Ahhhh Ants

Jul. 9th, 2017 05:49 pm
[personal profile] antproblems
I live near Davis Square, and I've recently realized that I've got a carpenter ant problem - the little jerks came out of nowhere, and now they're exploring all over my apartment. They are not focused on any one area (no trail to follow), and they are concentrated in a few rooms (with crummy windows), so I think the nest may be outside. Any recommendations to go back to an ant-free existence?
Edit to add: I do have a cat, and would prefer not to poison her.


May. 30th, 2016 02:26 pm
[identity profile] mary388.livejournal.com
I have just discovered I have rats in the basement. I have used Best Pest in the past for smaller jobs (ants)
but want to get recommendations for other options for rat control pest companies. Thanks!
[identity profile] mikek21.livejournal.com
I live right near Powderhouse circle, and got a bat in my house last night. Came flying through the living room while I was watching tv. After some effort, I managed to direct the bat through the house to the kitchen and out the back door. Whole effort took about 90 minutes.

I know that bats can squeeze through tiny spaces, so spending the day today trying to figure out where he might have gotten in, and closing those places up (could be around one of the air conditioners).

Anyway, my question is, how common are bats around here. I didn't think there were many in the area anymore. I never notice them at dusk or early evening when you think you might notice them flying around catching insects outside. I remember as a kid seeing bats flying around on summer nights. But this bat last night was the first one I have seen in years. And a little to up close and personal at that.

Anyone know how common they are in the area? Anyone else with recent experience with a bat in the house?
[identity profile] beinneighe.livejournal.com
As ant season is starting up, I wanted to get a head start and ask: Does anyone know anything about tenant law when it comes to being overridden by carpenter ants? I'm not actually foreseeing any problems this year, but it seems like a good thing to know and would've been useful in previous years.
[identity profile] redcolumbine.livejournal.com
Feel free to respond in case either flakes, but I do have takers for both the bin & contents already.


Construction has stirred up rats in our neighborhood, and the landlord wants us to get rid of the compost bin & compost. (Yes, I know, but he doesn't listen, and it's not my property and not my decision). Nobody here has a car, much less a truck. Anybody want the compost? You're welcome to the Earth Machine too if you want it, but the bolts that secured it to the ground were gone when I moved in and it's just sitting on the ground loose.
[identity profile] redcolumbine.livejournal.com
There's been a population explosion of rats around Davis Square, and if your landlord is anything like mine, they'll ignore your pleas to hire a professional exterminator and just start throwing poison around. You don't want your cat eating a poisoned rat.
[identity profile] crenellated.livejournal.com
My housemates and I are moving at the end of this week from our place in Somerville, and are stressing about potentially taking the tail end of a months' long bed bug infestation with us to our new place. Does the community have any updated advice since the last time this was discussed? And does anyone local have a PackTite (or know someone who knows someone) we might borrow or rent for a few days? We're worried that our high efficiency drier is a little too energy efficient to properly fry bedding beyond a doubt, and we have other items like suitcases that aren't suitable for driers.
[identity profile] hikermtnbiker.livejournal.com
Can anyone recommend an exterminator to get rid of mice in a 3 family? I've tried trapping them to no effect. Maybe they would prefer Roquefort in the traps.
[identity profile] bobobb.livejournal.com
Apparently my house wasn't the only one to be hit by rats last year....and now the mayor has responded with a rather cool initiative.


"The city is preparing a new program to offer free rodent control for homeowners and aims to launch a uniform residential trash barrel program to help keep rats from eating out of trash cans."

Also apparently looking into rat birth control...
[identity profile] ceelove.livejournal.com
ETA: how nice, AC called me back! They say that it's illegal to trap, move, etc a healthy wild animal and that I had to release it myself. It was nerve-wracking, but I tried to communicate that I meant no harm, and indeed the skunk did not act threatened by me.

I have accidentally trapped a skunk in a humane animal trap. When I called Animal Control about an opossum that broke into our house and slaughtered eight quails, I got no response from them, so I don't have high hopes about them bothering to return my call this time. Now what do I do? It doesn't seem an emergency, such that I would call the police department, but the skunk is kinda freaking out, and inexperienced me doesn't want to approach the trap and induce it to spray me and/or our yard.
[identity profile] pukwudgie.livejournal.com
Hi all,
I have an Earth Machine compost bin that I got from the City DPW about 2 years ago, and it has been working well until the past week or so when some animal decided to chew right through the side to get in, create a burrow, and presumably eat stuff. Don't know what changed, since we've had no problems previously and didn't put in anything unusual.

I guess that I'm posting this to let people know that these are not as rodent-proof as you might want for an urban environment, so keep an eye out. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, does anyone have any suggestions about other composters that are sturdier or something that I could put in the compost itself that rodents would find noxious enough to deter them? We've stopped putting new material in, but have to figure out what to do with the half composted mix that we have if we don't find a better bin.
[identity profile] reeborg.livejournal.com
I'm looking for Mosquito Dunks or Bits (preferably Mosquito Bits) to control the fungus gnats that recently took up residence in my container garden. Are there any local stores that carry them?


Mar. 4th, 2013 09:38 pm
[identity profile] bobobb.livejournal.com
Well, my place between Ball Square and Davis Square got rats this winter for the first time in the ten years I've owned the property. The contractor I often work with on issues around the house told me that many of his clients in the neighborhood have had rat problems this winter due to the construction near the train tracks on Lowell Street disturbing the little rat communities. Any truth to this? Have others experienced a similar problem? Do I bug the city about this, or do rats just "happen" from time to time?

The good news is that the pest people seem to have gotten the rats out pretty quickly.
[identity profile] sparr0.livejournal.com
Since moving to MA I've heard a lot about the scariness of bed bugs and why people don't often take used mattresses or cushion-y furniture. I heard and read a few unsupported claims that you could kill bed bugs with heat. I contemplated how I would heat an entire mattress up to extreme (non-inflammatory) temperatures. However, I recently found http://www.epa.gov/bedbugs/, which seems like a relatively trustworthy place to get such information, and apparently all it takes is 113F (45C) for 1 hour!? This is mind boggling. I can seal a mattress inside a plastic bag and slide it into the sealed bed of my truck on a sunny day to easily accomplish that.

Why isn't this a more commonly known/implemented solution?
[identity profile] hikermtnbiker.livejournal.com
A tenant is concerned that they might have bed bugs and has asked if I would have a pest company come in and test for them. Given that should they be found that I will also treat for them, can anyone suggest a reputable company with whom they have had experience with both testing and treatment? I'll check earlier tags but I wanted up to date info.

Also, this is a brand new complaint and not a pre-existing problem. While I have no complaints about paying for pests that come in from outside (mice, ants, etc.) this problem is most likely of the tenant's making, albeit unknowingly. I think that some cost sharing would be appropriate in this situation. What do others think?

Yep, a rat

Jun. 16th, 2012 07:05 pm
[identity profile] thetathx1138.livejournal.com
Just a quick FYI for folks: I've seen a rat close to where I live between Porter and Union.

I've called the city and filed a work order, of course, and I'll be putting out a trap to kill it (please no moralizing; it's not an endangered species and it is a health risk). Just FYI to any in the area with pets or who might otherwise be concerned.
[identity profile] whowehavetofear.livejournal.com
Question: Is there any way I can speak to a live city of Somerville employee about rat control? The story is that on the side street where we park, people throw tons of bread, bird seed, and other random food items [once someone left an entire plate of spaghetti] out several times a week in order to feed a flock of pigeons. As it is, it's pretty disgusting. The street and sidewalk are covered in bird poop and you risk that happening to your car if you park in the four or so spots that make up the "pigeon zone". In the last few months, the feedings have increased and the pigeons are everywhere. Now we're starting to see rats in the neighborhood, presumably eating all the food that gets strewn about.

I've called 311. I've left a phone message with the Health Department. I've sent in an electronic complaint with photos. All this and I haven't gotten a single response. Preferably, the city would put up a sign asking people not to feed the pigeons. I don't know exactly what the laws on that are here, so perhaps that's not a possibility. It would be really nice though to at least get a response to my inquiries. Is there anyone else I should be contacting, or is this a lost cause and we're just going to have to put up with pigeon poop and rats?


Jun. 1st, 2012 08:17 pm
[identity profile] dahdahdahdancer.livejournal.com
Okay. First it was snakes (they seem to have moved on) and now I apparently have a family of raccoons (mom and 3 cubs) living in the back yard, inside the crevasse between neighbors' garages. Just saw them come out at dusk. They've been hunting in my trash barrels (knocked over, bags opened, etc.). While I enjoy watching all kinds of wildlife (yeah, even the snakes), I'm looking for ways to discourage the raccoons from hanging around here since I know they can be aggressive. Ideas, anyone?
[identity profile] qualitygig.livejournal.com
I love suspense, and you've all waited patiently, albeit with bated breath, for an update . . .

This all started a few days back. I was walking home from something I can't remember what in Davis Square when I suddenly noticed that there were posters stapled to nearly every tree (and pole) in my immediate neighborhood. Literally, virtually every tree had a poster stapled to it, if not two! It was insane.

They were all for a start-up (using that term very loosely as I work in the start-up arena and would never consider doing something so stupid as this) call Scoop 'N' Scoot Ice Cream that offers a speedy ice cream delivery service, apparently to any or all posters in the area. Well, as they offered an 'Order by Text/Call' service, I immediately sent them a text of what I thought of their redecoration of my beautiful neighborhood . . . and this is what transpired.

Read more... )

[identity profile] dahdahdahdancer.livejournal.com
I've lived in Somerville for years and this is the first time I've encountered snakes in my yard. They are Brown Snakes, according to my internet research. Is anyone else in the area entertaining slithery visitors? How might I encourage them to move on?


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