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Yeah, I still haven't figured out what the best use of the Chester St space is. PRU pointed out that that's probably important space for bfresh. The count isn't supposed to be precise anyway. It's just saying "some parking will disappear but not as much as you think."

I've never used the cab stand, so I hadn't thought about that. I think there's another one on Day St though, so that might be able to pick up some of the capacity. Walking end-to-end won't be a problem when the street is designed for walking.

There's still a lot to figure out with deliveries. Stores might face pressure to adjust their delivery times (a good thing, since that'd mean less impact on the area). Maybe Chester St could be designed to have trucks back in for deliveries. Why is parking on Herbert and using hand trucks a bad thing though? Seems like a hand cart is way less disruptive than a large truck.

Day St is 1-way northbound. You could turn left to Holland, straight to College, or right to Highland. Highland is 2-way everywhere. The yellow/white lines are meant to show that, but I guess that's not entirely clear.

Whether bus riders will see the space is a good thing to look at, but I think it will be okay. All 6 buses will stop on Highland eastbound and the T stop westbound, and the 2 that go down Elm will also stop at Elm/Grove.
Currently, the asymmetrical setup means that you might see Elm St on one leg for some routes, but the other direction might be far away so the proximity isn't as useful as it looks. I think the faster bus travel and better connections will cause more foot traffic to the area.
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