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 There will be fireworks at Spy Pond at dusk (around 8pm) for Town Night/Day.
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Hey neighbors! I'm in an R&D phase of a podcast I'm working on and am currently collecting stories of people's odd experiences with "ghosts". I approach this topic with a healthy amount of skepticism, but find it fascinating that many people have had unexplained encounters!

If you think you may have had a run-in with a ghosts around town, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to PM me.

Example of a local legend : around the Powder House tower there have been reports of mysterious blue lights and what sounds like a man yelling for his daughter to stop necking with a neighboring farmer (but I've never spoken to anyone who has experienced this personally, just rumors I've seen online).

Thank you!

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Woken by fire trucks at 2:30 in the morning. It's a three alarm fire on Appleton St. off Willow. Contained to the one house, plus a live wire down. From what I could glean from the scanner, everyone seems to have gotten out of the house, but some people were taken to the hospital.

Now (3:15am) at the one-hour mark, it's still an active fire, but fire command on site has declined help from an additional company, and are saying "condition the same, companies making progress."

At 3:20am calling for a "20-foot collapse zone around the building. Slate shingles coming off the room, eminent [immanent?] danger of the chimney collapsing."
(does that mean they evacuate the houses on either side, I would assume?)

From my house I can see that Willow is shut down, and the bike path, so expect a similar 4 block radius.


Dec. 14th, 2016 03:52 pm
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Central Hill (City Hall, the High School) has been being circled by helicopters for the last hour at least. Every time I think they're going away, it seems that more come (or they get closer/louder).

Anyone know what's up?
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I was woken up last night by a very short (but bright and beautiful!) firework display.  They were likely in the direction of Trum Field.  I looked at the clock since it seems kinda late and it was midnight.  Did anyone else hear/see them?  Was I hallucinating?   


Jun. 4th, 2016 10:56 pm
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Does anyone know anything about the various fireworks set off through the city this evening?
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A little outside Davis, but Verna's donuts on Mass Ave has big orange stickers on the doors declaring it seized by the constable. Any one know any details? What does it mean to be seized?
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A block or two east on College, there's a Seventh Day Adventist Church, with the main sign entirely in French, but on a side door is taped up a sign in English saying something like "use other door, Sion Church". Anyone here know what's up with it? Do we have an active French Adventist community in the area? What's the history?
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In the course of a day I often see silly (and sometimes not so silly) things which cause me to wonder about who made the decisions involved and what their thought process was. Today when I went to vote, the color of the ballots provided me with such a moment of wonder.

The Democratic ballot had a pale red header and the Republican ballot a pale blue one.

Now I don't know the history of the colors associated with these political parties but it seems like the norm is: Democrats == blue, Republicans == Red. So how did the ballots end up reversing those typical color associations? Someone decided to do that, someone specified which colors to use on which ballot.

A snafu?
A sly experiment in cognitive disorientation?
An evil conspiracy to... amuse people like me?

I asked the election worker who gave me the ballot and he acknowledged that it was some sort of oversight. Oops. Oh well.

Oh - the guy before was asking for the "Libertarian" ballot and was very dismayed when he was told that there wasn't one – that no one was running. Not sure what was up with that.
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So, I have to admit to enjoying some of the "gentrification" of Davis Square.  Not Pinkberry (glad to see it leave), not the loss of the sewing shop (I liked the "old school" feel and bought thread there) but was happy about the possibility of a grocery store (which unfortunately is no more) and some new restaurants.  I often thought, "If only we could get rid of that stupid pawn shop!"  While the loss of Found was not tragic to me (I did not shop there), as I walked by this morning I noticed a sign on the door of Found.  It appears as if the small pawn shop now plans on moving into that bigger space?????  How is this even a possibility????  I almost threw a tantrum right then and there.  Instead, I am reserving my tantrum for right now: NOOOOOOO!!!!!
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Yesterday around 2:00pm, I walked by Chipotle and saw that it looked like all the alarms and sprinkers had been going off. The place was soaked -- the inside was leaking water into the street through the cracks of the doors and all. I had wanted a burrito, but I had to settle for Amsterdam instead.

Did anyone happened to see/hear what happened?
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I got a strange letter in the mail today from someone named "Young" (not sure if this is the first or last name - it was just "Young") wanting me to sell my house in Davis Square. It looked like it was meant to look hand written on legal paper, but actually seems to have been printed in 'handwritten style'. The return address is 1085 Comm. Ave #311 in Boston, but googling shows this as a "Florida foreign profit corporation". Has anyone received these? Is it fair to ask, WTF?

Edit: Stranger still, the phone number given is for a roofing company in Lynn.
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Anyone know more about this? It's hanging on the outside fence of Kenney Park, facing south to the adjoining parking lot on Grove Street. At the bottom right, the artist's name is Charley Saint Lewis.

(click to enlarge)
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Just saw the boarded up window at Pepe Boca this afternoon. Does anyone know what happened?
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From Saturday afternoon to Monday morning, there was a tent/pavilion over the Willow Ave. end of the 1st section of the bike path.

I saw no evidence of activity around it any time I walked by it, beyond the construction and deconstruction.

What was that all about?
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Anyone know anything about the one on Highland across from Cherry? Used to be a real estate office then some kind of early education thing. But now it's a hole in the ground.


Sep. 12th, 2015 09:00 pm
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Does anyone know what the occasion is tonight (Saturday the 12th) for the fireworks I've been hearing for the last half hour or so?
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I know it's a little out of Davis Sq., but I hope the group will bear with me.

I was looking for a coffeeshop near Broadway and Cutter and while looking on Google Maps, I happened to notice a listing for "Risque Cafe" at 76 Thurston St. I'd never heard of the place and was intrigued by the name and googled it and found.... very little.

All the results i turned up are simply auto-populated from some central database. I found no reviews, no marketing copy, nothing at all to indicate it's a real place. When I clicked on the street view, it seems to be a residential area with no businesses. If this place does exist (and the google maps is correct), then it's in a home with no signs that I can find on street view. Social media searches only turned up a place in Florida and another in Chicago.

I'm fascinated, of course, and inventing all sorts of fantastical scenarios in my head. I almost don't want to ask because in my head it's a semi-legal burlesque-themed speakeasy in someone's basement and you need a password to get in. But I am curious. Can anyone offer more solid information?
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A long line of people are waiting to get into the Burren right now. The line stretches all the way beyond Diesel Cafe. Some of the people in the line claim that U2 is supposedly about to perform there. They say they heard this rumor "on the radio" or "on the Internet" but were unable to give any specifics. Anyone know more?
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Is anyone else experiencing power outages right near Davis? (Im over near Day st) at this hour it's hard to tell if other homes are affected.


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