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Sullivan Square, Rt. 99, Santilli Circle, Wellington Circle..,

Among other things, this will probably affect people going to the plaza with the Costco, as it’s right across Rt. 16 from Santilli Circle where some of this construction is happening.

I actually went past the site a couple of weeks ago; it’s right behind the Everett McDonalds. Also right behind a venerable neighborhood sub shop.

For more info and to sign up for alerts:

(And weren’t they going to take his name off of the casino?)
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It appears that Somerville finally has their new system up for sending street sweeping/trash alerts by email, phone, text etc. I set mine up by going to finding my address under "My Schedule" and then choosing "Sign up for reminders". So far I have been getting emails with trash pickup, and the system knows things like to send a delayed message on weeks when there is a holiday. You also have control over what time the messages are sent. Supposedly this will also be sending reminders about street sweeping, though I can't vouch for that in February.

From the main Somerville page under "Residents" I see that there is a pull-down menu option for "Sign Up for Alerts", but as that's not the way I signed up for mine, I can't say whether you end up at the same place.
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Hey folks--

I heard about this program for electric vehicle discounts recently. I've always been intending to get an EV eventually, but the recent election made me worried that future administrations may not be so generous with the tax rebates on them. So I began looking harder.

There's a program that I heard about via MassEnergy, a non-profit, encouraging more transportation to be low emissions.

I was initially waiting for a Bolt, but I recently heard there's no way they are coming to MA this calendar year. And there are probably going to be waiting lists. So I got a different one. With the discounts, state + federal incentives, it ends up being just about $15,000 for a new vehicle that I got. And they had 0% financing. My experience was very similar to this story: And now I can charge my car with my solar panels. I'm never going to the gas station again.

State funding for rebates was about to run out a couple of days ago, but they added new funds:

There remains support in the state for increased adoption of these cars, I hope this will make it through:

I'm increasingly worried that reducing emissions won't be a priority for the country, but acting locally will still matter. If you have considered EVs, have a look at this MassEnergy program.

I am not affiliated with MassEnergy, and this isn't related to any city stuff I was doing in a volunteer capacity on the solar program. Just sharing something I heard about.
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Just got an email that Ideal Engine (between Day and Dover) will be closing for good as of Dec 11th. They been a family run business in the square for 55 years. Sorry to see them leaving.
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Can you recommend a good (local) car mechanic?  Diagnostic code suggests ignition system problem. Late 90's Toyota. Many thanks.
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Hello DSLJ,

The hubby and I have been using zipcar for 8 years now, with much success, but we're finding we fairly regularly also rent from enterprise for the weekends (usually when they do their $10/day sales during the winter). Adding their insurance coverage often more than doubles the cost of the rental. We rent under our credit card that offers some rental coverage, but have been wondering if we should explore getting something like non owner car insurance. I've read that it exists, but the brief search we have done has turned up no leads in MA. We called our homeowners insurance company (Amica) and they don't offer it. I can definitely call around to companies that insure in MA (and eventually will), but I'm wondering if anyone in Davis actually has it or had it, and can recommend a company that will offer it?

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Taken! Thank you, everyone.

I'm looking for a good home for my 2004 Ford Focus, preferably with someone who otherwise can't afford the initial investment in a car and needs to have one. I inherited a larger car in better shape (though older) from my father-in-law and so we currently have three cars and two drivers.

It would be a good fit for someone who can do their own repairs.

The car is a 2004 Ford Focus with 149K miles, automatic transmission, power package, antilock brakes. I'm the second owner and I've had it since early 2007. It was surprisingly excellent in last winter's snow and in the snowstorms we had this winter.

In good condition, the car is worth less than $2000.

Condition issues: When I got it detailed in hopeful preparation for handoff, I also got an estimate of immediate repairs needed. It needs all new mounts (engine, transmission) and they estimated parts and labor at more than $500. It probably also needs new windshield wipers. It has some rust and dents, as you'd expect. I've been living with not being able to control the back windows from the front seat for a while. There are some wiper motor issues - it does intermittent and steady well, but has to be turned off in the down position or it stays up. Someone who likes to tinker could fix both of those.

Contact me if you'd like to test drive it... we live in Medford but it's trivial to bring the car to Somerville.
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Has anyone heard anything about the property being sold where Dick's Auto Body is, on Elmwood St just next to the bike path? I heard a rumor about this, and was wondering if anyone else could confirm it.
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I've gotten a car (yay!), and would like to get my windows tinted. Any good local recommendations?
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this e-mail (and presumably robo-call) went to some people, but not to me. Someone re-sent it to the STEP (pro-Green Line lobby) e-mail list, so I'm posting it here too.

I don't know if pedestrian and bicycle access through and across this area will be maintained during the closure. I've asked some folks, and if I get an answer I'll edit it into this post.

Hello, this is Jackie Rossetti from the City of Somerville with
important information regarding road closures in your neighborhood.

In order to construct a raised crosswalk on Cedar St. at the
intersection with the newly expanded Community Path, the section of
Cedar St. at the Community Path will be closed to all traffic from
Mon., June 15, through approximately Fri., June 19. Work will be
conducted between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.; however, this
section of Cedar St. will remain closed at all times during this time
period to allow the structure to properly set. Please follow posted
detour signs.

The newest section of the Community Path between Cedar St. and Lowell
St. is expected to open in July.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call 311 (617-666-3311).
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I drove past ABJ the other day and it looked like a thriving car repair shop to me!  I didn't have a chance to stop by or call to see if it has reopened with new management or old, but it's good to see that corner of Somerville active.  Does anyone know if it is really opened?

Car Wash?

May. 4th, 2015 09:32 am
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My partner's car was finally returned from his mechanic after almost two years off the road. It's filthy, and he's trying to find a car wash that actually scrubs with rags rather than just spraying the car with jets of water.

Can anyone recommend a scrubbing car wash in the area?
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I saw a post on Somerville Moms that ABJ will be re-opening!

Official re-open date has not been announced yet.
Updates will be posted on their FB page:
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With ABJ out of business, we find ourselves in need of a good mechanic who knows Subarus. Who's got one?
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Correction: the fee is 3.20% of the car's value excise tax with a $3. minimum.

Guess I've never paid my Somerville excise tax on-line.
Went through the steps to do that just now and discovered right near the end (through an alert - thank you!) that the fee is $3 3.20% of the car's value excise tax, with a $3 minimum. That seems kind of high – has it been that for a while? The city does it through an enity name Kelly & Ryan Associates

I pay all my monthlies on-line and only RCN charges a fee – that's a $1 and I'm lazy but $3 seemed a bit much, so it was back to my "forever" stamps. .  .
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Someone on Reddit is reporting that they have not answered the phone in two days, and that "ABJ is out of business. They are still hoping that a customer might buy the business, but right now the place is being cleaned out."

If anyone knows more, please post a comment. Although I've never been their customer, I get the impression that this was one of Somerville's most loved local businesses.
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Does anyone know of a short-term heated parking garage in the Davis-ish area? I've searched online and can't seem to find much information. I don't mind paying.

My last "full service, fill all fluids" oil change seems to have resulted in non-winter windshield washer fluid being put into my car (in early December, which is a bit silly). It's seemingly frozen solid, or at least the hose is frozen, so I hope that thawing it out will help so I can empty the tank and refill it with the proper winter solution. (Warming up my car and driving for over an hour didn't help!)

All I can think of is the Alewife garage, which is above ground and open-air, and the Cambridgeside Galleria, which has no information listed online about whether it is heated or not. I don't use parking garages near home often enough to know of other possibilities...
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Hey kids,
Those warning lights are illuminating my dashboard so I guess it's time to get my 4Runner checked out. Does anyone have any recent experience with the folks at Ideal Engine auto repair? I checked out Yelp but there hadn't been a review since 2011. They are right on my street so the convenience factor is high for using them. Thanks for the feedback!
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Al's daughter, who took over the business when Wendell had management issues, is knowledgeable, is kind, and recognizes which member of the household is less ignorant in the ways of cars. She is also pretty good at talking down panicky car owners who think their spouses ruined the car part that is needing repair, and willing to look for less-expensive-but-still-trustworthy parts for elderly vehicles.

Still four out of five stars, but I never give five stars :)


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