Date: 2017-05-26 03:41 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] skyyy
Good points about Highland and Grove. Here are some quick thoughts about potential solutions, but a traffic engineer would definitely be necessary to figure this one out.

* Pulling the eastbound car stop bar back a bit and giving the buses a green a few seconds before cars would probably make that left (and right, if they need extra space for a wide right turn) easier.

* For coming out of the lot, making a left as the northbound traffic gets a green would be about as difficult as making a left at a normal 4-way light. The westbound highland stop bar would need to be pulled back.

* Going west from RiteAid could also be done by going south on Grove.

* There's enough curb/parking nearby to play with turn lanes / receiving lanes.

* Traffic coming from that lot could also be handled by closing the south exit, and making that section of Grove 2-way. You'd leave the lot by going out the north entrance, then going south on Grove to the intersection. It'd look a lot more like a normal 4-way then. (I think this is my favorite because it's so simple to understand to someone not familiar with the area.)

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