Date: 2017-05-25 04:33 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] skyyy
Yes, it definitely needs traffic studies. I'm not a professional.

Cutter would be 2-way. (There's a yellow line down it, but I realize I didn't make that clear enough.)

Asymmetrical buses are less useful than they look. For the through routes, you can take the bus in one direction but not the other. For the terminal routes, going down Elm adds multiple turns and minutes to the route. And a short walk to Highland or Elm/Grove is not really an issue when you're walking through a pedestrian friendly environment instead of crossing a busy street.

For the pubs, walking to the loading zones at the ends (and maybe at Chester) will be very safe, even for drunk people. I hadn't thought about the responsibility to the pub to see them get there though. That's a good point.

MBTA would definitely be involved in this. I hope they'd find it positive with better turnarounds and a bus lane, but there's some stuff about turning radiuses and signal priority and, for the community path, use of the space near the T station, that they'd need to participate in.

As for local businesses and input, I'm imagining a formal feedback process like Inman Square and Sullivan Square are doing right now.
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