the shop has reached out to me, and offered an apology and to try to get to the bottom of what events unfolded outside the store that left me so upset. I will be speaking with him in the next few days and appreciate that they reached out.

Original vent / post:
West Somerville folks - I just had a terrible experience in Teele Square, bad enough that I would like to spread my rage at the proprietor of a local business, the Knight Moves Cafe on Broadway. Please stay far away from this business with kids. If you have any kids who walk to and from the west somerville school, please make sure they steer clear of the business as well.

The proprietor (edit: manager) of this business threatened to call the Somerville police and made my children cry, for the crime of disagreeing over what to get with a few bucks each at the conveience store, and the crime of waiting for me on the sidewalk rather than inside the dry cleaners on the same block, and then choosing to get into my unlocked car with the cold drinks they had bought at the convenience store, while my 5 min errand lasted 15 min because the folks at the dry cleaners were trying to repair a broken zipper for me on a coat I had cleaned out of my closet and intended to donate.

Seriously if you have any choice in ever doing business with them, and support the right of elementary school kids to have a little independence and learn from their disagreements on whether mom said they could get ice cream, I urge you steer clear.

I am FURIOUS at having been confronted for going to the dry cleaners and letting my kids go to the convenience store to enjoy their refreshing cold drinks. And I even like board games and was pleased when they came to town.

I am SURE that plenty of kids the age of mine walk home from WSNS through Teele Square every school day. Yes, even when it's hot out. But if your first grader has an argument with their big sibling in the vicinity of Teele you can expect the police to be called, next time.
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Boston Restaurant Talk discovered a Craigslist post (now removed) seeking employees for a potential new club located somewhere in Davis Square that would host bands, open mic nights, and interactive music experiences where the crowd would be encouraged to play along with cover bands. A little more info and a logo on Vanyaland.
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I had somehow decided the farmers' market didn't start until [community profile] davis_square told me it had, but apparently the universe doesn't revolve around our little community, and it's had two weeks already. Yum!

At Day & Herbert Streets
May 17 - Nov 22, 2017
Wednesdays, 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
EBT-SNAP accepted
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 I originally saw this on their facebook page yesterday. 

The Globe article is linked here, but is not particularly explanatory so if you don't subscribe, don't bother. 

Specifically, they hope to re-open Friday and are rescheduling the Pig Roast and Cider Tasting that was scheduled for this week. 

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Last minute shopping for Mother's Day? Maybe you're looking for the perfect graduation gift? Our May lineup of local makers and vendors can probably help with that! We'll also have Sean Frederick of Citadelle Gin/Plantation Rum on the bar to make you some delicious cocktails to sip while you enjoy brunch and get some shopping done!

Check out the Facebook Invite for the most current list of vendors: https://www.facebook.com/events/199552960519040/
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The owner of the former Ideal Engine is proposing multiple tenants in that space and is seeking zoning relief, including some parking relief.  They will host a neighborhood meeting this evening at 6:30 P.M. at the site (100 Dover St.) to review the plans and answer questions. My understanding is that the space will be subdivided, with one portion leased by a small technology company and the other portion by Candlewick Press as an expansion to their existing location across the street.

The Planning Staff Report is here: http://archive.somervillema.gov/sites/default/files/documents/rnd/DoverSt100_StaffReport_030117.pdf
The Plans are here: http://archive.somervillema.gov/sites/default/files/documents/DoverSt100_TenantA-PlanSet-FINAL.pdf
Revised drawings are here: http://archive.somervillema.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Dover%20100%20Tenant%20A-ZBA%20rev%203%20Drawings-170224.pdf
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A new sign in the window, at 377 Summer Street between Rosebud and Community Credit Union, invites people to sign up for email notifications at https://www.davissquaredonutsandbagels.com/ .

The shop was supposed to open last year, but never did.
[identity profile] lancedavisward6.livejournal.com

Reminder: There will be a neighborhood meeting regarding the proposed "Taco Bell Cantina" at the former iYo/Farmer's Bounty location (234 Elm St.) on Monday, February 27th, at 6:30.
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The new Dunkin Donuts next to bfresh has a sign saying it will open this Thursday. I don't know what time it will open.

bfresh sent me a press release about its opening, which will happen this Friday at 9 am, "contingent on securing typical city permits and passing final inspections".
Here's the full press release )
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From the Somerville by Design website:
The City of Somerville’s Planning Department invites community members in the Davis Square area to a series of Somerville by Design meetings aimed at chartering the next steps in developing this great neighborhood while preserving its character.

Whether you are a renter or owner; new to the neighborhood or a long time resident, a planning meeting veteran or never attended one: We want to hear from you!
February 13th – History and Future
March 2nd – New Developments
March 21st – Aesthetics and Character
April 4th – Aesthetics and Character Continued
April 25th – Design Guideline Reviews
Somerville Baptist Church
31 College Avenue
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Cambridge Day's Marc Levy toured the bfresh store with me last Friday, but took much more extensive notes. Here is his report on the new store.
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I got a sneak-preview tour of the new bfresh grocery store at 240 Elm Street, where workers are busy putting the finishing touches on, stocking, and preparing to open. They told me the tentative opening date will be Friday, February 24. Hours will be 7 am to 10 pm every day.

The front half of the store is devloted to fresh produce, prepared foods, salads, soups, and a deli counter, while the back half will have packaged food.

The adjoining Dunkin Donuts will share a seating area with bfresh and will open around the same date.
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According to [livejournal.com profile] lancedavisward6, Garden Remedies will host a second public meeting on Wednesday Feb. 8th at 6:30 at Community Baptist Church to discuss the revised plans that they submitted to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Garden Remedies is proposing to convert part of 245 Elm Street, the former Family Dollar, into a medical marijuana dispensary, while subleasing the remainder of the space to another unspecified tenant. More info in this earlier DSLJ post.

(I'm adding a "marijuana" tag to DSLJ, as I expect this to become a popular discussion topic.)
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(EDIT 1-30-17: BOTH dispensary applications have been continued to the Februrary 15th ZBA meeting)

Update on medical marijuana dispensary proposals for Davis Square (one would be in the Family Dollar site, the other would be on the basement level of the bfresh building):
BOTH proposals are scheduled to be heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals on Wednesday, February 1, 6:00 at City Hall (Aldermanic Chambers), though stay tuned because there’s a chance one or both will be continued to a later meeting date.  These are Public Hearings so anyone wishing to speak in favor of, or opposition to, either proposal (details below, with links to all plans) will have that opportunity.
Read more... )
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So Chris Evans was apparently running a mini-escape room at Comicazi, and none of us noticed the people yelling "Hail Hydra" in the middle of Davis.

He's doing an escape room fundraiser and contest to benefit Christopher's Haven.

Personally, I plan to win, and do an escape room with Captain America.
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They don't have Big Gulps or Slurpees yet, but most of the private-label-branded merchandise now says "7 SELECT" rather than "TD's Cafe" or "Tedeschi's". The point-of-sale terminal now displays "7REWARDS" on its screen when it's not in use.

They're selling small coffees for 50 cents. I wonder if that's just to get rid of the remaining stock of "TD's Cafe" paper cups.

One of the employees said they expect to see the store rebranded by the end of February.

(Earlier post from May 2015, when 7-Eleven bought the Tedeschi's chain.)
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I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. As of last Saturday, 11/5, McKinnon's Market is now owned by Broadway Market. Jimmy, the owner/manager is retiring but will help with the transition. A number of the long term employees have been laid off and some employees who are still there have had their hours cut. When I went there on Sunday, the deli and produce sections were pretty lean. One of the employees who has been laid off (his last day) said that major changes are in store to include the elimination of the deli section, though probably not until after the holidays.
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A couple of weeks ago, the former Planned Parenthood office had signs advertising "Organic Used Electronics" to open November 1. Those signs are now gone, and instead we now have gaudy "Cash for Gold" and "We Buy Diamonds" signs, threatening a Grand Opening on November 15.

Perhaps gentrification is over?

Photo behind cut )


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