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Tedeschi's in Davis Square (the former Store 24) has a sign saying that it will be closed from August 25 (tomorrow) through September 8 "for construction". The people inside told me that it will then reopen as a 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven bought the Tedeschi's chain more than two years ago, but is only now getting around to rebranding the stores.
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according to a sign outside the store. It is located where AC Moore (and maybe part of Sports Authority?) was.
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Frozen Hoagies, the ice cream & cookie shop on Broadway in Powderhouse Square, has been selling day-old cookies at three for a dollar, or six for a dollar later in the evening. And lately they've had quite a lot still left by the end of the day. I asked what they do with two-day-old cookies, and was told "I think we throw them away". I almost bought the whole basketful but I was too embarrassed! Anyway, in my experience cookies can stay fresh enough for at least a week in a cookie jar, so it seems a shame for these to go to waste.
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 A couple of pieces are out about this switch-out in Winter Hill. The first piece I saw was this one:  https://boston.eater.com/2017/6/26/15872592/somerville-bread-company-expansion-union-square

The next piece was a bit more detailed on the new space in Union--it won't have a retail piece. But---stay tuned. The new produce shop will carry the bread still.

Produce-focused piece: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaurants/blog/2017/06/27/neighborhood-produce-location-somerville/

This one has some other tidbits: http://www.masslive.com/news/boston/index.ssf/2017/06/neighborhood_produce_supermark.html

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I had somehow decided the farmers' market didn't start until [community profile] davis_square told me it had, but apparently the universe doesn't revolve around our little community, and it's had two weeks already. Yum!

At Day & Herbert Streets
May 17 - Nov 22, 2017
Wednesdays, 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
EBT-SNAP accepted
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instead of 10 pm. A sign inside says this is because they "listened" to customer demand.
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This coupon will get you $10 off a purchase of $25 or more at the new bfresh grocery at 244 Elm Street. It is good through Thursday, March 23. The coupon says you can use it once a week. You cannot use it for sushi. You should be able to either print it out or flash it on your phone.

(thank you to [livejournal.com profile] pekmez and her friends for seeing this on Facebook and saving the link)
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The new Dunkin Donuts next to bfresh has a sign saying it will open this Thursday. I don't know what time it will open.

bfresh sent me a press release about its opening, which will happen this Friday at 9 am, "contingent on securing typical city permits and passing final inspections".
Here's the full press release )
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Somerville Girl Scouts will be selling Girl Scout cookies at Comicazi on Friday, Feb 17th 3:30-7:00 (or until they run out). mmm....Thin Mints for dinner....  $5/box
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Cambridge Day's Marc Levy toured the bfresh store with me last Friday, but took much more extensive notes. Here is his report on the new store.
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I got a sneak-preview tour of the new bfresh grocery store at 240 Elm Street, where workers are busy putting the finishing touches on, stocking, and preparing to open. They told me the tentative opening date will be Friday, February 24. Hours will be 7 am to 10 pm every day.

The front half of the store is devloted to fresh produce, prepared foods, salads, soups, and a deli counter, while the back half will have packaged food.

The adjoining Dunkin Donuts will share a seating area with bfresh and will open around the same date.
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They don't have Big Gulps or Slurpees yet, but most of the private-label-branded merchandise now says "7 SELECT" rather than "TD's Cafe" or "Tedeschi's". The point-of-sale terminal now displays "7REWARDS" on its screen when it's not in use.

They're selling small coffees for 50 cents. I wonder if that's just to get rid of the remaining stock of "TD's Cafe" paper cups.

One of the employees said they expect to see the store rebranded by the end of February.

(Earlier post from May 2015, when 7-Eleven bought the Tedeschi's chain.)
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Tomorrow is the last day for the Union Square Farmers' Market, 9 am to 1 pm.

Next Wednesday, November 23, is the last day for the Davis Square Farmers' Market, which starts at noon. I think they're still trying to stay open until 6 pm even in the dark, but you should probably get there early if you want to shop there.

The Somerville Winter Farmers' Market at the Armory starts Saturday, December 3, from 9:30 am to 2 pm. It will be open every Saturday through March 25, except that it will not be open on December 24.

The Cambridge Winter Farmers' Market at the Cambridge Community Center, 5 Callender Street, will start on Saturday, December 10, from 10 am to 2 pm. It will be open every Saturday through April 15, except that it will not be open on either December 24 or December 31. (This is a change from the schedule of previous years' Cambridge winter markets.)
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I'm surprised no one has posted this yet. As of last Saturday, 11/5, McKinnon's Market is now owned by Broadway Market. Jimmy, the owner/manager is retiring but will help with the transition. A number of the long term employees have been laid off and some employees who are still there have had their hours cut. When I went there on Sunday, the deli and produce sections were pretty lean. One of the employees who has been laid off (his last day) said that major changes are in store to include the elimination of the deli section, though probably not until after the holidays.
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I just read some news about new businesses opening on Mass Ave close to Davis. There are no dates set yet.

In or near 2263 Mass Ave (where L'impasto was, which I hadn't even realized had closed, did something else close, too?), will be:

Urban Hearth http://www.urbanhearth.net/
Curio Spice Co. http://www.curiospice.com

And formerly-Verna's:
"Café Luna has applied to move its catering business to the site, where it would continue to do the cooking for off-site catering in the area and also provide on-site seating for people who want salads, coffee and so forth."
Cafe Luna is currently in Central Square. I've never been there.

Being unfamiliar with any of these businesses, I'm not sure how excited to be. Any thoughts? :)
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MEM Tea is building out a fancy-looking storefront at 196 Elm Street, the former location of Stellabella Toys.  It looks nearly ready to open.

Earlier this year, the window displayed a notice of a zoning hearing for "a dog grooming service as an additional use to retail store selling dog products". I guess that didn't work out.

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​Got this email update on the Neighborhood Produce project, reposted with permission:

Hi All,

A big thank-you to everyone who came out to our first pop-up on Saturday and Sunday! We had a great weekend, talked to many supporters, and met a lot of new people from the neighborhood. It was an incredible feeling to finally provide fresh food to the Winter Hill community. It was the first time this variety of produce has been available west of McGrath, since the Star Market closed in 2007!

Next Pop Up:
We will be holding our next pop-up this weekend, same place same time. Please swing by, say hello, check it out, and grab a beer, coffee, or sandwich from the WHBC.

Where: Winter Hill Brewing Company - 328 Broadway, Somerville
When: Saturday 8/13 and Sunday 8/14
Time: 10am to 3 pm

Mass Food Trust Update:
The legislature completed the Economic Development Bill on July 29th, and the authorization for the Mass Food Trust stayed intact! It will now go to the Governor who has 10 days to sign. Please stay tuned for more, and thank you to everyone who contacted their Representative and helped get the bill to this point.

I hope everyone is enjoying this August, and trying to relax and stay cool.

Matt Gray [proprietor]
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I had missed this news, but Eater reports that the owner/chef of Commonwealth, Steve "Nookie" Postal, has signed a lease to take over the former Subway on Elm St. and create a new restaurant. He hasn't announced what it is yet, but I really like what he's done with the Commonwealth space, so this is awesome news.
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for an Oreo Carvel cake. Star Market in Porter Square didn't seem to have any Carvel products; just Friendly's.

Any leads? I'm hoping for something T-accessible, but I'd be willing to take a cab if that's my only option.


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