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Does anyone in the area have active milk kefir grains that are ready to be split? I'd like to get back into making kefir, but I'm not sure the grain I stuck in the freezer is coming back to life.

Bonus if it is happily eating UHT milk (Ultra High Temperature pasteurized a.k.a. ultra-pasteurized) since it's getting pretty hard to find milk in stores these days that's been pasteurized at normal temperatures. I've heard that UHT is harder for kefir cultures to digest, so if I can find one that is adapted to it, that would be useful.

I'd be happy to trade a small ground cherry seedling (Cossack Pineapple variety) if that's something you'd like. :-)
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​​What ​are ​you doing for Shakespeare's Birthday?

​Theatre@First is throwing The Bard a birthday bash, and you're invited!

Enjoy scenes and monologues from Shakespeare and Shakespeare-adjacent works, play some trivia, and enter our raffle for great prizes.

​Space is limited, so whether you're ready to take the stage, or just want to applaud and celebrate together, please register here: http:​​//bit.ly/2FiNtnl

ONE NIGHT ONLY! Tuesday, Apri 23, 2019, at 8pm
Microcinema at the Somerville Theater, 55 Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144

Tickets at the door--$10 CASH ONLY!

For more information, or to join our mailing list, please visit theatreatfirst.org.
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 Like a good story?

Come laugh, cry and be entertained by some of Boston's most engaging storytellers at Massmouth's 10th Anniversary Big Mouth Off grand slam finale. Ten tellers who have advanced through multiple rounds of competition will share their true, personal stories to vie for the title of Boston’s storytelling champion.

Massmouth is a Boston-based nonprofit organization that promotes the art of storytelling through education classes, live slams, curated events and the national TV show 'Stories From The Stage', produced in partnership with WORLD Channel and WGBH.

Tickets usually sell out.
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Does anyone know a good local lawyer who can handle things like estate planning, medical powers of attorney, etc., especially for people in non-traditional family structures? Doesn't have to be Davis proper, but preferably nearby and T-accessible or a close walk.

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The Davis Square area will be subject to some bridge closures and traffic re-routings as a result of the construction of the Green Line Extension.

More info.
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There are a number of posts on good optometrists and eye doctors, but what are the best local (ideally within 1 mile of Davis or Porter) places to buy new eyeglasses?

My priorities are durability, comfort, and reparability. I also don't want anything too flashy. I tend toward unisex wire frame glasses, but will try to keep an open mind if other styles seem more practical.

I bought my current pair of glasses because I thought they looked cute and they've made me miserable by continually snagging on things and having weird downward-directed screws that get loose easily. My previous pair of glasses frames snapped and can't be repaired. My dream would be frames that I'm still using 10 or 20 years from now.

I am not interested in purchasing online.

If you have information on turnaround time from ordering glasses to picking them up, that would be useful!
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Had lunch today at Amsterdam Falafel and noticed a sign on the door saying that they are closing March 30. I asked the manager why, and she said it was just about rising costs to run the business. So maybe we'll get another ramen joint? :-/
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Anybody want a microwave? I have a perfectly good (well, it needs a cleaning) microwave? I've moved to a place with a built-in, and don't need two.

Tricky bit: must pick up this afternoon around 4pm, in North Cambridge, a block from the Greek Corner restaurant. Please contact me (DM if you want) with a phone number I can text you at to coordinate.
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an email I received today:

Save this date!
Davis Square needs repair – Public meeting:
February 13 @ 6.00pm
Dilboy Post
371 Summer St Davis Square

The city has agreed to work with the DavisNow community organization to repair Davis Square.
We need your support and your inputs.
This is a community meeting to talk about what is going to happen and when.

DavisNOW provided the city with an illustrated Punch List that inventories the myriad problems with the square that need remedy. The city was also provided with cost estimates and where to find the tools they need to fix the problems. The mayor agrees that these problems need fixing. Preventing further decline, and undertaking repair and restoration, is a critical first step before any consideration of redevelopment is advanced (which is not budgeted or planned for the next 10 years at a minimum). We invite you to come, participate, and lend your support to the community’s efforts to fix the square.

See the punch list and all the issues on http://DavisNow.org
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UPDATE: All gone! Thanks for the help!

Original post follows.


Anybody around from Artisan's Asylum or Parts n' Crafts or any other organization which might like a lot of hand tools?

My SO is cleaning out his mother's house in Danvers to prepare it for sale, and part of that is cleaning out the garage, which is where his father's workbench is. His father has been gone for about 50 years, so everything there is pretty old.

We have a clean-out company coming Monday next week to throw everything in a dumpster and cart it away. If anybody wants to meet up with us when we're there this coming Sunday (Feb 3) afternoon, you're welcome to take just about anything out of that garage you want for free.

In addition to tools and fasteners, there's various landscaping equipment that hasn't been used in about 10 years including a (gas-powered) lawn mower.

All of it is free to anyone who wants to come pillage the place on Sunday afternoon, but you have to coordinate with us because we'll only be there a little while, so comment below and/or DM me.

We cannot deliver this stuff.
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I've been trying to reach somebody – anybody, really – at the School of Honk to see if they'd like an old saxophone (E♭ alto) as a donation. I've tried emailing a couple times to their google address as per their website, but I haven't heard back.

Is there somebody here affiliated with them? Or who could reach them? I understand they have a Facebook presence, but I don't use Facebook. If any of you are FB users and could nudge them there to maybe check their gmail inbox, and also its spam filter, or drop by here, that would be lovely.

Alternatively: does anybody need a sax?

ETA: All gone! Thanks!
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I expressed some concern to my Alderman (Mark Niedergang) about the state of the northbound bike lane on Beacon St in Somerville, and he forwarded my question to some Official Clue in the city who work on bicycling matters. Here's my email:

[...] I've found the results of the Beacon St. repaving pretty disappointing with respect to cycling.

Before the repaving, the northbound bike lane was in really bad shape, but so was the paint, so there was little problem with biking in the main travel lane. Now, the paint clearly marks the bike lane, but it's full of rough pavement, bollards, and driveway ramps—totally unsuitable for bicycling in.

In my experience, drivers feel more entitled to an unshared travel lane when there's a bike lane next to it, so this seems like a worse situation than before. I haven't been harassed yet, but it's just a matter of time, and I'm concerned that other cyclists will feel compelled to ride in the unsafe, narrow, obstructed bike lane.

Do you know if there are plans to repair the bike lane very soon? If not, is that something you can work towards?

And here's the very informative response I got from Mike Tremblay, Senior Transportation Planner:

We agree that the northbound bike lane on Beacon Street is currently suboptimal. The project has been slowed due to outside circumstances, including utility work and emergency gas repairs.

The repaving that occurred on the Washington to Oxford section of Beacon Street (the section to which I believe you are referring) was done in order to repair the trenches created by the gas work. However, this is not the final pavement condition on the street. The driveway aprons that jut into the street are temporary because the street is a couple of inches lower than it will be when the project is done. The plastic bollards, while not ideal, are necessary to flag those driveways so that plow drivers can avoid them in the snow; hitting them could cause damage to the plow and injure the driver. Those posts will be removed (and the ones that are in good condition will be stored or redeployed elsewhere) once we believe we are in the clear in terms of snow, likely sometime in April. We understand that this condition is far from optimal, and sympathize; all of us bike on this stretch at least occasionally, and Ken, who lives on the street and is the chair of the Bicycle Advisory Committee, has expressed similar concerns already.

The street will be paved, for good, sometime in the late spring/early summer. At that time, the northbound bike lane will be raised slightly to create some vertical separation for bikes, help prevent illegal parking, and make bikes more visible. The markings on the road will be striped with longer-lasting, higher-visibility thermoplastic, rather than the temporary paint that fades relatively quickly.

I hope this addresses your concerns. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

(The Ken he refers to is Ken Carlson, Chair of the Somerville Bicycle Committee.)

I probably would have known more about the plans if I'd been living in Somerville when the work was starting, but I was in Allston at the time and didn't pay much attention. And if you were wondering as I was, now you know too. :-)
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Apparently I missed some previous posts about a new grocery store being Kickstarted to serve Winter Hill with local produce. They opened a storefront about a year ago, and I only found out just a month ago on a post-Harvest-closing mailing list.

It's a little store, but it focuses on local fresh produce and dairy. Decent bulk section. A rack of canned goods and other non-perishable prepackaged items. Bread, coffee, donuts. Fair prices.

The proprietor (Matt Gray) is interested in expanding to more locations, and is friendly to bulk ordering, which I've availed myself of. :-) I'm still hoping a buying club kicks off, but this helps with some of what I miss about Harvest.

Here's their website: https://www.nbrhoodproduce.com/
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Good news – after representations to the mayor and local aldermen it seems like we are moving forward on fixing Davis Square. Here is the update:
• DavisNow Representatives, Alan Bingham and Chris Iwerks, met with the city engineering director and his staff, along with Howard Stein Hudson (HSH, the city’s engineering consultant) and walked Davis to assess sidewalks and crosswalks
• We have met with the ward alderman and the mayor and his staff to discuss issues and how to collaborate going forward (the city will have a single point person)
• A representative of the original brick manufacturer has visited the square and advised us on ways to repair and restore the walks
• HSH is preparing a report on remedial work to fix the brick/stone/problems
• The city intends to start on the repairs in the Spring
• The city has delegated responsibility for remedial action to different departments (Engineering, OSPCD, DPW, ISD)
• Removal of temporary signs and fixing bent signposts is to be addressed by the city
• The city has already fixed most of the tree lights in the square
• The city has re-seeded part of 7 Hills Park
• The mayor has also committed to reallocating resources to do a better job of litter pickup (It took us 25 minutes to personally clean up months of accumulated litter in and around 7 Hills Park in mid-December)

A public meeting is planned for the second week in February by the DavisNow group to update the citizens on progress. Details will be sent soon.

For more information go to http://www.davisnow.org/progress.html to review progress on the problems or click on: http://online.flipbuilder.com/havm/ixly/ to view the Punchlist.

Want to join the action group at DavisNow.org? Register online at our web page.
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The pantry mice are back and have discovered that we have milk powder, tapioca powder, and guar gum.

I've done the glue traps. I'd rather not do that again. And they live in the floor joists that they access through the air ducts, so it's not like we can block off a mouse hole.

So if you have a Mighty Hunter Cat, we would like to borrow them for a day or so... just long enough to convince the mice that they would be happier next door.

(We're in Medford, the other side of Medford Square from Davis. We will feed you at least one meal.)
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 Could anyone direct me to the current Somerville law regarding allowed number of unrelated tenants in an apartment? Thanks. 
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Okay a bit out of the square, but sufficiently noteworthy: there's been a black bear sighting in Medford, near Lawrence Memorial Hospital.
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Hey, has somebody already posted this here? I just discovered it via Metafilter:

Peter Gorman of BarelyMaps has made a poster: "Guide to the Squares of Cambridge and Somerville". It's also at his Etsy store.

(Not embedding image because his site frustrates that, so I'll take it as expressed that he'd prefer us not to.)

I thought it was delightful.
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Is it gone for good?

If so, it will be missed.
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Our building's usual plow operator seems to have vanished (website is gone and email is bouncing), so I suddenly find myself looking for somebody to handle it this year. Recommendations highly welcomed.

This is a three-unit condo building with a relatively narrow driveway (fair-sized lot in the back, but big trucks are often too wide to get there), so operators who have some experience with tight quarters especially sought.

We're near Ball/Magoun Squares (Murdock St), if that's relevant.

Thanks for any and all ideas!


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