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Lynne Doncaster wrote an article for DigBoston telling us everything we ever wanted to know about the Davis Square statues.
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Via their web site: http://sitn.hms.harvard.edu/science-by-the-pint/

The STAT Team
The (sometimes messy) science of communicating science

Monday, January 9, 6:30-8:30pm at The Burren (247 Elm Street, Somerville)

Are you interested in learning more about what the field of science journalism looks like from the inside? Panelists from the Boston-based publication STAT will discuss what led them to a career in health and science journalism, as well as the challenges and value of investigating and reporting in this field. Small group discussions will follow the panel, so you’ll have a chance to ask questions and bring up topics you want to discuss. Members of the panel will represent a broad range of careers within science journalism, including reporting, editing, social media, marketing, multimedia, and graphic design.
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This week's print edition of The Somerville News Weekly, a local alleged newspaper, has Happy Easter & Happy Passover as its main above-the-fold headline. Nobody there bothered to learn that Passover starts a month later than Easter this year, on the evening of April 22.

Click here for photo )
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The Somerville Journal is closing its Somerville office and moving its operations to Danvers, according to local media writer Dan Kennedy.

The Journal and the Cambridge Chronicle have always been sister publications, but no longer: the Cambridge Chronicle's office is moving to Lexington.

How well can you cover the city when you're not in or even near the city?

The Journal's current office is on Central Street, on the side of the Cuisine en Locale (Anthony's) building. I can recall at least three other offices during my time here: Summer Street across from the VFW (in a building that still has "Dole Publishing" engraved on the wall), the Social Security Building, and the Harvard Vanguard medical building. Long ago I'm told they were located on Elm Street where Ace Wheel Works is today.
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A new magazine called The Technoskeptic will have its launch party this Tuesday from 6:30-8 pm in the Burren back room. The free party will feature appetizers, live music, and a raffle for four ArtsEmerson tickets.
The Technoskeptic is an online magazine exploring the intersection of technology and society from a humanistic perspective. Our aim is to create awareness, act as a resource, build community, and change culture.

Right now they're only online, but they hope to become a printed magazine. Cambridge Day published a long feature last week about the magazine and their event.
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Local writer Mara Voorhees published an article for Lonely Planet extolling Somerville as a tourist destination. Her article mentions most of our cultural high points -- the Somerville Arts Council, Fluff festival, Honk festival, Porchfest, Illuminations Tour, Somerville Open Studios, Independent Film Festival of Boston, Brickbottom, Washington Street art studios, Museum of Bad Art, the annual Prospect Hill flag raising, Aeronaut Brewery, and Slumbrew.

Lonely Planet considers Somerville to be one of ten "most unexpectedly exciting places to see in the United States in 2016".
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I can't believe nobody has posted about this yet! Our very own [livejournal.com profile] ron_newman was featured in an article about LiveJournal in Scout Somerville. (The author contacted me as well, but I wasn't able to get back to him in time. Which is fine. I think it's well and good that this was Ron's piece.)

A picture of the print version, which used a different photo: )
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For decades, the Somerville Journal has run a feature called "Speak Out". Anyone could call the paper on the phone and rant anonymously, and the paper would transcribe your rant and print it. The feature is only in print, not online.

Last week, the Journal announced that it is discontinuing Speak Out. The last one will run in next week's edition, September 24. If you feel the urge to be part of that, call the Speak Out line at 617-776-9844, fax(!) to 617-629-3381, or send email to somerville@wickedlocal.com with "Speak Out" in the Subject line.

WMBR radio's "Subject to Change" show (Saturdays noon-1pm) will soon need to find a new source of material to read on the air. (Edit: see also this 2009 post about the show.)
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The post on gentrification reminded me of something that I've been meaning to post here for ages. About a year ago, I searched the NYT for every article mentioning Somerville MA, as far back as its archives go. I compiled links to all of them by year. Here is the result.

To sum up -- from 1860 to 1995 is pretty much all "murder and mayhem" (including several articles about Mrs. Robinson, the Somerville Poisoner*). Then from 1995 to the present, there is a sharp turn towards "so hip it hurts".

*Hey local playwrights, Mrs. Robinson's story would make a riveting drama. Or possibly black comedy.
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from today's Somerville Times "News Talk" column:

The primary in Ward 6 is coming up and make a note it’s on Thursday the 17th, not the usual Tuesday. We heard that the Board of Aldermen bowed to pressure from one alderman to get it changed for the first time because of a religious holiday

OK, I don't know why the city didn't schedule the election for September 1 (like Medford) or September 8 (like Boston), but I do know why they didn't choose the next two Tuesdays. The Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah ends at sunset on Tuesday, September 15. The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur starts at sunset on Tuesday, September 22. Some folks around here don't appreciate your ignorant obliviousness, Somerville Times.

(Oh, and that's followed by: "Don’t let a small minority pick the wrong candidates for the final election in November.")

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I noticed that the DigBoston distribution boxes seem to be gone in Davis Square and Harvard Square. Does anyone know what happened to them?
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Has anyone noticed a drop in the quality of the information in the Somerville Patch? It does not have as many Somerville centric articles. Now the articles seem to be very generic and have little of the political
scene. Has Chris Orchard left?
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on the New England Travel page of yesterday's Sunday Globe: Somerville crossroads lives up to its hip image. The print headline was different: "Davis, the evolutionary square" with subhead "Their stop for locals, shoppers, hipsters".

The Globe correspondents, Patricia Harris and David Lyon, must not read DSLJ or Eater.com, since they spend several sentences saying that they couldn't find out what is going to happen to the Rosebud.

featured businesses: Buffalo Exchange, Davis Squared, Redbones, Posto, Foundry, Saloon, Davis Square Theatre, Johnny D's, and Somerville Theatre. (Surprisingly to me, no mention of Sacco's Bowl-Haven.)
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Paul McMorrow writes about gentrification in Union Square. He notes that with the arrival of the Green Line, it will be much more desirable to live in. This will cause an increase in demand for housing there, and that there are two choices: Allow enough additional housing to be built to prevent prices from rising insanely, or preserve its "character" (appearance) at the cost of pricing out just about everybody who already lives there.

"Desirable, inexpensive, low-density -- choose any two!"
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Greetings--my name is Erica Jones and I work at Somerville Community Access TV. It is my privilege and delight, to share some of these pretty cool upcoming events happening in the community, organized by SCATV.

Did you know Somerville has a news show? 'Tis is true and on the last Tuesday of each month (2/25) there will be a social gathering to view the latest episode of SCATV's Somerville Neighborhood News. This community news production fosters professionalism in each 28-minute TV show and reports on current issues that are impacting our residents. Some past SNN topics have included heroin in Somerville, SHS sports, Union Square gentrification, TUFTS Pilot programs, Affordable Housing, & Green Line Extension updates, faces of Homelessness and much more. Come mingle and discuss local news with your neighbors at our next SNN Watch Party, held the last Tuesday of each month at Cantina la Mexicana at 7pm. Event Details are always available here!

ROUGH CUT Film Screening
SCATV presents: ROUGH CUT Film Screening. It is an event open to all media makers who have a video work-in-progress. This means a TV show, documentary, experimental, music videos, etc. There will be "guest film critics" in attendance guiding the conversation as well. Event details are available here!

When: Sunday, March 9th from 3:00-5:00pm
Where: The Uniun, 11 Sanborn Court, Union Square
(across from Stone Place Park)
Formats: quicktime movie, DVD or a thumb drive
Contact: Erica Jones, programming@scatvsomerville.org

Net Neutrality Panel Discussion @ Tufts University

Do you know about Net Neutrality and do you care about the Future of Internet Access?
On Jan. 14, 2014, the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., struck down the Federal Communications Commission's Open Internet Order. This means that Net Neutrality is no longer required by law. To help explain this new situation and its likely effects, Somerville Community Access Television has organized a special event with an expert panel to discuss this issue, which will impact many Internet users who use the web each day. Learn more about net neutrality, tiered Internet packages, media ownership, future Internet policy and how all of this will affect our future Internet access. This event will be held on Tues, March 25 at 7pm at Tufts University in Tisch Library, room 304 (35 Professors Row, Medford, MA 02155). The event information with panelist details and to RSVP can all be found here!

I appreciate you reading and we hope to see you at these events! Please let me know if you have any questions and want more details.
in community,
Erica Jones, SCATV Programming & Outreach Coordinaotr
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I'm very excited to announce that Magoun Square is featured in the Home Smart section of the Boston Herald today (page 29)!

Check out the article here: http://bostonherald.com/business/real_estate/2014/01/they_re_sold_on_magoun_square


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