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I know many people in this community are concerned about airplane noise - saw this on Nextdoor, thought it might be of interest. Note that I have done no research on this, taking this at face value:

"If this tower is built in downtown Boston it will INCREASE air traffic for us.
To avoid adding planes, this tower must be below 710ft. Currently it is proposed at 775ft and would likely route more air traffic to us. Baker and Walsh have supported it which means we must speak up.
Please reach out to your reps and also request your Mayor and city Management write letters to Massport/FAA to BLOCK approval of this tower.

Details from Globe article below:

From the Boston Globe last week:
Governor Charlie Baker signed into law Friday a bill that changes rules restricting shadows on the Boston Common and Public Garden, to enable the construction of what will be one of Boston's tallest buildings. Development firm Millennium Partners needed the rules changed to build a 775-foot tower on the site of downtown's Winthrop Square Garage. Millennium has said it hopes to break ground on the tower, which still needs Federal Aviation Administration approval to reach its proposed height of 775 feet, next year.

from an earlier BG article:
The Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates Logan International Airport, said it strongly objects to the 775-foot height Millennium Partners has proposed at Winthrop Square, according to a letter to state environmental regulators released Wednesday. A tower that tall, a Massport official wrote, would interfere with operations at Logan, blocking a popular takeoff corridor and probably leading to more noisy air traffic over Boston's northern and western suburbs. Massport would object to anything taller than 710 feet on the site, which sits about two miles west of the airport.

from the Boston Informer:
The development is also seeking Massport approval which has stated the 775-foot tower
would interfere with Logan airspace and shift more departures from Runway 27 to Runway 33L over Chelsea and Somerville).

So, that tower will change the runway allocation system and Runway 33L will *permanently* get an even bigger percentage of flights. That is why this Tower needs FAA approval."
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