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Boston West Fair Skies (BWFS) will hold its quarterly meeting Thursday November 2nd in Belmont.

BWFS works towards redistributing airplane noise more fairly among our communities.

Thursday November 2nd, 2017
7:00 - 8:30 P.M.
Belmont Public Library
336 Concord Ave

We are a citizens grassroots organization which includes Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Medford, Somerville, Watertown and Winchester – all communities affected by the increased airplane noise due to the implementation of 33L RNAV (using GPS) departures at Boston Logan Airport. The quarterly meeting location rotates to different towns.

BWFS is fighting for a more equitable distribution of airplane noise. Since our creation in 2013 we have made good progress with officials at the state and national level. We are hoping that Boston Logan will soon be the first airport selected by the FAA to have RNAV departure procedures re-evaluated. Everyone affected by the increased airplane noise is strongly encouraged to join the fight.

Please join us! All are welcome!

Kathryn Klosky Howlett
Communications Chair

More info at: www.bostonwestfairskies.org
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I know many people in this community are concerned about airplane noise - saw this on Nextdoor, thought it might be of interest. Note that I have done no research on this, taking this at face value:

"If this tower is built in downtown Boston it will INCREASE air traffic for us.
To avoid adding planes, this tower must be below 710ft. Currently it is proposed at 775ft and would likely route more air traffic to us. Baker and Walsh have supported it which means we must speak up.
Please reach out to your reps and also request your Mayor and city Management write letters to Massport/FAA to BLOCK approval of this tower.

Details from Globe article below:

From the Boston Globe last week:
Governor Charlie Baker signed into law Friday a bill that changes rules restricting shadows on the Boston Common and Public Garden, to enable the construction of what will be one of Boston's tallest buildings. Development firm Millennium Partners needed the rules changed to build a 775-foot tower on the site of downtown's Winthrop Square Garage. Millennium has said it hopes to break ground on the tower, which still needs Federal Aviation Administration approval to reach its proposed height of 775 feet, next year.

from an earlier BG article:
The Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates Logan International Airport, said it strongly objects to the 775-foot height Millennium Partners has proposed at Winthrop Square, according to a letter to state environmental regulators released Wednesday. A tower that tall, a Massport official wrote, would interfere with operations at Logan, blocking a popular takeoff corridor and probably leading to more noisy air traffic over Boston's northern and western suburbs. Massport would object to anything taller than 710 feet on the site, which sits about two miles west of the airport.

from the Boston Informer:
The development is also seeking Massport approval which has stated the 775-foot tower
would interfere with Logan airspace and shift more departures from Runway 27 to Runway 33L over Chelsea and Somerville).

So, that tower will change the runway allocation system and Runway 33L will *permanently* get an even bigger percentage of flights. That is why this Tower needs FAA approval."
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Anyone else getting constant flyovers most days and (more annoying) 2-4 large, low, LOUD flyovers between 10:45 pm and midnight every night?

City of Somerville advises you to call Massport and also 311 to report your complaint: http://www.somervillema.gov/departments/programs/reporting-airplane-noise

Massport politely took my complaint and promised me a written report.  311 said "people should totally call us about issues, no one ever calls us!", politely took my complaint, and said that various elected officials (including Rosetti, Capuano and some third person I'm forgetting, possibly the mayor) have been trying to get this mitigated, but not necessarily to much effect.

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Massport Airplane Noise hearing tonight:

Massport R-NAV Hearing/Forum

Massport will host an informational and input hearing regarding the RNAV Study. Representatives from Massport, the FAA, the RNAV Study MIT Team and the Massport Community Advisory Committee will be presenting.

WHEN: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 6:00 – 8:00PM

WHERE: State Transportation Building
Conference Room, 2nd Floor
10 Park Plaza
Boston, MA 021

Please note that Massport will be making all relevant presentation materials available in advance of this meeting. Distribution of said material will take place as soon as possible.

For any comments or questions please contact:

Anthony Gallagher
Massport Community Relations
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OK, so this is a weird question, but my life would be much improved if I could look up when the periods of lots of airplanes flying over Somerville were going to be.  Is there any way to do such a thing?

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Navy Blue Angel fighter jets will fly over Boston around noon-12:30 Tuesday.
Now you can be a little less surprised if you hear the roar of 5 fighter jets buzzing the city.
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Which one of you is flying a quadcopter ("drone") over Davis Square right now?
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Has anyone else noticed the steep jump in airplane noise recently? I was woken at 6:30am by low flying planes today and I feel like its the last straw after weeks of not getting a full night due to the air traffic noise. Is there anything we can do? Anyone have any great tricks to sleep through it? I'm in Ball Square, if that matters.
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I know this is a touchy subject, but just thought this was interesting to share. I've notices fewer planes over Somerville this year so looked into it. It looks like the Milton area is now bearing the brunt of the noise that used to come to Somerville due to changes in the flight path earlier this year.

Story from January anbout flight path change

"Wig Zamore, the advisory committee’s vice president and a Somerville resident, said the system change will result in a decrease in noise for nearly 68,000 people, most of them in Boston and Cambridge. Zamore said the environmental assessment projects that fewer people overall will have planes overhead in Milton due to the more precise flight corridor.

“I agree with Judy that her neighborhood will be more affected, but East Milton will benefit,” Zamore said. “Most committee members realize it’s not what benefits ourselves and our towns, but the whole region. It’s about fairness.”"

Recent story from last week - Milton is not happy. Link to a presentation is at the end
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Has anyone noticed that the train noise around the Davis/Ball/Teele Square end of Somerville seems much more pronounced lately? It seems to be perhaps connected to the preparatory construction on the train tracks. Lately I can hear the trains passing by in neighborhoods I didn't think were that close to the tracks, and the sound seems louder at my house a few blocks away than it used to be. The construction work has been cutting trees down here and there to make room for widening the track, and I know they are blowing the horns more, presumably to alert workers along the tracks when a train is coming... but I'm still surprised by how much more I'm noticing it. Is it just me?

(edited parenthetical comments below; thanks for pointing out the real 'noise' tag, Ron.)

(sorry for the silly tag, I mean those grounded airplanes with the purple stripes on them that run out to West Medford on the Lowell Line, and it made *me* laugh, anyway.)

(And now that I've tagged this properly with a general "noise" tag, or I can also snark about the idiots who just set off firecrackers on their front porch across the street. Sigh.)
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Just got a super-professional letter telling me that I could remove my posts about our very favorite Davis Squarean and avoid the wrath of his mega-lawsuit. Otherwise, he's going to tell people who I am, so scary.

Dude, you presumably found out who I was from the entry in my LiveJournal where I give my full legal name; why do you think that outing me is some big threat?
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I clearly must be bored, to be opening up this particular can of worms. OTOH, the article includes a phone number you can call any time you want to complain about it, which will be infinitely more fruitful than complaining about it here: "Massport’s noise complaint line is 617-561-3333."

Time to stop the buzzing

ETA: Since some folks argue that calling Massport is just as fruitless as complaining here, here's another number to call for folks who are indeed interested in knowing about the airplane noise you are experiencing: "You can help us by also reporting the disturbance to 311. The statistics you provide will be an important weapon is[sic] our ongoing campaign."
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Anybody know whats up with the chopper thats been buzzing tufts for last ten minutes? Another cop drama?
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So, while we were walking this morning, a pair of jets flew low and loud over our heads. My husband suspects they are F-15s. I assume it was a celebratory flyover... but for what? Or did some of those Yemen packages wind up at Logan, causing some ruckus? Just curious if anyone had any information. My (cursory) search of Google News turned up nothing, but it was really cursory.
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Hello, Ladies and Gents of the DSLJ

I note the airplane noise discussion got ginned up again over the weekend (understandably so, since noise levels were noticeably higher than usual).

I’m going to try once more, as briefly as I can, to provide some crucial historical background, since DSLJ debate on this topic usually resolves so quickly into a match among the “this-is-a-fact-of-life-in-an-urban-environment-and-we-all-need-the-airport” forces, the “my-quality-of-life-my-sanity-my-ability-to-work-are-all-being-destroyed-by-constant-jet-noise” forces and – perhaps most numerous – the “why-discuss-it-when-nothing-ever-happens?” forces.  I am not trying to prolong the discussion, and everyone is entitled to her/his opinion, but it's really important to know the history.

If you lived in Somerville before 2007, your ears do not deceive you: there’s been a sharp increase in jet noise.   The FAA and Massport COULD bring the noise back to past levels with very little change in airfield throughput or on-time performance.  They WON’T, because appealing the most recent court ruling just isn’t cost-effective, so Somerville is unable to carry on the fight.  Policy at the FAA is still largely in the hands of Bush-area appointees, and even Obama appointees don’t like setting precedents that might constrain the authority of the FAA to do whatever it deems necessary to manage air traffic.

So it is what it is.

More after the cut... )


air planes

Aug. 29th, 2010 07:38 pm
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I know this is a controversial subject, but whatever.  So I was out for what I was hoping would be a nice summer night walk to Davis, and all I hear for the entire walk are extremely loud and low flying air planes.  Logan is sending every plane over our neighborhoods today...a new plane every 30 seconds.  So loud that you have to pause your conversation.  I was able to capture one on my phone cam, so nobody can deny it this time.


Anyways, I remember there being a lawsuit a few years back.  Something about the city of Somerville suing Massport for illegally overusing the new runway against what they communicated before creating the new runway.  Years have passed and nothing has happened with that, as far as I know.  Is there any hope in putting an end to this, or at least reducing it a bit?  It wasn't ever this bad 4+ years ago.  Just looking for more info, as the mayor's office doesn't seem to respond to emails about this. 
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Tonight - Thursday, July 29, I went to Davis Sq. to see the outdoor screening of Vertigo.
During the 2 hour movie, there were at least 40-50 low flying planes overhead. Very difficult to focus on the movie.

Two other evenings this week planes passed over my house at least once every 2 minutes between 4-9pm.

I know they say it's wind dependent, but does anyone know if this is getting more frequent? I think I'll have to move if this is going to be the norm. It's pretty stressful to me and I don't think I can adapt.

I emailed and called in a complaint, but in the past, these haven't really done anything.
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This is a pre-emptive 'whatwasthat?' post.

If you don't follow sports, this is your warning that tonight is opening night at Fenway, and the Green Mountain Boys will be doing their customary F-16 flyover, at around 7:40 pm. It's usually very noticable around here.


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