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HeatSmart CoolSmart SomervilleAt the Climate Commission meeting last night, we got an update on the heat pumps program that's running now. If you have been thinking about ways to reduce your carbon footprint, you really ought to take a look at these new and high-tech super efficient devices. Or if you know your heating equipment is getting up there in age, you should at least come and learn about these. And they can do heating as well as cooling. In my house, it looks like I'll be able to reduce my natural gas heating a lot and rely on my solar for much of my heating and cooling.

I've been resisting air conditioning over the years for a variety of reasons, but this new style of heating and cooling tech I can have both, with much less environmental impact (and noise). Also right now there are big rebates and low interest loans. It's hard to know how much longer good programs like this will run in our current political environment, you know?

So this event will give you the backstory on the tech.

Wed Oct 4 2017 - 6:30pm

West Somerville Community School Cafeteria
177 Powderhouse Blvd.
Somerville, MA 02144
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HeatSmart CoolSmart SomervilleIn order to move us towards our city's NetZero energy and emissions goals, a new program has just been launched by the city. HeatSmart/CoolSmart will offer heat pump systems for residents with this incentive program described here:

It's like the Solarize campaign I ran as "coach" last year--but this time it's not as expensive a fix, and it doesn't matter what orientation or condition your roof is in.

There's a coach for this too--Molly--who will kick off the whole thing with an event on Aug 22. You can get a program overview and details there.

There are big rebates and loans as part of this. So don't be daunted by the costs at first--have someone come and evaluate your situation and see if it's right for you.

[cross-posted to the new Winter Hill Neighborhood forum--thanks to Ron for guidance on that!]
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Solarize Somerville goal metHey neighbors--

Our successful Solarize Somerville program has one more thing to wrap up. Because we hit our goal, we are going to be able to get a solar array donated to an eligible non-profit in the 'Ville.

There are some criteria to meet--you have to own the roof (we don't want some landlord to get the benefit of this, unless that non-profit is the landlord), you have to have the space and the orientation towards the sun, suitable roof condition, stuff like that. But if you know of a local organization that might meet this--tell them to submit their interest at the web form that can be found in the press release:

And please share this around your networks so that we can be sure as many people as possible hear about this.

Just so there's also a link here, let me quote from the release:
For eligibility requirements and to nominate a local nonprofit or house of worship, visit The online application will be available until Friday, June 30, 2017.
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Hi again folks: although our Solarize Somerville program technically closed after successfully connecting over 100 neighbors with solar for their homes (installations are still going to happen for a while), some people couldn't go solar for various reasons. Roof issues, orientation, condo legal issues, or being in rental property meant not everyone had a suitable place for panels.

But I just got a newsletter from the city about a community solar option that I wanted to pass along, since people had asked me during the program. Clip from the city below.

Community Solar: A “No Roof Required” Solar Option
Renters and owners who want to go solar but could not participate in Solarize Somerville might find an opportunity in Community Solar. Boston-based Relay Power invites Somerville residents to sign up for a spot in their new, local community solar garden.

Participants pay nothing up front and save 10% on their electricity. After subscribing, the solar credits will be automatically transferred to offset your bill. No further effort is required.

The new site in Dover, MA will hold about 100 participants and is expected to be full by 2/28/17. The site is not constructed yet and will likely go live around May. Please visit for more information.

Note: The City is not officially partnered with Mass Energy Consumers Alliance or Relay Power, but we wanted to share the opportunities with residents. The City is not responsible for any actions taken by these institutions or individuals.
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Super news today: we have passed a new milestone! We hit 308.46kW of solar in our fair city with this program so far, and 61 systems. And our recent extension seems to have clicked with folks, so we've got a lot of new interest. Our donated array is within our reach now, for sure.

Program extension update:
"Site visits are now extended through November 23 and participants have until December 16 to decide if they would like to go solar."

More info below the LJ cut:Read more... )
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Quick update on the Solarize Somerville program, with a deadline notice. But there are 2 other things for folks that don't require you to own a sunny roof.


We are up to 45 neighbors and 239 kW of solar power! Our goal of a donated array is in sight!

Coming up on a deadline: to get the pricing associated with the Solarize Somerville program, you need to complete your site visit by October 31. There are a couple of weeks after that to turn around the final paperwork. But if you've been musing about this, now's the time to schedule your visit. Just try it: there's no obligation, and you'll actually have the data to look at and decide. Go to our Solarize site and click the "Consultation" button to set this up.

Other opporunities below the LJ cut.Read more... )
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SolarizeHi neighbors: I send out a periodic newsletter with updates on the program. You can sign up for those at the Solarize Somerville site. But I thought I'd post this update here as well for folks who might not be on the list. There are various links and a video, I'll put it all below the LJ cut.

Program site:

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So it turns out we have a lot of neighbors interested in this issue. We filled a room with Cambervillens who wanted to know how this worked for the more complicated situations that we face around here. You can see the turnout in a photo here: The funniest part for me was during my segment, people actually applauded my electric bill.

We don't have a videotape of this event, but I do have a blog post up with everyone's slides. And if you have any questions about the content, I can get you to the creator of that segment for more details. If you want to see my electric bill, it's slide 27.

We also just got the video from our big launch event. I'll do a blog post with some viewing tips/times and the slides from the presenters soon. But if you want to watch the video sooner, feel free. I'll put that below the LJ cut.

Important news: the state is proposing to reduce the SRECs for folks who get interconnected after early January 2017, and the draft proposal says that 1 SREC may = 0.80 in the interim until SRECIII comes along. Because solar has been so successful, we are starting to see incentives changing. If you have been considering solar, it really is time to act before incentives change. They will still exist, the payback time will just take you longer after that.
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[Note: time has been shifted to 30min earlier. Doors now will open 6pm, program starts 6:30.]

As you might expect. the cities of Cambridge and Somerville are both facing similar challenges on this issue. So the cities teamed up for a special event dedicated to just this matter. There will be other general educational events still, and we are going to have booths at many city events about our Solarize program. But if you are in a multi-unit situtation this event is worth seeking out specifically.

Join the Sunny Cambridge & Solarize Somerville teams for “Solar 102: Going Solar for Multi-Unit Owners, Condo-Owners, and Landlords” Tuesday, August 16 at Lesley University, located at 1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge.

Doors open at 6:00 pm, event starts at 6:30 pm in University Hall, Room 2-078 on the Second Floor.

Have your solar questions answered! Visit for more info on the Somerville program. Visit for info on the Cambridge program.
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Solarize Mass Somerville is a community initiative to increase the adoption of solar power for the city's homes and businesses. There's a press release out with a lot of the features of the program:

The next big event is next Tuesday July 26, 6pm, at the TAB building, 167 Holland St., it's an evening of informational talks by representatives of the MassCEC (Clean Energy Center), the selected installer for Somerville SolarFlair, and the city's volunteer Solar Coach Mary Mangan, and we will help residents to understand some of the basic of solar power, the program benefits, and the process of going solar.

The Solarize website has been updated: You can check the maps and see if your house is suitable for solar. There are other project-related things to explore as well.

Please share the information with your networks to help us Solarize Somerville.

Intro video for the project is below the lj cut...Read more... )
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Hello neighbors:
We wanted to let you know that very soon we'll be making the big announcements about the program, and the educational outreach activities are about to begin. So be sure to stay tuned for dates and locations where you can hear about the features of the program, it's coming very shortly.

Like other Solarize Mass communities, we will be offering residents a way to obtain solar PV for their homes in various manners. This can be outright purchase of a system, or with Mass Solar Loan assistance, or through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A PPA is an agreement where the system is owned/maintained by a third party financier and then a homeowner purchases the power that's being produced on their roof for a lesser rate than what they are currently paying their utility. These choices can reduce the cost of green power for you. We hope to help you decide what might be right, if you are interested in solar power.

If you have been considering solar, you should think about acting soon. The state's Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is making changes to the SRECII program, which is where "Solar Renewable Energy Credits" are assigned value. SRECII will stop taking new projects, replaced by an SRECIII program. We don't have the details for SRECIII yet. But if you want to obtain solar under the existing incentive structure, you have to act before January 8, 2017.

You can sign up on our web site to be notified as soon as our real launch goes out publicly, or check back there soon for the press release and other details: So be sure to watch for email notices soon, and our city Solarize web site will begin to reflect the program features as well.

If I got your name from previous conversations, you should be in my "interested residents" file and have received this by email.

Thanks for your interest.

[This can be shared with your social media networks if you want to tell your friends and neighbors.]

I'm the volunteer solar coach, Mary.
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I haven't seen a post on this recently and I originally had Comcast (now xfinity), prices went thru the roof and switched to RCN a couple of years ago.  My internet connection is not as reliable (both speed and dropped connection) as I like so I am considering an offer from xFinity. I know I need to ask specific and detailed questions to figure the true price.  Any thoughts on digital tv, higher speed internet and reliability for either provider.   If I am going to do this, I want to do it before the September rush!
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I attended the city's Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change (CEUCC) meeting this evening. One of the issues discussed was this proposal to have the city adopt a Community Choice Aggregation Program for. From the web site:

The objective of municipal aggregation is to lower electricity bills through the formation of a buying group composed of the residents and businesses without interfering with the level of service provided by the existing utility (Eversource in Somerville), which will continue to distribute the electricity supply. In addition to lowering and stabilizing electricity prices, aggregation can be used to increase the amount of renewable energy in the community’s energy supply.

It sounded like a reasonable proposal, which has been adopted in other communities, as a way to help access more green power, among other benefits. We are still having other initiatives like Solarize Somerville (which is still underway and will roll out later in the spring), but that won't be suitable for everyone's situation. So this might be an option some folks would like to investigate.

They hope that people will read this and ask any questions they might have.

(By the way, if this is an issue that interests you and you have skills in their topic areas, the city will also have a couple of openings on this commission soon. Look for announcements.)
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I'm posting to let people know the shady utility marketers are back, if they ever left.

Last night I had an unsolicited visit to my front door by a guy who represented himself (vaguely) as from Eversource, here to roll back my rate increase if I would just show him an electric bill. I have little doubt he was a shady marketer for an alternative electricity supplier. If he wasn't that, I don't know what he was, because he certainly wasn't from Eversource.

My phone rang just then so I used that as an excuse - I told him this call was important and I couldn't talk & closed the door in his face. So I never got who he actually represented.

I recognized the modus operandi thanks to my memory of a thread here just exactly a year ago ("Phone call from "PalmCo" wanting to change my electricity supplier"). Since that was useful to me, I thought I'd return the favor by warning those here who may be new here or have forgotten. I trust that no one here would show a bill, but it's much easier to react appropriately if you immediately recognize what's going on.
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Last night around 7 pm, someone falsely claiming to be from RCN tried to get into my across-the-hall neighbor's apartment. He said something about a problem in her apartment that was affecting service to the rest of the building. She did NOT let him in, and instead called both RCN and the building manager. RCN confirmed that they don't make visits like this after 5 pm.

So, be careful out there.
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Hello neighbors--

On this cold winter day, I'm delighted to share the sunny news that Somerville MA has been chosen by the MassCEC (Clean Energy Center) to be a Solarize Mass community! You can see the announcement here:

State energy officials today announced the selection of the first five communities to participate in Solarize Mass for 2016.  The new municipalities participating in the community-based solar energy group-buying program that lowers overall costs of installing solar electric systems include Somerville and Natick, as well as Shelburne, Colrain and Conway, which have joined as a trio of partner communities....

You can learn more about the MassCEC and the SolarizeMass program at: .

More after the LJ cut....
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Just got word from Somerville's Solar Coach that the city has been accepted into the Solarize Mass program for 2016. Official press release: (very dry and formatted so badly it's nigh unreadable)

From the email: "As the announcement has just been made, we don't have a lot of additional information at this time. But this selection means that we can now work with the city and the state to help residents of Somerville to decide if solar is a suitable option for them and their homes or businesses. We'll be developing and sharing educational materials, we'll have events to help people learn more and get questions answered, and we will help people to understand the processes associated with generating local, artisanal electrons."
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[I posted this as a reply to the original post, Somerville looking for solar energy volunteers, but I think it should be more widely seen.]

I attended this meeting hosted by the Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change. The city is serious about submitting an appliction (very soon) for the Solarize Mass process. Learn more about that here:

If they are approved, they want to roll it out also very quickly. If successful with their application, they envision the process of outreach to neighbors in late spring and this coming summer. Then a big wave of installations follow the sign ups. The idea is that with a certain number of committed folks, they get a certain price, discounted for a bulk purchase. But there are tiers, and if more people sign up the price might even drop. Depends on how the outreach goes, of course.

At the meeting, they were sensitive to both the concerns and issues of renters and landlords. Questions were raised about shared housing like condos as well. Seemed like a good cross-section of folks with appropriate issues. Little minority representation, however.

They are looking for volunteers to commit to this in the very short term, because they need folks for their application process. If you would consider being a solar ambassador, don't wait--contact them for more details soon. Volunteer work might mean presentations at local community meetings, booths at festivals, answering email questions, that sort of stuff.

Other interesting tidbits: they want to investigate providers that offer both ownership and leased scenarios. So you won't necessarily have to drop big money on this. And they are interested in business owners and other community groups being involved too. It's not limited to homeowners. Another cool tidbit: one of our neighbors is associated with the Google Sunroof project, and that began a discussion of how that resource could help residents investigate suitability and make decisions. If you haven't seen it, check it out:
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I got this email because I filled out the city's survey a while back on solar energy. Passing it along in case it might be of interest:

Thank you for responding to our interest survey on solar energy earlier this year. You are receiving this email because you expressed interest in potentially volunteering for a residential solar program. The City and the Commission on energy use and climate change are working on developing a solarize program that will offer competitive pricing and expedited installation for Somerville residents and businesses. If we are selected for this state-supported program, the City will be organizing a volunteer-driven campaign. Bringing more solar electricity to Somerville is a community effort, and we can’t do it without you! The city has a goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, and you as a homeowner can help reach out to other homeowners and spread the word.

Please join us October 14th 2015 at 7:45pm at the Tufts Administration Building 167 Holland St Somerville, MA 02144. This is the monthly meeting of the Commission of Energy Use and Climate Change. One of the items we will be discuss is the residential solar initiative, outlining what the program will entail and the range of volunteer roles that are part of the program. No response is necessary. If you are unavailable to attend the meeting on 10/14, please let me know, and we can set up a one-on-one meeting or organize another time for interested volunteers.
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Remember that time two years ago when a creepy guy rang my doorbell at 9:30pm on a weeknight hoping to ask me some questions about my solar system?


Last night at around 8:40pm, the SAME GUY rang my doorbell, said he noticed the solar panels on my house and wanted to know if we could answer some questions about them. My wife, who answered the door, told him no.  I guess he forgot that we shooed him away two years ago? Or thought that maybe we'd changed our minds?

Again, who does this? And if the stranger in question reads this board: Maybe you should leave a note with your phone number or email address instead? If you don't have any paper with you, well, you know where I live and you could always come back later.



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