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Apparently I missed some previous posts about a new grocery store being Kickstarted to serve Winter Hill with local produce. They opened a storefront about a year ago, and I only found out just a month ago on a post-Harvest-closing mailing list.

It's a little store, but it focuses on local fresh produce and dairy. Decent bulk section. A rack of canned goods and other non-perishable prepackaged items. Bread, coffee, donuts. Fair prices.

The proprietor (Matt Gray) is interested in expanding to more locations, and is friendly to bulk ordering, which I've availed myself of. :-) I'm still hoping a buying club kicks off, but this helps with some of what I miss about Harvest.

Here's their website: https://www.nbrhoodproduce.com/
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Our building's usual plow operator seems to have vanished (website is gone and email is bouncing), so I suddenly find myself looking for somebody to handle it this year. Recommendations highly welcomed.

This is a three-unit condo building with a relatively narrow driveway (fair-sized lot in the back, but big trucks are often too wide to get there), so operators who have some experience with tight quarters especially sought.

We're near Ball/Magoun Squares (Murdock St), if that's relevant.

Thanks for any and all ideas!

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The Davis Square Domino's has re-opened in its remodeled store that now fills the entirety of 201 Elm Street.

Enjoy. Or not.
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Somerville Local First is proud to present the 2018 SomerWellness Fair being held in the historic main room of the Arts at the Armory (191 Highland Avenue, Somerville) on Wednesday June 27th, 2018 from 6:00 until 9:00 p.m.

Sponsored by SIRA NATURALS, this event is an amazing opportunity for attendees to learn about a variety of options to incorporate good health and wellness into everyday life. Representatives from the financial, yoga, medicinal cannabis, sensory deprivation and other industries will be available to provide information, introduce you to fun and unique ways of maintaining a healthy life and answer questions.

There are better alternatives to maintaining your overall health than those provided by large pharmaceutical companies. Please stop by and learn about your choices!

Please register through our Eventbrite page: https://bit.ly/2M8tOI6


Mar. 3rd, 2018 05:40 pm
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I noticed that a crew was doing demolition work inside the former Falafel Shop location next to Domino's last week, and soon after that, took apart the Domino's itself (including its sign). A peek inside shows that the entire interior has been gutted, and the permit sign in the window says that they're refurbishing the entire interior and exterior to conform with the "new Domino's look". So I guess our mini-Domino's is becoming a very large Domino's.
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Aaron Hemquist, Senior Development Manager for Real Estate at Target Corporation in Minneapolis, presented the company’s plans for a Porter Square store at tonight’s meeting of the Porter Square Neighbors Association.

This will be a “small-format” Target store. At 28,000 square feet it will be 5000 sq ft larger than the Central Square store, but only 20% of a full-size Target. (For comparison, Everett is 140,000, Watertown 160,000, Somerville 94,000.)

Target will take up all of the first-floor space formerly occupied by Walgreens, and the building’s entire second floor (including what was a restaurant space) with the exception of Parrelli Optical, which will remain in place. Pot Belly, Sprint, and Anna’s Taqueria will remain where they are on the first floor.

The public stairway and escalator between the first and second floors have bene removed, so the only access to Parrelli will be via an elevator or the back stairs. Target will use the escalator and elevator that Walgreens installed to get between its first and second floors. Target has no current plans to expand to the currently vacant basement.

Target is opening other small-format stores this year in Roslindale, Medford, Stoneham, and Burlington, MA.

The store will open in October 2018. The product mix will be flexible, with the site team able to adjust it to local demand. The store will not have a CVS pharmacy counter or a Starbucks. It will be open from 8 am to 11 pm.

There is a loading dock behind the store, accessed from White Street. Deliveries will be made with small trucks, not semis.

The store will have 40-50 employees.

Of the 62 spaces in the garage, 40 will be reserved for Target customers and employees.

Contact info from Aaron Hemquist’s business card: aaron.hemquist@target.com, 612-761-5670, cell 612-559-2655,
1000 Nicollet Mall, TPN-12L, Minneapolis, MN 55403.


EDIT: After I sent him these notes, Aaron e-mailed me these clarifications and corrections:

Stoneham opened in July 2017

The smaller trucks may or may not be considered semi-trucks. We often use semi-trucks with shorter trailers.

One other thing to note is that employment numbers can flex, so the 40-50 is an estimate.
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My partner and I were walking down College Avenue today and noticed that Kor Tor Mor, which promises "Bangkok Street Food," had opened, so we went inside, looked at the menu, and ordered lunch.

We got scallion pancakes; larb kai, a salad with spicy minced chicken; and khao na ped, roast duck with "Thai style sauce" over rice, and a side of greens. All three were good.

The scallion pancake is a bit different than what I was expecting from many years of scallion pancakes in Chinese restaurants: flaky rather than chewy, and with a sweet ginger dipping sauce instead of soy sauce with bits of ginger and/or scallion.

My partner liked the larb kai, which was labeled as moderately spicy, and said it was as spicy as he would want. (Everything is labeled with zero, one, or two hot peppers.) The proprietor asked if it had been too spicy, even though he finished it, because she noticed he'd been drinking a fair amount of water.

The khao na ped was also very good, once I got past a brief disappointment that it wasn't the crisp-skinned roast duck that a Cantonese restaurant would probably use in an "over rice" duck dish. But between that and the scallion pancakes, it definitely felt homey, street food/inexpensive restaurant food. Also, if that's the everyday duck, I definitely want to try the dish they call "Superior Duck."

There's seating for at most twelve people; they're clearly expecting to do mostly take-out and delivery. We had no trouble getting seats today, but the server/cashier told me they had just opened yesterday.
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Chef Steve "Nookie" Postal signed a lease for the former Davis Square Subway back in mid-2016, and he's announced that it'll become a cafe called Revival. It was formerly the first Bertucci's, and the original plan was to use the original bocce court in the basement, but apparently that's against code now.

The article linked above also says that a second Revival location is going in at Alewife alongside a 7,000 square foot beer hall possibly called Mothership.
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The former Family Dollar store, which closed slightly before Christmas a year ago, no longer has FOR LEASE signs in the windows. Has anyone heard any news about possible tenants or permit or license applications?
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The Davis Square CVS had these signs up inside and outside the store yesterday, limiting what you were supposed to buy there on Christmas Day I didn't try to buy anything, so I have no idea whether this was actually enforced in any way. The self-checkout terminals were still working.

Neither of the other two CVS stores I visited yesterday, at South Station and Harvard Square, had these signs.

Back in 2014, the store had a similar sign up for Thanksgiving, but I didn't get a photo then.

(click photo to enlarge)

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• For those who hadn't seen yet, Johnny D's was completely torn down this past week. Despite the plan to build condos/apartments above it and repurpose the space for retail, their engineers apparently said the old building couldn't support floors above.

• The old Snappy Ramen location on Highland will be opening soon as a branch of Tsurumen Ramen, an Osaka-based ramen mini-chain that apparently had a location in Hawaii and a NYC pop-up until recently.

Kor Tor Mor (former Golden Light location) has a website up and says they'll be open within a week or so.
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We waited so long for a decent tenant in the old Social Security building space and now it appears that it is at risk. Hard to tell from the article what is going on except than that the "concept" is in trouble.

Stop & Shop to rebrand bfresh chain, close 1 store

I like bfresh. I went there more when it first opened (and yes, when its prices were lower) but I still go there a few times a month. It was never going to be a "first choice" grocery store. That, of course, is Market Basket. But I will happily pay a bit more for the convenience when I need to.
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According to the Boston Globe (paywall) Stop & Shop will be closing one bfresh store in Brighton and making as of yet unknown changes to its locations in Davis Square and Allston. The Globe describes the changes as a "new brand and format."

In addition, a planned bfresh expansion into locations in Philadelphia has been cancelled according to the Philadelphia Inquirer and use of the real estate secured for this purpose is being re-evaluated. The parent company of Stop & Shop (Ahold Delhaize) is also closing a similarly formatted grocery store that they had opened in Philadelphia in 2014 known as "Everything Fresh."

A small format store that was intended to be branded as bfresh will still open next year in Newton.
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from Cambridge Day: Target signs lease for site in Porter Square, filling long-vacant space once a Walgreens

Target has signed a 10-year lease with options for six 5-year extensions, so assuming the chain remains healthy, they're here for the long term. It will be nice to see that mini-mall occupied again.
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On Sunday, December 3nd, the Highland Hot Block of Somerville is hosting its first annual Holiday Pop Up featuring all female makers from the greater Boston area. From 12:00-5:00pm, stop by 7ate9 Bakery, e. scott originals, and Workshop Salon to meet local artists and crafters and get a jump on the holiday shopping. From metal and wood housewares, leather bags and functional pottery, to cheesecake, jewelry, candles and skincare products.



Featured makers:

Amanda Kressler Designs: metal & wood geometric housewares

Aud & El Candle Co.: hand poured, soy candles

Brown & Coconut: all natural, plant based skincare

Hollis Leather: leather bags & accessories

Intention 560: meditation malas & oils

MegaMade Woodworks: wood goods for your kitchen & life

Mud & Yarn: functional pottery & knit accessories

Nora Miller Jewelry: jewels fit for a swamp mermaid


The businesses of the Highland Hot Block is located at 199 Highland Ave in Somerville. For more information about the event, please visit our event page on facebook.

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Tedeschi's in Davis Square (the former Store 24) has a sign saying that it will be closed from August 25 (tomorrow) through September 8 "for construction". The people inside told me that it will then reopen as a 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven bought the Tedeschi's chain more than two years ago, but is only now getting around to rebranding the stores.

Ahhhh Ants

Jul. 9th, 2017 05:49 pm
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I live near Davis Square, and I've recently realized that I've got a carpenter ant problem - the little jerks came out of nowhere, and now they're exploring all over my apartment. They are not focused on any one area (no trail to follow), and they are concentrated in a few rooms (with crummy windows), so I think the nest may be outside. Any recommendations to go back to an ant-free existence?
Edit to add: I do have a cat, and would prefer not to poison her.
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EDIT: I am adding, the next day, that the owner of the shop has reached out to me, and offered an apology and to try to get to the bottom of what events unfolded outside the store that left me so upset. I will be speaking with him in the next few days and appreciate that they reached out.

Original vent / post:
West Somerville folks - I just had a terrible experience in Teele Square, bad enough that I would like to spread my rage at the proprietor of a local business, the Knight Moves Cafe on Broadway. Please stay far away from this business with kids. If you have any kids who walk to and from the west somerville school, please make sure they steer clear of the business as well.

The proprietor (edit: manager) of this business threatened to call the Somerville police and made my children cry, for the crime of disagreeing over what to get with a few bucks each at the conveience store, and the crime of waiting for me on the sidewalk rather than inside the dry cleaners on the same block, and then choosing to get into my unlocked car with the cold drinks they had bought at the convenience store, while my 5 min errand lasted 15 min because the folks at the dry cleaners were trying to repair a broken zipper for me on a coat I had cleaned out of my closet and intended to donate.

Seriously if you have any choice in ever doing business with them, and support the right of elementary school kids to have a little independence and learn from their disagreements on whether mom said they could get ice cream, I urge you steer clear.

I am FURIOUS at having been confronted for going to the dry cleaners and letting my kids go to the convenience store to enjoy their refreshing cold drinks. And I even like board games and was pleased when they came to town.

I am SURE that plenty of kids the age of mine walk home from WSNS through Teele Square every school day. Yes, even when it's hot out. But if your first grader has an argument with their big sibling in the vicinity of Teele you can expect the police to be called, next time.
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Boston Restaurant Talk discovered a Craigslist post (now removed) seeking employees for a potential new club located somewhere in Davis Square that would host bands, open mic nights, and interactive music experiences where the crowd would be encouraged to play along with cover bands. A little more info and a logo on Vanyaland.
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I had somehow decided the farmers' market didn't start until [community profile] davis_square told me it had, but apparently the universe doesn't revolve around our little community, and it's had two weeks already. Yum!

At Day & Herbert Streets
May 17 - Nov 22, 2017
Wednesdays, 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
EBT-SNAP accepted


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