Somerville Community Path Connection

Date: 2017-05-25 03:19 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] skyyy
Here's an attempt to connect the Somerville Community Path across the gap.

My goals were to keep bikes / runners / through traffic from disturbing the pedestrian environment (i.e. minimal mixing with peds) and to keep the path off of the streets so kids and families can use it safely.

It's not particularly important to the redesign, but while I'm redesigning the square anyway, I thought it'd be nice.

It takes a small amount of space away from pedestrians in exchange for causing fewer bikes to try to worm their way through pedestrian spaces. Losing some space in the plaza is less of an issue when all of Elm St is plaza space.

Going west, it starts on the sidewalk north of the busway, then crosses to the south side of the small lot behind the bank. It crosses College next to (but not in) the ped xing. It goes through the plaza in a way that leaves an island for peds waiting to cross Holland/College, then goes along the plaza in a protected 2-way lane, probably with some space taken out of the plaza. It crosses Holland next to, but not with, the slower pedestrian xing.

Places where it mixes with slow pedestrian traffic (the Holland/College plaza and by the west T stop) it'd raise up to remind bikers that they're in a pedestrian environment.

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