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The Davis Square area will be subject to some bridge closures and traffic re-routings as a result of the construction of the Green Line Extension.

More info.
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Union Square Station Associates (US2) is holding a design review & community outreach meeting this Thursday, April 19 at 220 Washington Street (the police station) from 6-8 PM.

The announcement from the developer says that US2 will "show preliminary schematic plans and is seeking community input as a first step in the Design and Site Plan Review process for the D2 buildings and civic space. Representatives from the design team working on this parcel will be sharing their work-to-date."

D2 is the parcel between the train tracks and Somerville Ave, on the McGrath side of Prospect Street-- the one that's mostly already cleared. 
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This Saturday, April 14, is the last indoor Somerville Winter Farmers' Market at the Armory for this season.

The outdoor Union Square Farmers' Market starts on Saturday, May 12.

The outdoor Davis Square Farmers' Market starts on Wednesday, May 16.
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I got an email yesterday from the Somerville Community Alert System:

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2018 22:00:28 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: GLX Construction: Community Update

This is a message from the Somerville, MA Community Alert System.

Dear Somerville Community Member,

You are receiving this email to provide you with important information
as construction for the Green Line Extension project (GLX) gets
underway this spring at each of the six station areas. While we will
continue to automatically update you on any direct construction impacts
to your neighborhood such as detours, we encourage you to take
advantage of additional ways to stay informed throughout the project,
including via City updates, MBTA updates, and through your station area
community representative listed below.


Read more (cut for length). )
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 Monday at  6 PM at the Argenziano school on Washington Street-- meet with developers and city officials to see what the current plans look like. 

The plan has several updates in response to neighborhood feedback, including relocating a park further from the busiest roads, and adjusting the massing of some buildings to make them fit into the surrounding buildings. 

This is bound to be controversial so this is a really good opportunity to have input on the ways in which the community is going to be redeveloped.
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Friday 9/8: Boston Bike Party, Cambridge/Somerville edition. Meet at Alewife station at 7 pm, start rolling at 7:30, eventually ends up at Assembly Row.

Saturday 9/9: Walking tour and celebration of the Somerville Community Preservation Act, starting in East Somerville at 12:30 pm, continuing through Union Square, ending at the Prospect Hill Tower at 2:30 pm.

Saturday 9/9 (with some activities on Friday and Sunday): Assembly Row Riverfest, including fireworks over the Mystic River Saturday night.

Friday-Sunday, 9/8-10: Greek Food and Music Festival at Dormition Church, 29 Central Street.

Friday-Sunday, 9/8-10: Italian Festival of the Healing Saints Cosmas and Damian, on Warren Street at the Cambridge-Somerville line, near Twin City Plaza.

Sunday 9/10: Rock & Roll Yard Sale in Union Square.

Sunday 9/10: Cambridge Caribbean Carnival, parade followed by festival in Kendall Square.

Sunday 9/10: Somerville Dog Festival at Trum Field.
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Somerville has at least three outdoor movie series this summer.

SomerMovie Beast, Thursday nights:

  • July 6: Sing, at Seven Hills Park (Davis Square, behind Holland Street Red Line entrance)
  • July 13: Best in Show, at Seven Hills Park - Rained out
  • July 20: Jaws, at Baxter Riverfront Park (Assembly Row)
  • July 27: Bedtime for Bonzo, at Powder House Park
  • August 3: Finding Dory, at East Somerville Community School field
  • August 10: Jurassic World, at Nunziato Field (Summer St and Vinal Ave.)
  • August 17: The Secret Lives of Pets, at Mystic Housing Project
  • August 24: Viewer's Choice (one of 101 Dalmatians [1996], Babe, or Marley & Me), at Seven Hills Park

Cinema Somerville, also Thursday nights. All movies at the Somerville Community Growing Center, 22 Vinal Ave.

  • July 6: Sherlock Holmes, Dressed to Kill (1946)
  • July 13: Little Shop of Horrors (1960) - Rained out, rescheduled for August 31
  • July 20: The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954) - replaced with Charlie Chaplin film festival
  • July 27: The Ghost Train (1941)
  • August: to be announced later

Sylvester Baxter Riverfront Park Summer Movie Series at Assembly Row, Saturday nights:

  • July 8: Secret Life of Pets
  • July 15: Sing
  • July 22: Jungle Book (Live)
  • July 29: Finding Dory
  • August 5: Moana
  • August 12: Lego Batman
  • August 19: Dr Strange
  • August 26: Star Wars Rogue 1
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 A couple of pieces are out about this switch-out in Winter Hill. The first piece I saw was this one:

The next piece was a bit more detailed on the new space in Union--it won't have a retail piece. But---stay tuned. The new produce shop will carry the bread still.

Produce-focused piece:

This one has some other tidbits:

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Thought I'd give a shout out to Nu Cafe, which opened recently on Washington Street in Union Square, since it seems like something that would appeal to this community, but is not really in a location that you'd walk by going to the usual Union Square haunts. The menu is extensive and very vegan/vegetarian friendly. It should be noted that this location doesn't have espresso drinks (which are listed on the website menu and I assume are available in Worcester) but does have alcohol. The space is huge and they have wifi. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just happily eating my Thai Curry Bowl and iced coffee and thinking that other people should be here too.

195 Washington Street, Somerville MA 02143 (pretty close to the Somerville Target store)
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Tomorrow is the last day for the Union Square Farmers' Market, 9 am to 1 pm.

Next Wednesday, November 23, is the last day for the Davis Square Farmers' Market, which starts at noon. I think they're still trying to stay open until 6 pm even in the dark, but you should probably get there early if you want to shop there.

The Somerville Winter Farmers' Market at the Armory starts Saturday, December 3, from 9:30 am to 2 pm. It will be open every Saturday through March 25, except that it will not be open on December 24.

The Cambridge Winter Farmers' Market at the Cambridge Community Center, 5 Callender Street, will start on Saturday, December 10, from 10 am to 2 pm. It will be open every Saturday through April 15, except that it will not be open on either December 24 or December 31. (This is a change from the schedule of previous years' Cambridge winter markets.)
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According to email I just received from Kristen Stelljes <>, the Prospect Hill Tower opening event is postponed to tomorrow at 5:30 pm, due to forecast of thunderstorms tonight.
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EDIT 9/19 10:30 am: This event will be postponed to Tuesday, September 20 at 5:30 pm, because of forecasted thunderstorms tonight.

an e-mail I got from the city:

Come celebrate the completion of the first Somerville CPA project- Prospect Hill Tower!

Join Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, Ward 3 Alderman Robert J. McWatters, the Community Preservation Committee and CPA project implementers to celebrate the opening of Prospect Hill Tower on Monday, September 19 at 6:00 pm Tuesday, September 20 at 5:30pm. Learn about the lesser known history of Prospect Hill and get a chance to see the view from the top!

Light refreshments will be served.

The City will be providing virtual, real-time tours on smart devices during the event for those who cannot climb the stairs. Use a device the City will provide during the event, bring your own, or call in from home. Individuals who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should contact Betsy Allen, the City's ADA Coordinator at 617-625-6600 x2323 or . (This event was originally scheduled for May 23, but was postponed because of a forecast of rain and thunderstorms. The postponement also gave the city time to arrange the "virtual, real-time tours" mentioned in the announcement above.)

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I got email from Kristen Stelljes <> saying that the Prospect Hill Tower opening ceremony, originally scheduled for tomorrow evening, is postponed due to a forecast of rain and scattered thunderstorms. They haven't yet announced a new date.
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EDIT 5/23: This event has been postponed due to a forecast of rain on Tuesday. The city has not yet announced a rescheduled date.

according to an alert on the city's web site.
Join Somerville Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone, Ward 3 Alderman Robert McWatters, the Community Preservation Committee and Community Preservation Act (CPA) project implementers on Tuesday, May 24, from 5:30 to 7 p.m. for a celebration to mark the reopening of Prospect Hill Tower. The stabilization of Prospect Hill Tower is the first project to be completed with Somerville CPA funds. Attendees will gather at 5:30 p.m. at the Prospect Hill Tower for a short speaking program followed by the opportunity to climb Prospect Hill Tower on a guided tour led by local historian Larry Willwerth, who will share the lesser known history of Prospect Hill. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about other ongoing Community Preservation Act projects from project implementers who will share information about their projects at tables around the Tower. Light refreshments will be served.
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The Union Square Farmers' Market opens this Saturday, May 14, 9 am to 1 pm.

The Davis Square Farmers' Market starts next Wednesday, May 18, noon to 6 pm.

Both markets will run weekly through Thanksgiving.

Assembly Row will not have a farmers' market this year, according to e-mails I received from both the market management company and Assembly Row.
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FYI Dosa n Curry, the excellent vegetarian Indian restaurant on Somerville Ave has finally reopened, I guess a couple weeks ago, I just noticed it this weekend and it is just as great as before.
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Tomorrow is the last day for the Union Square Farmers' Market, 9 am to 1 pm.

Next Wednesday, November 25, is the last day for the Davis Square Farmers' Market, which starts at noon. I'm not sure whether it will end at 5 or 6 pm.

The Somerville Winter Farmers' Market at the Armory starts Saturday, December 5, from 9:30 am to 2 pm. It will be open every Saturday through the end of March, except that it will not be open on December 26.

(The Cambridge Winter Farmers' Market starts on Saturday, January 9 and runs until the end of April.)
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Shobu Aikido in Union Square is hosting a free week long Open Dojo event as part of Artweek Boston. It kicks off this coming Friday, September 25 with a demonstration and discussion at 7pm.

This will be followed by a week of free classes that members of the community (ages 15 and up) are invited to attend. No uniform is required, but we recommend workout clothing with short sleeves and pants that cover the knees.

The dojo is located at 34 Allen Street, Somerville. There is free parking both in front of the dojo and across the street, a safe place for bikes, and the dojo is also accessible by public transportation. Nearby bus routes include the 86, 87, 91, and CT2.

Class schedule is available on the website, but is as follows:

Saturday 10:00-11:30am
Sunday 9:30-10:30am sword class, 10:30am-12:30 regular class
Monday-Thursday, 6:30-8:00pm

Aikido is a martial art without competition. The harmonious and natural structure of aikido allows full contact and full speed training with very little risk of injury. The art of aikido unifies offense and defense and teaches the art of remaining neutral and balanced between the two. Based on the battlefield martial arts of Japan, aikido utilizes all methods of barehanded training as well as short staff and sword.

For more information, feel free to comment here, or email us at
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The ninth Project MUM outdoor dance party will take place Saturday night, September 19, from 8 pm to midnight.

MUM used to stand for Music Under McGrath or Meet Under McGrath, but the event will now take place on the former Waste Management site at the corner of Poplar and Linwood streets, next to McGrath. (Even without the current McGrath construction, Project MUM has gotten much too large to ever fit under the highway again.)

At various times, MUM has been a project of the Nave Gallery or of SCUL, but now it's loosely under the auspices of Firefly Arts Collective.

Somerville Arts Council's Project MUM page

Project MUM's own website
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September 26th is the 10th annual “What the Fluff? A Tribute to Union Square Invention”, a festival celebrating the creation of Fluff in Somerville almost 100 years ago. The 2015 theme will be “Fluff X” – like the Super Bowl, Fluff is now rocking a Roman numeral!

The festival absolutely could not happen without our amazing volunteer crew. If you're looking for a unique Somerville Saturday, volunteers are needed for two-hour shifts in a wide variety of tasks. From the prize booth to kiddie games to the cooking contest, there are jobs to fit every personality. There are opportunities for you and friends to work together, and for mature children to work with their parents. We may be looking for a few expert volunteers to step into "fluff captain" roles so if you covet the straw hat, please let me know.

The Festival is at Union Square Somerville on September 26th (raindate September 27th) from 3 to 7 PM, with volunteers needed in two-hour shifts from 12:30 until 8:00 PM. If you can join us, please let me (Karin) know at volunteer AT unionsquaremain DOT com.

May the fluff be with you!


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