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Sign up now to audition for Agnes of God, the next project from Bare Bones: Staged Readings at Theatre@First!

BARE BONES is an opportunity for Theatre@First to present a wider variety of plays to our audience in the spare, intense setting of a staged reading. It's also a great way to squeeze theatre into a busy schedule. There are no lines to learn, no blocking to keep straight, and just 4 or 5 rehearsals between auditions and a single performance.

ABOUT THE PLAY: Sister Agnes is charged with strangling her newborn baby, but has no recollection of the conception or birth. Enter Dr. Martha Livingstone, a psychiatrist with her own prejudices against the Catholic church who must determine whether or not the novice is fit to stand trial. Standing in her way is Mother Miriam Ruth, fiercely protective of Agnes for her own mysterious reasons. These three women embark on a journey through faith, doubt, need and miracles that will leave each of them changed forever.

AUDITIONS: Tuesday, March 7th at 7pm
Unity Somerville, 6 William Street at College Ave

PERFORMANCE: Thursday, April 6th at 8pm

Visit our website for more information and book your audition now!

And don't forget to book your tickets for Tartuffe, opening on February 24th!
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Audition sign-ups for Theatre@First's production of Mourning Becomes Electra are now open!

About the Play: Murder. Adultery. Revenge. Mourning Becomes Electra retells one of the most famous Greek tragedies, set in Civil War-era New England. The play focuses on the tumultuous history casting a dark shadow over General Ezra Mannon, his wife Christine, and his children Lavinia and Orin. When Lavinia uncovers her mother's murderous intents toward Ezra, she takes drastic action to protect her father and begins her own descent into evil, grief, and despair. Now's your chance to be part of Eugene O'Neill's rarely performed adaptation of Aeschylus's Oresteia.

Mourning Becomes Electra will perform May 12-20 at Unity Somerville.

Auditions will be held February 26 & 28 from 7-10pm. No monologue is required for this audition.

Sign up today at http://www.theatreatfirst.org/shows/mourning_becomes_electra/auditions.shtml.
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Theatre@First is thrilled to present

a comedy by Molière
directed by Vickie Wu

A falsely pious fraud cons Orgon into promising his daughter's hand in marriage, as well as the deed to the family estate. Hijinks ensue as the rest of the family band together to expose Tartuffe and save their home! This modern take on the French classic will have you laughing in the aisles, so come on out for a little madcap midwinter Molière!

6 William St, Somerville 02144

Friday, February 24
Saturday, February 25
Thursday, March 2
Friday, March 3

Saturday, February 25
Saturday, March 4

TICKETS $15 Adults/$12 Students & Seniors

For the full cast list, more information, online ticket sales or free reservations, visit http://www.theatreatfirst.org/shows/tartuffe/tartuffe.shtml

And while you're there, don't forget to check out our upcoming auditions for Mourning Becomes Electra and the Bare Bones staged reading of Agnes of God!
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The year is 2116 and humanity has yet to make contact with another intelligent species. Exploration Commander John Allen wants to change that, but after returning from his first mission with no memory, he is forced to recall events through interrogation by an electronic Jury. Travel into Commander Allen's mind and discover what took place on the planet Nochus. Did he find intelligent aliens? Did they survive the encounter? What happened to make him lose his memory? This eerie and thought-provoking tale will leave you questioning your own senses.

Unity Somerville, 6 William Street at College Ave

Saturday, January 28th at 8pm

FREE with suggested donation of $5

Cage of Light is a staged reading based on a play written by Canadian radio producer Bill Gray for the 1980s CBC series Vanishing Point. It has been adapted for the stage by Theatre@First sound designer and former Post-Meridian Radio Players artistic director Neil Marsh.

For more information, visit http://www.theatreatfirst.org/shows/cage_of_light/cage_of_light.shtml
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Bare Bones: Staged Readings at T@F presents

written by Ginger Lazarus
directed by Elizabeth Hunter

Thursday, December 8th at 8pm

FREE with suggested donation of $5

6 William Street at College Ave.

Charlie Frey doesn't think he needs a housekeeper after his wife's death, but with his family falling apart, someone has to look after the house and listen to the dead woman who haunts them. For Adelina, the most challenging ghosts aren't the ones she finds in the Freys' home, but the ones she brings with her.

MORE INFO: http://www.theatreatfirst.org/shows/bare_bones/BB2016.2_housekeeper/BB2016.2_housekeeper.shtml
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Theatre@First is holding auditions next week for our winter show: Tartuffe!

AUDITIONS: Tue 29 Nov + Wed 30 Nov, 7-10pm by appointment only!

PERFORMANCES: Feb 23-Mar 4, 2017

Vickie Wu directs Moliere's classic comedy! Tartuffe cons Orgon into promising his daughter Mariane's hand in marriage, as well as the deed to the family estate. The rest of the family must expose this falsely pious fraud and save their home as hijinks ensue.

Don't miss your chance to be part of this fabulous show!
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Theatre@First is excited to present

written by William Shakespeare
directed by Hatem Adell

Ferdinand of Space Station Navarre and his friends vow to avoid all terrestrial pleasures to pursue a life of study for the next three years, but when the Princess of Aquitaine and her ladies arrive at Space Station Navarre the previously made oaths prove impossible to keep.

Come drown your sorrows in synthehol and let the Bard's delightful comedy carry you to another world!

Fri 11 Nov
Sat 12 Nov
Sun 13 Nov
Thu 17 Nov
Fri 18 Nov
AND Sat 19 Nov AT 4PM!

6 William Street at College Ave

Adults $15
Students/Seniors $12
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Theatre@First is proud to present

written by Diana Son
directed by Andrea Humez

It's the 1990's in New York City. Sara is starting a new life while Callie is stuck in a rut. Their friendship leads them to explore new possibilities and ultimately to romance. But when their first date is interrupted by tragedy, Callie must decide how big a commitment she's willing to make.

Friday, September 23 - 8 PM
Saturday, September 24 - 8 PM (Special Event!)
Sunday, September 25 - 8 PM
Thursday, September 29 - 8 PM
Friday, September 30 - 8 PM
Saturday, October 1 - 4 PM (Matinee Show)

6 William St, Somerville 02144

$15 Adults/$12 Students & Seniors

SPECIAL EVENT - Saturday, Sept 24th - Post-Show Q&A
Kareem Khubchandani, the Mellon Bridge Assistant Professor of Drama, Dance, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Tufts University, will be leading a Q&A session after the performance. Khubchandani holds a Ph.D. in Performance Studies from Northwestern University, and previously served as the inaugural Embrey Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. His research and teaching interests include dance studies, queer nightlife, South Asian diaspora, global queer politics, performance ethnography, critical race studies, masculinity and femininity, and drag. Join us for a thought-provoking and wide-ranging conversation!
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Theatre@First is proud to present

by Thomas Kidd
directed by Mary Parker

The battlefields of Spain are a walk in the park in this fast-paced take on Thomas Kidd's funny, gory, tragic story of a Ghost, a Girlfriend, a Portuguese Prince, and the Spirit of Revenge! Join Theatre@First and Director Mary Parker for a fantastic evening of free theatre in Nathan Tufts Park.

Thursday 18 August
Friday 19 August
Saturday 20 August
Thursday 25 August
Friday 26 August
Saturday 27 August

Nathan Tufts Park, 850 Broadway, Somerville 02144
Rain Dates: Sunday 21 August and Sunday 28 August

Visit our website for more information!
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Theatre@First invites you to audition for STOP KISS.

Director Andrea Humez takes the helm of Diana Son's modern drama about love and identity. Check out the meaty roles on offer and choose your audition time at http://www.theatreatfirst.org/shows/stop_kiss/auditions.shtml.

July 12-13
Unity Somerville

September 23 - October 1

email auditions@theatreatfirst.org
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Theatre@First invites you to join the cast of The Spanish Tragedy!

May 25 & 26, 7-10pm
By appointment only

Directed by Mary Parker, this fun, fast-paced version of Thomas Kidd's classic revenge play will take place in Tufts Park at Powderhouse Circle on August 19-28. Come play in the park with the Spirit of Revenge in this madcap and murderous romp!

For more details and to schedule your audition, please visit:

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by Mary Zimmerman
based on the myths of Ovid
directed by Elizabeth Hunter

Davis Square Theatre
255 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144

Friday 8 April at 7pm
Saturday 9 April at 7pm
Sunday 10 April at 4pm MATINEE/PAY WHAT YOU WILL
Wednesday 13 April at 7pm - INDUSTRY NIGHT
Friday 15 April at 7pm
Saturday 16 April at 4pm MATINEE

Tickets $20 Adults/$15 Students & Seniors

Woven from Greek myth, Mary Zimmerman's powerful play presents gods and lovers, monsters and monarchs, played by a stunning ensemble of local talent. Directed by Elizabeth Hunter, the show is by turns funny, romantic, tragic, and profound as it winds from Midas to Narcissus, Phaeton to Orpheus, and back again. Don't miss Metamorphoses, opening next week at the Davis Square Theatre!

For tickets and more information, visit theatreatfirst.org.
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Deadlines are fast approaching for two exciting Theatre@First programs!

Bare Bones: Staged Readings at Theatre@First seeks proposals for our June reading. Directors looking to tackle a favorite script, to get back in the game, or just to squeeze some theatre into a busy spring--submit your proposal by March 18th. Directors of all backgrounds and levels of experience are encouraged to apply and we are especially enthusiastic about playwrights from communities under-represented in the traditional canon. Don't miss this chance to explore directing in the spare, intense setting of a staged reading.

FirstWorks: New Playwrights at Theatre@First is our workshop program for new plays by local playwrights. One full-length play will be chosen for each session of FirstWorks. Playwrights will have the opportunity to gain feedback on their work from experienced directors and actors during the revision process, followed by a staged reading in July with feedback from our enthusiastic and insightful audience. Submissions are due by April 1st.

Visit theatreatfirst.org for more information about both of these programs and how you can be involved with Theatre@First!
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FirstWorks is proud to present a staged reading of

written by Inez Hedges
directed by Jess Viator

Thursday, February 25 at 8pm

Unity Somerville
6 William Street at College Ave

Suggested Donation $5
Join us for a conversation with the Director and Playwright after the show!


The Eagle & the Cactus is an original work by Somerville playwright Inez Hedges. It tells the story of Claude Cahun, the surrealist sculptor who became a fierce opponent of the Nazi regime and was imprisoned on the Isle of Jersey as World War II wound to a conclusion. Based on Cahun's own writings and documents, the play is a fascinating look at a forgotten episode in a greater conflict.

FirstWorks is Theatre@First's program for local playwrights, offering the opportunity to workshop scripts with our talented actors in collaboration with an experienced director for performance as a staged reading for our engaged and enthusiastic audience. The submission window for the next session of FirstWorks is now open.

Theatre@First is Somerville's community theatre, drawing on the talents and resources of the individuals and organizations of our community to provide quality theatre at affordable prices in local venues since 2004. Visit theatreatfirst.org for more information about all our upcoming events and opportunities.
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Theatre@First is thrilled to announce our next mainstage show!  Told through a series of Greek myths, Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses is a timeless tale of the transformational power of love. Twelve actors will take on eighty roles, from gods to monsters, in this Tony Award-winning ensemble play. Actors of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicity are encouraged to audition. Join Artistic Director Elizabeth Hunter for a fun and challenging theatrical adventure in 2016.

For more information and to schedule your audition, please visit our website.

December 1-2 at Unity Somerville

April 8-16 at the Davis Square Theatre
Don't miss your chance to be part of an unforgettable show!

And don't forget to catch our current production, The Importance of Being Earnest, performing Nov 12-21 at Unity Somerville!
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Theatre@First is proud to present

The Importance of Being Earnest

by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Ron Lacey

Unity Somerville, 6 William Street at College Ave

Two friends use the same pseudonym for their on-the-sly activities. Hilarity ensues.

Arguably the wittiest play ever written, The Importance of Being Earnest is Oscar Wilde's most well-known and entertaining play. It is a farcical comedy of half-truths, Victorian-era satire, and general confusion packed into a play about love. Don't miss out when this incredible cast takes the stage!

$15 Adults/$12 Students & Seniors

Friday 6 November
Saturday 7 November
Thursday 12 November
Friday 13 November
Saturday 14 November
Thursday 19 November
Friday 20 November

Saturday 21 November

For more information & to reserve tickets, visit us online.

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Theatre@First is proud to give you a Bare Bones Staged Reading of David Auburn's Proof on October 8th at 8pm in Unity Somerville.

Directed by [livejournal.com profile] trowa_barton

When does genius blur into insanity? Can genius be inherited? Can insanity? David Auburn's Tony Award-winning play "Proof" explores these subjects in the portrayal of a brilliant young woman haunted by both the mathematical intellect of her revered father and the mental illness she fears that she may have inherited from him. With a sister and an ex-student, a journey of the mind siphons the equations and numbers to reveal the truth about one last theory.

Jennifer Giorno as Catherine
Sara Burd as Claire
Adam Strandberg as Hal
Dave Policar as Robert
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Theatre@First is thrilled to welcome back Festival@First, a night of short plays written and directed by up-and-coming talent. This year’s lineup features fairy tales for grown-ups, original interpretations of folktales, nursery rhymes and classic stories.

Don't miss a night of princes and princesses, witches and animals, magic and laughter, and the occasional monster under the bed.

6 William Street, Somerville

Friday, July 31
Saturday, August 1
Thursday, August 6
Friday, August 7
Saturda, August 8

Saturday, August 1

TICKETS: $15 for adults
$12 for students/seniors.
Contains mature language and content.
Group discounts available.
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​Attention local playwrights!

Do you have a script that's in the draft stage and could benefit from feedback? FirstWorks is Theatre@First's workshop program for new plays. We're giving one playwright the opportunity to work with experienced actors and directors, culminating in a staged reading of the revised script in February 2016. Interested? Submit your work by August 1, 2015 to be considered.

Theatre@First encourages submissions from all playwrights, regardless of identity factors, but only those who can attend workshop sessions in Somerville, MA should apply.

For more details and submission requirements, please visit our website: http://www.theatreatfirst.org/shows/firstworks/firstworks.shtml
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Theatre@First proudly presents

Knight of the Burning Pestle

Unity Somerville
6 William Street, Somerville

$15 for Adults
$12 for Students & Seniors
$5 for Children Under 12

Thursday, April 23
Friday, April 24
Saturday, April 25
Thursday, April 30th - Autism-Friendly Night!
Friday, May 1

Saturday, May 2

Francis Beaumont's overlooked Elizabethan gem comes to glorious life with a surprisingly modern flair. Breaking through the fourth wall and upending the conventions of Shakespeare's time, this comic masterpiece features giants and monsters, unforgiving parents and unsavory innkeepers, heroic grocers and dastardly suitors as two plots intertwine to riotous effect!

Autism-Friendly Night (April 30) presents the show adjusted to accommodate the needs of theatregoers on the autism spectrum and with other sensory issues.

Parent-Friendly Matinee (May 2) especially welcomes parents--kids are welcome to join the audience or play upstairs with experienced caregivers during the show.

Visit our website to buy tickets, or make free advance reservations and find out more about this exciting show!


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