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Had lunch today at Amsterdam Falafel and noticed a sign on the door saying that they are closing March 30. I asked the manager why, and she said it was just about rising costs to run the business. So maybe we'll get another ramen joint? :-/
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Former Harvest Co-op shoppers: have y'all figured out your replacement stores yet?

I especially miss the bulk (spices and dr. bronners as well as the main bulk); some of the random local things: the Just Soap and the 21st Century Tofu from JP; big containers of active dry yeast; eco pack bags of Nature's Path cereal.

(I am in favor of places that are T-accessible from greater Davis, and especially in favor of places that aren't Whole Foods.)
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Is there anywhere in the Boston Area to get fair trade bananas now that Harvest Co-op is no more?

("Whole Trade" doesn't count.)
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Just noticed that the Julie's Nails salon next to McKinnon's is completely empty, with no note on the door. They must have closed very suddenly -- as I was looking in the window, someone walked by and said "I just had an appointment there last week!"
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Over the past few days I was surprised to walk by these three businesses and find them closed. Anyone know when they closed, and why?
  • The Shawarma Place, in Cutter Square (EDIT: moved to 215 Highland Ave)
  • Aguacate Verde, in Wilson Square
  • Union Mart and Subway, in Union Square
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A new sign in the window, at 377 Summer Street between Rosebud and Community Credit Union, invites people to sign up for email notifications at https://www.davissquaredonutsandbagels.com/ .

The shop was supposed to open last year, but never did.
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They were closed when I drove by over the weekend, then on President's Day, and again yesterday (Tuesday); I walked by this morning, and the coolers inside are all empty.
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The former iYO Cafe/Bistro at 234 Elm Street has a big new RESTAURANT AVAILABLE sign in the window. The QR code on the sign leads to a blank page, but I found the restaurant listed for sale on this page

Café / Restaurant Location 
Common Victualler License 
Busy High Traffic Location. Sales History of $14,400.00 per week. 
Approximately 2,510 SF. Rent $50 - $55 PSF. 60 Seats. 
Beautiful Buildout with Exposed Brick Walls. Great Opportunity.

with more detail available here if you login to the nerest.com website. I'll include that detail below the lj-cut.

At an informal meeting with a few local residents Wednesday evening, Ward 6 Alderman Lance Davis said that Taco Bell has expressed interest in this location for their new Taco Bell Cantina restaurant format, which includes alcoholic beverages. Only a few of these exist so far, in Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

Restaurant for sale detail )

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Family Dollar on Elm Street has a "LAST 6 DAYS" sign up. The store looks pretty looted inside, but you may still find some useful products at clearance-sale prices.

Once this closes, the nearest Family Dollar will be at 1030 Cambridge Street in Cambridge, corner of Columbia Street and Webster Avenue (near Union and Inman squares). I don't know how long that one will remain a Family Dollar, since it is one of the stores the chain is divesting to become part of the new Dollar Express chain.
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The Family Dollar on Elm Street has signs up advertising 10-40% off storewide excluding "food, paper, home cleaning, tobacco, and alcohol* products". The store also will no longer accept Family Dollar coupons, though it will continue to accept manufacturers' coupons.

If this is like other liquidation sales, I expect the discounts to increase as the stock dwindles.

A sign inside directs customers to visit the Family Dollar at 469 Salem Street in Medford after this store closes.

* This Family Dollar doesn't actually sell any alcoholic beverages. Maybe some other location does?
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Just got an email that Ideal Engine (between Day and Dover) will be closing for good as of Dec 11th. They been a family run business in the square for 55 years. Sorry to see them leaving.
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Hey guys, not quite Davis Square, but I figured folks would like to know if they haven't heard, the last gay bookstore in Boston is closing this Friday.  They're selling off their inventory, and from Tuesday til Friday the 28th, they're open from 12 to 6.

I'm planning to make an excursion to try and get as many of their old out-of-print gay comics that I can.  So many good businesses closing their doors... :(
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The owner cites "very serious health issues" in her Facebook announcement, which is worth reading in full.

(in this earlier post, she mentions both ALS and chronic Lyme disease.)
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Orange Leaf posted on Facebook that today will be their last day of operation because their lease is up. (And everything is 50% off today.) This was news to me! Am I the only one surprised? (Edit: seems like this must have been sudden, because as recently as Sept 8 they posted on Facebook that they were looking to hire two new people.)

With the recent closing of iYo, this leaves quite a froyo gap in the square all of a sudden!? Has froyo had its moment and now become uncool? :(
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iYO Bistro (formerly iYO Cafe) has closed.  I know not why.

A Japanese and sushi restaurant called O'Ginger has opened at 263 Elm, the former location of Pinkberry and (briefly) Yumi Hot Pot.

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It's been "Closed for Vacation" for weeks, with no indication of a reopening date. Anyone know more?
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Nimah Market, the Pakistani/Bangladeshi convenience store at Mass Ave and Rindge, just outside of Davis Square, unexpectedly closed. Not sure exactly when, but the space is completely cleared out. Surprising, as I was just there a week or so ago and nothing seemed any different.
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I just read some news about new businesses opening on Mass Ave close to Davis. There are no dates set yet.

In or near 2263 Mass Ave (where L'impasto was, which I hadn't even realized had closed, did something else close, too?), will be:

Urban Hearth http://www.urbanhearth.net/
Curio Spice Co. http://www.curiospice.com

And formerly-Verna's:
"Café Luna has applied to move its catering business to the site, where it would continue to do the cooking for off-site catering in the area and also provide on-site seating for people who want salads, coffee and so forth."
Cafe Luna is currently in Central Square. I've never been there.

Being unfamiliar with any of these businesses, I'm not sure how excited to be. Any thoughts? :)
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A sign on the door says

Somerville Express Center is closing August 25.

Our Boston Center is located at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue and is accessible via the MBTA.

To make an appointment, call 1.800.230.PLAN or visit PPLM.org

Here's a statement from Dr. Jennifer Childs-Roshak, the organization's president and CEO, dated June 30.

The office opened on February 22, 2006.


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