Jan. 30th, 2019

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an email I received today:

Save this date!
Davis Square needs repair – Public meeting:
February 13 @ 6.00pm
Dilboy Post
371 Summer St Davis Square

The city has agreed to work with the DavisNow community organization to repair Davis Square.
We need your support and your inputs.
This is a community meeting to talk about what is going to happen and when.

DavisNOW provided the city with an illustrated Punch List that inventories the myriad problems with the square that need remedy. The city was also provided with cost estimates and where to find the tools they need to fix the problems. The mayor agrees that these problems need fixing. Preventing further decline, and undertaking repair and restoration, is a critical first step before any consideration of redevelopment is advanced (which is not budgeted or planned for the next 10 years at a minimum). We invite you to come, participate, and lend your support to the community’s efforts to fix the square.

See the punch list and all the issues on http://DavisNow.org


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