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I noticed a recently dated sign on the Spoke front door saying "Spoke" is applying for a full liquor license. Does this mean they are reopening? Anyone know?
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The national World of Beer chain, which tried and failed to open at 240 Elm Street in Davis Square in 2013, is opening soon at CambridgeSide Galleria, in the spot vacated by California Pizza Kitchen.

World of Beer will have two beer gardens at the Cambridge River Festival on June 4. This year's festival will be along Cambridge Parkway and Lechmere Canal.
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Johnny D's sign now reads:

10 AM - 6 PM

More details in Johnny D's latest newsletter

Photo of sign )

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This is it -- Johnny D's last week ever.

Fri-Sat, 3/4-5, 9 pm (doors 7 pm): Playin' Dead (Grateful Dead tribute band)
Sat-Sun, 3/5-6, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm: Jazz Brunch
Sun 3/6: 4 pm, Chad Hollister Band
Sun 3/6: 7:30 pm, Albion 56 Band (free)
Mon 3/7, 8 pm (doors 7 pm): The Last Eva Stump! Trivia Night
Tues 3/8: Rickie Lee Jones (SOLD OUT)
Wed 3/9, 5 pm: Ex-WFNX Night; 8 pm: Open Mic Night with Dr. Grant (both free)
Thurs 3/10: CLOSED
Fri 3/11, 8 pm (doors 5:30 pm): James Montgomery Band (free)
Sat 3/12, 10 am - 3 pm: The Last Jazz Brunch
Sat 3/12, 4 pm onwards: Open House with Yani Batteau, Chandler Travis Philarmonic, Neon Grandma, others (free)
Sun 3/13, 11 am - 2 pm: Bar serves its final Bloody Marys and Mimosas (kitchen closed, no food)
Sun 3/13, doors 4 pm: Revolutionary Snake Ensemble and Second Line Social Aid & Pleasure Society final sets, then parade into Davis Square (free)
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A banner hanging in Statue Park advertises the Dancing America Rapper Tournament to be held next Saturday. Most of it is in bars (Burren, Joshua Tree, Redbones, and Saloon), but there will be "an unjudged warm-up dance" outdoors in Davis Square from 10 to 11:30am. EDIT 11/12: Looks like the warm-up has been moved indoors, to First Church Somerville.
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A long line of people are waiting to get into the Burren right now. The line stretches all the way beyond Diesel Cafe. Some of the people in the line claim that U2 is supposedly about to perform there. They say they heard this rumor "on the radio" or "on the Internet" but were unable to give any specifics. Anyone know more?
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In what could end up being great news for Somerville, Governor Patrick has proposed eliminating the liquor license cap for towns and cities across the state. This would eliminate what has (ostensibly) been a major hurdle preventing new restaurants from opening in Somerville.

More details: http://www.masslive.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/05/gov_deval_patrick_proposes_to.html

From the article:
"That giant sigh of relief you probably heard was Mayor Joe Curtatone,” joked Gardner Mayor Mark Hawke, referring to the Somerville mayor who was not in attendance.

Curtatone appeared with Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll at a legislative hearing in August to testify in favor of legislation to eliminate the cap, arguing that restaurant owners find it difficult to locate in Somerville because of a lack of available licenses.

I'm not sure what resistance there will be to this, but current restaurant owners will have something to lose, as their liquor licenses (which are transferable) will no longer have any value.
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Daddy Jones Bar is looking to expand their seating area by adding a patio to the back of the property which faces Broadway. The Magoun Square eatery will stand before the Zoning Board of Appeals on June 4th to request permission to add the space, but will be holding a community meeting on Monday May 19th at 6:00pm to hear concerns from abutters.

A member of Somerville Local First and participant in this year's Taste of Somerville, the establishment and it's owner Dimitra Tsouranis-Murphy have made a positive impact on the community while running the much talked-about restaurant located at 525 Medford Street.

A flier states, "Daddy Jones Bar is proposing to put an outdoor patio at the rear of their property on Broadway. The patio will only be open until 9:30 PM. Please join us to find out more about the project, see a proposed layout, and meet your neighbors. Meet the owner, Dimitra Murphy, and voice any concerns and ask any questions you may have! Light snacks + refreshments will be provided."

Set to be in attendance is the owner of Daddy Jones Bar Dimitra Tsouranis-Murphy, Ward 5 Alderman Mark Niedergang and surrounding business owners.
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Happy spring! – May is National Bike Month! And how better to kick it off than to join the Mass BikePike Tour team at its 2014 Bike Month Party on May 7th at the East End Grille in vibrant East Somerville? We're thinking East Somerville doesn't get enough bike events so we're bringing the love eastwards!

Bring a friend or meet new friends, enjoy free appetizers and a cash bar, and learn more about this year's edition of The Friendliest Ride in the East. We'll have fun giveaways and a discount code for any attendees who sign up for the tour at the event!

If you haven't been to East Somerville recently, you're in for a treat. The neighborhood is at the tail end of a streetscape project making it more walkable and bikeable. There is plenty of bike parking in the neighborhood.

RSVP requested at https://massbikepike7may.eventbrite.com as we have limited space.

About the Mass BikePike Tour:
Ride off the beaten path at The Friendliest Tour In The East! Join the Mass BikePike Tour this August, and explore the quiet side of the Bay State at this benefit ride for MassBike.
The Mass BikePike Tour takes you on Massachusetts’s most gorgeous back roads - visiting swimming holes, pristine New England village greens, ice cream stands, wineries, and the only Trappist brewery in the USA.
Each evening features a pre-dinner “social hour”, a nightly campfire/stargazing, and optional field trips to local attractions. The ride is affordably priced and there may be some volunteer opportunities that will allow you to join us for free.

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The Rás na hÉireann (Race of Ireland) 5K will be occupying Davis Square this Sunday with an 11:00 AM start time and will include up to 5,000 runners.

The race course is an accurately wheel-measured 5Km, beginning and ending in famous Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts—a stop on the convenient MBTA Red Line. It starts on Elm Street, in front of the Burren, the Sligo, & the Joshua Tree, & runs through an eclectic mix of great Somerville neighborhoods & tree-lined streets. It is mostly lightening flat, & includes Teele Square, Powderhouse Boulevard, & Ball Square.

It runs past Tufts University, and it zips through Ball Square, by Trum Field down Cedar Street. It ends in Davis Square, on Highland Avenue. Post race rewards are visible along the route, as runners will pass some of the pubs involved in the post race parties-- the Burren, the Sligo, the Joshua Tree, Orleans, P.J. Ryan’s, The Pub and Five Horses Tavern.

Course Map
List of Sponsoring Businesses
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"Another Joshua Tree location in Somerville's Davis Square will remain open, according to Arcari. Some of the 50 employees from the Allston location now work at the Somerville spot, others were laid off."
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ETA: [livejournal.com profile] keithn made a similar post a few minutes before mine, which I hadn't noticed. I'm not going to delete mine since it has already been distributed to Facebook and Twitter, but please add your comments to his post rather than this one.

Somerville Beer Works has withdrawn its application for a city-owned liquor license, according to an e-mail I just received from the Davis Action Group. The Licensing Commission had been scheduled to hear the application at tonight's meeting.

This does not necessarily end the Beer Works proposal; they could instead try to purchase an existing license from another bar or restaurant. I do not know any more details right now.

[Earlier discussions: October 23 #2 | October 23 #1 | October 6 | Sept 25 | Sept 21 | Sept 13]
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I don't see something I can link to, but according to an e-mail that was just sent out by the Davis Action Group, Beer Works has withdrawn their city liquor license application. This was going to go before the licensing committee tonight.

My assumption would be that they were aware that they were not going to be granted a license and withdrew. So those who opposed the restaurant have succeeded. I have no idea if there is any link to recent issues with the building facade, but my understanding is that that should not have been a major issue since they had planned to replace it anyway.

A big question on my mind is whether or not Davis Square will now see ANY of the 8 remaining city wide liquor licenses. The argument used by Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz against Beer Works would seem to indicate that will not happen. The implication would be that you will see no new alcohol serving restaurants or bars in Davis Square unless they buy an existing license - so the total number of alcohol serving restaurants and bars will not increase in Davis Square anytime soon (without pressure on Alderman Gewirtz and the licensing commission).
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A small but vocal group of about 50 mostly older residents has declared themselves the voice of the community and is on the verge of killing the Davis Square Beer Works proposal. Right now, the licensing hearing for Beer Works has been pushed back to November 18 (Beer Works was granted a "continuance" at October 21's licensing board meeting).

What concerns me much more than the possibility of the Beer Works proposal being denied is the notion that these 50 or so residents have declared themselves the representatives of the community, and they have alderman Rebekah Gewirtz as their champion. Despite the fact that Alderman Gewirtz stated that the majority of e-mails she received were in support of the Beer Works proposal, she has come out as not only against Beer Works but seemingly against any new bars/restaurants in general (see the "Davis Action Group" notes). Based on past comments, it would seem that she is insisting on either retail or some kind of farmer's market for that space.

Who is the voice of the young professionals and students who live in the community? The majority of Davis Square residents are under 35 years old. Most people who I have talked to are in favor of the proposal, and even the ones who aren't fans of Beer Works would never argue that there are too many bars and restaurants in Davis Square like our alderman has argued. Bars and restaurants are why many of us are here. (Yes - I know we're ignored because we aren't noisy and don't vote - which is what I want to change).

If you want your voice heard - whatever your opinion - please e-mail the Somerville Licensing Commission via their administrative assistant Jenneen Pagliaro - jpagliaro@somervillema.gov - as soon as possible. You can also CC/separately e-mail Alderman Gewirtz at rebekah.gewirtz@gmail.com, but she seems to have already made up her mind and since she is running for re-election unopposed there isn't much that can be done to sway her. You should also CC or separately e-mail alderman at large Jack Connolly at aldermanconnolly@gmail.com.

Of course, showing up at the Licensing Commission meeting on November 18 would also be a big help. But if Beer Works is convinced the license won't be approved, they may just withdraw before then, which is why e-mailing now is important.
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A second meeting to discuss the Somerville Beer Works proposal will take place tomorrow (Monday, October 7) at 6 pm on-site at 240 Elm Street.

The Davis Action Group has posted notes from the September 23 meeting.

[Earlier discussions: Sept 25 | Sept 21 | Sept 13]

ETA 10/9: for notes on the meeting, see [livejournal.com profile] teko's comment below, and also this Somerville Patch article.
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I'd love to go to Monday's community meeting about the proposed Beer Works (6 pm, 240 Elm Street) but I'm going to be out of town. Is anyone reading this who can attend the meeting and report back here? Thanks.


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