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The Kennedy School Drama Club presents Giants in the Sky, a new musical for elementary students, on Friday, June 8th and Saturday, June 9th at 7pm in the cafetorium of Somerville’s John F. Kennedy School at 5 Cherry Street, Somerville, MA 02144. Suggested donation $10 per person, or $20 per family.

The 2017 Winner of the Children’s Musical Theatre Festival, NYC explores the world of Giants who live above the clouds. Since leaving Earth long ago, they’ve devoted their lives to keep the sky beautiful. They polish the stars, poke the clouds to let it rain, and paint the sunsets. When one curious Giant wonders what it’s like down below, she must steal the key to the “beanstalk” and embark on an adventure to Earth.

The cast of Giants in the Sky includes more than sixty Kennedy School students from kindergarten through Grade 8. The community is invited to join parents and friends of the cast and crew for a fun and joyful night of theatre at the Kennedy School.


Friday, June 8th and Saturday, June 9th at 7pm

John F. Kennedy School, 5 Cherry Street, Somerville, MA 02144

Suggested Donation: $10/person or $20/family

For more information, visit
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Come to an interactive and fun way to meet other families and try to answer this important question: How can our city (its housing, open space, transportation systems, and community organizations) help Somerville children and families achieve health and happiness?

When: Sunday, March 5, 2pm-5pm
Where: Arts at the Armory, 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA 02143

Adults, teens, tweens, toddlers, and in between will have ways to express their thoughts. We will have interactive ways for attendees to learn about the challenges different residents face in Somerville, as well as to gain ideas on help to the environment.

Come, meet a friend, and share a thought about our city's future. There will be pizza for kids and drinks for adults.

About Stephanie Hirsch

Stephanie wants to make sure government runs well and meets everyone’s needs. She will work to preserve and create livable and inclusive neighborhoods and to reduce financial burdens on our households. Local government is a great place to test solutions to our country’s biggest challenges – and Stephanie wants to take on them all.

Stephanie will also work to build a strong community, across our different backgrounds. When we share stories and friendship, we can tackle the hardest responsibilities together.

Since 2004, Stephanie has helped the Mayor and Superintendent improve our city by starting programs like ResiStat and 311. These efforts have made our city more efficient and responsive. She has also volunteered in the schools and community and advocated for residents’ needs. She lives with her family and neighbors in Union Square.

Learn more about Stephanie Hirsch's campaign for Alderman at Large at:

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Heya Davis Square Livejournal!

Wanted to extend an invitation to an event happening next week in your neighborhood:

Come celebrate on Monday October 3 from 6-8PM in Seven Hills Park with sprout, Powderhouse Studios, and XQ!

As you may have heard, we just received a big award from the XQ Institute to help make Powderhouse Studios — formerly the Somerville STEAM Academy — happen! We've got a lot of work ahead, but we're going to take some time to celebrate with:

+ XQ's mobile bus exhibition about the future of learning
+ participatory music from School of HONK
+ creative projects with Parts and Crafts
+ and delicious food and drink from Redbones.

All are welcome at this free, public event! More details here.

Let me know if you have any questions,
and hope you can join us for the fun!
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Like most new parents in MA, I've got serious sticker shock over the cost of daycare, especially at larger facilities (as opposed to home daycare). I'd really like to send my future baby to daycare in the neighborhood, just to avoid having to take an infant onto the T.

Bright Horizons and Kindercare are seriously expensive. Looking at the State directory of daycares, I see that some of the in-home ones are easily half the cost.

My question is: Have any of you used in-home daycare in or around Davis Sq? If so, where did you send your child, and would you recommend the place to others?

I would appreciate any additional thoughts or tips that you might have. Thanks, everyone!
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(posting for a favorite client of mine)
Hey Everyone!!

East Somerville’s Carnaval has been rescheduled to Saturday June 11 and needs new volunteers!
Come volunteer a little bit of your time to be immersed in an amazing world of cut open fresh coconuts, circus, mariachis, bouncy house jumping, pupusas, stilting and juggling, skateboarding and jumping around, injera bread, drumming and tons and a masquerade contest!
Here is the platform they use to sign up as a volunteer: It's super easy and super self explanatory!!! Please take a look and add some last-minute fun to your Saturday!
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I scanned the recent posts but couldn't find any good information on banking for kids. We're looking for accounts for our pre-teens where we can deposit their monthly pocket money (automatic deposit keeps us from forgetting!), they can deposit babysitting and birthday money, and they can access their money (and information about it) easily and cheaply. The following features (roughly in order of importance) would be nice:

* ATM card (with debit card/point of purchase features if possible)
* Low/no minimum balance and no fees
* Easy transfers among accounts and with our accounts at distant banks to deposit pocket money
* Ability to withdraw from many (all) ATMs fee-free (with fee rebate if possible)
* Local branches a bonus, especially if they'll take loose coins from kids without a fee.

USAA seems to have a great program but we're not military so not eligible. Do any of the (many, many) banks and credit unions around have anything suitable? Are there national banks which have good things in this line (ours doesn't)? Googling is not easy since many of the programs are targeted at older teens or have ATM cards which charge fees for withdrawal at local ATMs.

Thanks so much!
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Hi neighbors! I volunteer with a local no kill cat rescue, Black Cat Rescue, and we are having a Benefit Night at Flatbread Co. in Davis Sq next Tuesday, March 29th. Proceeds from each pizza sold all night, eat in or takeout (or delivery on Foodler and Grubhub), will be donated to Black Cat Rescue.

5pm to close
Flatbread Co., 45 Day St, Somerville

All you have to do is order pizza!

We will also be selling raffle tickets with lots of prizes including gift cards to JP Licks, Somerville Theatre, Diesel Cafe, Ball Sq Fine Wines, Float Boston, and more. Learn more about fostering, adopting, and helping homeless cats. It'd be great if you can make it, and bring all your pizza-eating friends! (Remember, takeout and delivery count too!)

Here is the Facebook Event Page with more information:

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Somerville Birdhouse Project 2016 is here!

Friends! We're on for 2016. We have a bold goal to build and install 100 new birdhouses on the community bike path near Davis Square! Now we just need your help!

Build your birdhouses now while it's cold. It's the perfect winter project. Birdhouses will be installed on April 16th on the bike path going from Davis east, parallel to highland ave. We'll meet at 10am.

To register or for more info visit:

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For the past 2 years or more there has been an ongoing planning process about how to renovate Lincoln Park. This mixed-use area will have school playground space, green space, a softball field and an athletic field sized for U12 soccer. The controversy centers on the athletic field - turf or natural grass?

Recently the city announced that they would go with natural grass. This is a reversal of course for the city, and seems primarily based on neighborhood opposition to turf and desire for natural grass green space (the latest turf plan would be synthetic turf using organic in-fill, not the used tire turf that some folks have health concerns about).

My view is that the park has a lot of greenspace already, but Somerville lacks sufficient recreation space. This would be a lit field in a heavily populated area that could get tons of use and even provide some permitting income back to the city. Instead, only youth soccer will be allowed to use it, and then only sparingly, to protect the grass. Somerville does not have a good track record protecting natural grass fields (anyone check out Conway or even Hodgkins lately?), and I fear before long Lincoln park will be back to its current dustbowl status.

My kids will be too old to take advantage of the U12 fields either way, but I hate to see the city making this kind of mistake. Recreational space is at a premium and should be open to all in the city. If you agree, you can help by signing this online petition or reaching out to your alderman or the mayor's office. Thanks!
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Hi everyone! I've been a member of this LJ community for 8 years (wow! had to check that), and I just finished my training as a Bradley Method instructor. I'm so happy to finally be teaching this amazing class (it changed my life and helped bring my two amazing babies into the world). I'll be teaching out of my home in North Cambridge, right off the bike path (about 10 minutes walk from the Davis T). Classes start in October. If you, or anyone you know, are due in January or later (not just for first-time moms), I would love to chat.

Classes: Mondays, 7:00-9:00 pm
Start Date: October 19th
End Date: January 4th
Location: North Cambridge

The Bradley Method is taught over the course of 12 weeks and focuses on becoming prepared intellectually, mentally, and physically for labor, birth, and beyond. Bradley classes are a great choice if you are interested in a medication and intervention-free birth either at home or in the hospital. Classes include ways of avoiding unnecessary pain in labor, labor positions, exercises, massage techniques, relaxation, informed choices and positive communication with your health care providers, and labor rehearsals. I will also focus on breastfeeding, bonding, and what happens after that most-important-day! Also, one of the main components of the Bradley Method is fully involving the partner or husband, who will learn to be a great coach for you in labor.

If you know anyone who is expecting, please let them know! Class days and start date may be flexible in certain circumstances. I will also be offering a discount of 20% off the usual $350 tuition, since this is my first series. For more info please my website at

Outing my profile, but it's worth it! :)
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I'm seeking volunteers (especially facepainters) for the most adorable event in Boston! It’s called Duckling Day and is put on by the nonprofit Friends of the Public Garden. We need a huge volunteer presence and we're right on Boston Common so it’s an easy MBTA red line trip!

Here's the 411 - please contact me (Karin) at if you're interested.

Duckling Day, an event from the nonprofit Friends of the Public Garden
Sunday, May 10th (Mother's Day!)
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM
Boston Common, Boston

This is a celebration of the classic children’s book “Make Way for Ducklings” and many of the kids are dressed as ducklings which is the cutest thing ever. There is about 90 minutes of fun activities for the under-6 crowd (magician, juggler, puppet shows, facepainting, outdoor play equipment) and massages for the moms – and then the Mayor speaks and the kids and families form an amazingly adorable parade that ends at the Public Garden.

Volunteers needed: anytime between 7:30 AM until 1:30 PM - there is an early shift and a late shift
Tasks: pretty basic – helping with set-up, registration and check-in (which is a big job requiring lots of personnel!), and helping the different activity people keep the activity areas running smoothly. I do also need people interested in facepainting. You don't have to be a pro, just reasonably interested/able to work with kids in this fun way!
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Join the party!

The Somerville Mobile Farmer’s Market will be hosting Mobile Market Parties all throughout Food Day Weekend for #SomervilleFoodDay14! On Thursday, October 23rd, join us at 268 Powderhouse Boulevard from 4 to 7pm. On Saturday, October 25th, join us at 530 Mystic Avenue from 1 to 4pm. Each of these parties will include:

-The Mobile Market so you can purchase fresh, organic produce at the lowest prices around
-Live music featuring your favorite local bands
-Children’s activities from face painting to the Somerville Arts Council's MUSCRAT art bus (only at the Mystic)
-A food mapping activity so we can collectively map food resources in our city
-An urban growing activity to get your hands dirty harvesting vegetables as well as learning how to grow and compost at home
-A recipe swap
-And a raffle to give away awesome prizes, such as Taza Chocolate and tours, stays at the Holiday Inn, Whole Foods gift cards, YUM restaurant discount cards, and more!

Also on Thursday evening for you Winter Hill folks, attend Come To The Table at the Winter Hill Community Innovation School! Hosted by the Somerville Food Security Coalition, the Somerville Family Learning Collaborative, and Somerville Public Schools' Food and Nutrition Services, this event from 5 to 7pm promises to be a great time. See more information at

Don’t miss out on this #SomervilleFoodDay14 party to celebrate our city and our food. Check out for more information on the national event, and don't forget to check out all of the partners who are making this happen: Green City Growers, Groundwork Somerville, Somerville Homeless Coalition, Holiday Inn Boston-Bunker Hill, Cambridge Health Alliance, Massachusetts Urban Farming Network, The Welcome Project, Whole Foods Market Somerville, Somerville Arts Council, and so many more!

Email any questions or comments to
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Hello from, Lori’s Lollipop Kids Family Child Care your quality licensed, insured childcare and preschool, located in Somerville. I am currently enrolling infants and toddlers. Here at Lori’s Lollipop Kids, I provide quality daycare at an affordable rate. I am located in a quiet safe neighborhood with easy access to parks and the library. Time spent out of doors is very important so we try to go out in the morning and afternoon every day, weather permitting. We spend three days a week working on our curriculum giving plenty of time for other activities. Each child is given the opportunity to participate at a willing age. Your child will work with a wide variety of materials from books and toys to art supplies and computers. I feel it is important to encourage children without pushing them beyond their natural limits. I have worked with children for more than fourteen years. Yearly, I am First Aid and CPR certified. I differ from other childcare settings in that I provide more of a home environment while providing structure. My hours are 8am-5:30pm but I am willing to work with your family’s needs. I have references from many satisfied families I have worked with in the past. My home is newly renovated so you can be sure it is de-leaded with everything in working order. I have a large backyard that has lots of sun as well as shade. Call 617-921-3968 for more details and to set up an interview!
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Any word on the Korean Restaurant that was going to go in the ExDonalds? There seems to be nothing happening there.

And speaking of nothing happening, how come the city ripped out Kenney Park and then stopped working? The park's been out of commission for months of just sitting there a mess. Shame on them for doing the demo when they weren't ready to do the reconstruction; it's a waste of good space.

Anyone have the scoop on either of these?
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Center Stage Somerville presents

The Pushcart War
Book by Jean Merrill
Adapted by Jenny Vernick

Friday, August 15th, 6:00 PM
The Center For Arts at the Armory
191 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA 02143
$2 suggested donation

A war is being fought on the streets of New York City!

The pushcart peddlers, led by Maxine Hammerman, believe that they deserve to sell their wares on the street. But the big trucks are taking over the streets, crowding New York City in one big traffic jam. Come see the ferocious General Anna, the quiet Dorris the Florist, and the crackpot Frank the Flower as they rebel against the trucks using nothing but peashooters and bravery as the Mayor tries desperately to keep the streets of his city--as well as his precious peanut butter--safe. This ridiculously silly show is sure to be a hit for all ages!
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This year, Somerville's annual pre-Independence Day fireworks will take place on Thursday, July 3. As always, the fireworks will launch around 9:15 pm from Trum Field, on Broadway between Ball and Magoun squares.

A street party on Broadway will precede the fireworks, with entertainment starting at 6 pm from the Somerville Sunsetters, Booty Vortex, the USO Metropolitan New York Performers, and the U.S. Navy Band Northeast Pops Ensemble.

See the official city press release for full information on street closures and parking restrictions.

The city will also hold a "Family Fun Day" at Trum Field on Saturday, June 28 from noon to 5 pm, with a community BBQ, children's activities, face painting, pony rides, and other kids' entertainments.
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Just a post to announce an event I'm working on that will be of interest to the family types here. It's called Duckling Day and it's the most adorable Mother’s Day tradition around. Every year, over 1,000 children and their families parade through Boston Common and the Public Garden, dressed like characters from the children’s classic Make Way for Ducklings.

For 2014 we’ve added some great new activities for the kids (playtime with the Somerville-based Knucklebones crew, make-your-own Mother's Day cards, etc), and free mini-massages for moms – in honor of Mother’s Day. I have an almost-three year old myself and am really excited for him to enjoy the event!

It's a fundraiser for the non-profit Friends of the Public Garden, and you can find more details at

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

Ducky regards,
Karin T
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Still looking for something crafty for your children during spring vacation? Not free for the whole week? Come join MAKECATION at the Somerville Arts for the Armory.
In response to your requests, we have opened up MAKECATION for the individual days of your choice. We also invite younger children ages 7+ to take part.
We are booking individual days at $65 per day with a $10 materials fee (total $20 materials fee if they attend more than 2 days.) The full four days, Monday - Thursday, is $250 with a $20 materials fee. Please make requests for siblings if younger than 7 and for sibling discounts.

monday - dying yarn with kool aid and stamping on fabric and felt
tuesday - make your own sewing kit,sew your own needle case
wednesday - learn to crochet with the dyed wool
thursday - continue crochet and hand sewing, finish up project

Makecation April Vacation Camp, Monday- Thursday 9am - 1pm
Tuition: $250 for week, $65 per day

*$20 kit fee for materials will be due to the instructors on first class*
*A bag lunch can be purchased daily from the Armory Cafe for $5*
*Organic snacks will be provided*

CONTACT: or 347.866.1123
Click link for forms and info:
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Hi! I wanted to let those of you with school-age children know about a really cool crafting camp my friends Amy and Aimee are putting on at the Armory during spring break (Monday April 21st through Thursday April 24th). Details are here. Projects include Kool-Aid dyeing, fabric printing, sewing and crochet. I told them if I had a kid I'd totally sign her (or him!) up for this!

all the best,
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Shadow puppets at Parts and Crafts! Saturday January 25, 1-3 pm. Katya Popova brings a new twist into shadow puppetry, pairing up with the Spooky Dangerfield Long Long Revival Band for part workshop, part performance, part shadow puppet extravaganza in the basement of Parts and Crafts. Come by to check it out! Open to kids, grown-ups, and curious people. $10-25 suggested, all are welcome. REGISTER HERE

Kids band has rehearsals every Sunday from 3-5 -- if you're under the age of 13 and like Honk, this might be the place for you! we play simple, danceable tunes that are easy to learn -- all are welcome, no experience necessary.

577 Somerville Ave
Open to kids age 7-13


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