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 A couple of pieces are out about this switch-out in Winter Hill. The first piece I saw was this one:

The next piece was a bit more detailed on the new space in Union--it won't have a retail piece. But---stay tuned. The new produce shop will carry the bread still.

Produce-focused piece:

This one has some other tidbits:

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The folks at the city and other partners are planning a great series of events for the week that includes Earth Day. Have a look at some of these upcoming opportunities to do some local engagement with our neighbors. or see the facebook version:

There are events for everyone. Kids events. Nerd events. Those of you who like to tidy things up--all sorts of stuff. Please check out the schedule at the blog post.

Special note: I attend the CEUCC meetings, and I've been hearing about this really nifty climate simulation exercise for a while. The Apr 27 "World Climate Simulation" is supposed to be fascinating and engaging.

Special Winter Hill note: Our nascent Winter Hill Neighborhood Association will be doing a clean up on the 30th. Let me know if you want to be connected with that.
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Announced at the Ward 4 Resistat last night.

From their website:

After two years of community process, we’re happy to announce that the Winter Hill Plan is to the next step! Click here to download the plan. We’re releasing the plan today, October 20, for the Planning Board to review. They will discuss the plan at a public meeting on November 3, 2016 (The meeting will be at 6:00 at the VNA Community Room at 259 Lowell Street). If you have any comments on the plan send them to [redacted]

More details over there, this is just an appetizer.
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​Got this email update on the Neighborhood Produce project, reposted with permission:

Hi All,

A big thank-you to everyone who came out to our first pop-up on Saturday and Sunday! We had a great weekend, talked to many supporters, and met a lot of new people from the neighborhood. It was an incredible feeling to finally provide fresh food to the Winter Hill community. It was the first time this variety of produce has been available west of McGrath, since the Star Market closed in 2007!

Next Pop Up:
We will be holding our next pop-up this weekend, same place same time. Please swing by, say hello, check it out, and grab a beer, coffee, or sandwich from the WHBC.

Where: Winter Hill Brewing Company - 328 Broadway, Somerville
When: Saturday 8/13 and Sunday 8/14
Time: 10am to 3 pm

Mass Food Trust Update:
The legislature completed the Economic Development Bill on July 29th, and the authorization for the Mass Food Trust stayed intact! It will now go to the Governor who has 10 days to sign. Please stay tuned for more, and thank you to everyone who contacted their Representative and helped get the bill to this point.

I hope everyone is enjoying this August, and trying to relax and stay cool.

Matt Gray [proprietor]
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Info quoted from: Sounds like a nice event for kids. There's a bit more detail over there and additional links and contacts for interested folks.


Sunday, August 7th from 11:00am-4:00pm, The Elizabeth Peabody House presents:
The Summer Breeze Block Party!

This will be a free event open to the public, with:
Face Painting!
Moon Bounces!
And much more!

Tours of all of our programs will be offered, and there will be live musical performances by the phenomenal children’s musician Susie Burke.

Whether you’re a current EPH family, interested in an EPH program, or a resident of the greater Somerville area, this will be a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our neighborhood and foster a deeper connection with each other and our community.
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At the brewery, as a pop up. I think that will be all the sustenance I'll need. Well, that and some of the lentils from the Nepali store on the corner.

Anyway, if you are so inclined, you can support the effort here:
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Via Somerville By Design email:

We want your feedback! The draft of the Winter Hill Neighborhood Plan has enough substance that we felt it was important to offer you another opportunity to provide feedback. Click this link to download the plan. To provide us with your comments, questions, or concerns email us at [mem: redacted just to not encourage spammers]. The comment period will end on Friday, June 24th.

*Also, don't forget Porchfest and the Magoun Square Food & Dance Festival tomorrow!*

This is the "click this link" url, a PDF:
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On our increasingly hip Winter Hill, the newest biz to open is Tipping Cow.

I tried the "sweet corn" tonight--I never had corn ice cream before. It's super creamy, and delightfully corny. I assume because of the corn that it means it's a serving of vegetables, right?

[due to our increasing hipness, we may need a Winter Hill tag now.]

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For some strange reason they announced it in a Facebook post instead of on their website blog.

Winter Hill Brewing is at 328 Broadway, just east of School Street. It is Somerville's third brewery, after Slumbrew and Aeronaut. They are also open in the mornings for coffee.
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Sugidama, a new Japanese place serving house-made soba and itzakaya-grilled meats, soft-opened next to Davis Square Family Practice late last week. They're open for lunch & dinner starting this week.

Not too far from Davis, the Winter Hill Brewing Company opened today, serving Counter Culture coffee in the mornings. Their evening brewery opens soonish.
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Nice item on some new businesses in my neighborhood.

There was a community meeting as a wrap-up for the Winter Hill Better Block event this week. Nice turnout of interested neighbors. The brew pub is eagerly awaited, for sure. But for the first time there actually seemed to be the possiblity of a Winter Hill neighborhood association sort of thing forming. As I learn more I'll let you know. But they collected emails from all the interested and energetic folks who where there, and there will be some nucleation soon. 
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Winter Hill Better Block is coming! We're holding a Winter Hill Better Block festival on December 12th from 4-8pm and December 13th from 12-4pm. The Winter Hill Better Block will be centered in the area between the new Winter Hill Brewing Company (328 Broadway) and the vacant area behind the post office as well as along some areas of Marshall Street.

More details available on the Facebook page: But there's not as much there as I got in an email--I don't know where the email stuff is stored. I'll paste that below the LJcut.
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Over the past few weeks there have been some meetings to refine some of the neighborhood discussions around improvements to Winter Hill, including events that we might have. Due to scheduling conflicts, I missed the meetings. But I have been getting the mailers, so I thought I'd tell you what I know from this. It sounds like we will have a winter market event. I think this is a genius idea to brand Winter Hill. If you've ever been to European Christmas Markets, it sounds like that to me. I have always thought that was a big gap in this region.

My only disappointment was that "skate park" seems to be skateboard. I would *love* an ice skating rink. Maybe that's just the only icon they had...?

So for the details I have on the Winter Hill Better Block event, follow below the LJ cut.
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Eater Boston writes about "More Falafel Coming to Somerville" - a story they picked up from here:

    "A now-deleted post in the Davis Square Livejournal community recently showed an awning with the new business name on it, asking if folks knew more about the venture. According to an agenda from August, the Somerville Licensing Commission heard from Albana Rami to grant a common victualler's license for the establishment at 1 Main St., and the new signage suggests it is coming soon."

Since that post is now gone, might as well bring this one back around.
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I am planning to move into an apartment in Winter Hill, and I'm really looking forward to being so close to Davis. The place has gas heat, which we have to pay for. NStar says they provide both gas and electric service in Somerville, but it would only set up electric service for me at the new address.

NStar says they don't have time to respond to phone calls because they are so busy dealing with winter storms, so I don't know if they only provide gas service to West Somerville, and there's some other company that does Winter Hill. Or if they just can't imagine me as a gas customer, after so many years of only buying electricity from them. Or if there is actually a problem with the building I'm about to move into.

Any ideas?
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A bit outside of Davis Square, but I'm trying to talk this place up, and it's not that far of a trek, really. X-posted to my personal journal, edited slightly for reposting here. I had a really good experience here and I'd love to see this place succeed.

So my sweetie [ profile] browngirl, our mutual friend WG, and I went to Brunello Bistro for dinner last night. It's located in Winter Hill, on Broadway, in the same shopping plaza with the Walgreens.

Cuisine is mostly Italian-influenced, with some American. Dishes are mostly familiar, but each dish has some good imagination thrown in to make it different from similar fare elsewhere. It's definitely not "same old, same old." Overall it's way better than what one would expect at this price point. I opted for the house salad, which came with a vinaigrette dressing. My entree was the cheese ravioli with red sauce. Both were superb. My dining companions gave high marks to the roast duck with risotto and to the lobster bisque as well.

Service was excellent without feeling intrusive. Given the lovely evening, we opted to sit outdoors, so I really can't comment much on the décor and ambience. They've done pretty well at insulating outdoor diners from traffic noise, considering the restaurant's location on Broadway, one of Somerville's most heavily-traveled streets.

The chef, Manuel, came out and chatted with us for a while when we were done with our meal.

The only downside to the restaurant is the location. It's in Winter Hill, well east of the expanding wave of gentrification in Somerville. Unfortunately the restaurant was empty aside from us and a couple of customers at the bar. Not a good sign. Manuel, the chef, had told us they were busier on Fridays and Saturdays. I do hope Brunello Bistro survives, because it certainly deserves to, given the quality of the food and the service. The upside is that it has plenty of parking, is on several major bus routes, and it's a longish walk from Sullivan Sq. T stop. It's certainly worth the shlep from Davis Sq., if you're so inclined.
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I was surprised as anything last night when I dropped by the market and it has reduced its hours until 5 PM -- and a sign on the door said it was closing for good on 1/26 (IIRC).

Already the shelves looked a bit on the bare side within!

It's never been a particularly great supermarket, but it was handy and quick from where I lived. I guess it was only a matter of time before the Super Stop & Shop drew away enough business.


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