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Had lunch today at Amsterdam Falafel and noticed a sign on the door saying that they are closing March 30. I asked the manager why, and she said it was just about rising costs to run the business. So maybe we'll get another ramen joint? :-/
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I was at Blue Shirt tonight and one of the employees told me that it's closing in a couple of weeks :( Can't imagine Davis without Blue Shirt...
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The Davis Square Domino's has re-opened in its remodeled store that now fills the entirety of 201 Elm Street.

Enjoy. Or not.


Mar. 3rd, 2018 05:40 pm
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I noticed that a crew was doing demolition work inside the former Falafel Shop location next to Domino's last week, and soon after that, took apart the Domino's itself (including its sign). A peek inside shows that the entire interior has been gutted, and the permit sign in the window says that they're refurbishing the entire interior and exterior to conform with the "new Domino's look". So I guess our mini-Domino's is becoming a very large Domino's.
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My partner and I were walking down College Avenue today and noticed that Kor Tor Mor, which promises "Bangkok Street Food," had opened, so we went inside, looked at the menu, and ordered lunch.

We got scallion pancakes; larb kai, a salad with spicy minced chicken; and khao na ped, roast duck with "Thai style sauce" over rice, and a side of greens. All three were good.

The scallion pancake is a bit different than what I was expecting from many years of scallion pancakes in Chinese restaurants: flaky rather than chewy, and with a sweet ginger dipping sauce instead of soy sauce with bits of ginger and/or scallion.

My partner liked the larb kai, which was labeled as moderately spicy, and said it was as spicy as he would want. (Everything is labeled with zero, one, or two hot peppers.) The proprietor asked if it had been too spicy, even though he finished it, because she noticed he'd been drinking a fair amount of water.

The khao na ped was also very good, once I got past a brief disappointment that it wasn't the crisp-skinned roast duck that a Cantonese restaurant would probably use in an "over rice" duck dish. But between that and the scallion pancakes, it definitely felt homey, street food/inexpensive restaurant food. Also, if that's the everyday duck, I definitely want to try the dish they call "Superior Duck."

There's seating for at most twelve people; they're clearly expecting to do mostly take-out and delivery. We had no trouble getting seats today, but the server/cashier told me they had just opened yesterday.
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There's still no sign announcing it on the building, but Davis Square Donuts and Bagels' website says they will open this Thursday, August 3, at 5:30 am. They are located at 377 Summer Street, the ugly new building next to Rosebud.

The shop will be selling Peet's Coffee.
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I saw people working inside Davis Square Donuts & Bagels (next to Community Credit Union) this afternoon, so I asked one of them about a projected opening date. She told me it should be in "about two weeks."
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Over the past few days I was surprised to walk by these three businesses and find them closed. Anyone know when they closed, and why?
  • The Shawarma Place, in Cutter Square (EDIT: moved to 215 Highland Ave)
  • Aguacate Verde, in Wilson Square
  • Union Mart and Subway, in Union Square
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NOCA Provisions is a brand-new cafe on Rindge Avenue, at the intersection with Cedar, Rice, and Middlesex streets. It's run by the folks from Season to Taste Catering. Check it out for a change of pace from your usual Davis Square routine.

Season to Taste’s Noca Provisions Is Now Open (Boston magazine)
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Signs in the windows of the former LBC Pawn shop at 233 Elm Street announce that it will be the future home of a second Caramel French Patisserie shop from Salem.
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from Cambridge Day:

The long-dark iYo Bistro storefront in Davis Square could become the new home to Snappy Ramen, according to a worker visiting the site....

...with rent pressures at Snappy’s 420 Highland Ave. location, just a few minute’s walk away, the stagnant [iYo] location represents an opportunity for expansion. The former iYo space seats 68 in a total 2,510 square feet, while the current ramen restaurant location seats only a couple dozen people.

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According to the Tufts Daily, the owners of Dave's are going to open a restaurant and bar called Semolina Kitchen and Bar in late spring on the edge of the Tufts campus, near the Collaborative Innovation and Learning Complex at 574 Boston Ave. This the is big renovation Tufts did to the warehouse-like space across from St. Clement's.

“We’re going to be open in the morning for coffee, pastries … and a more continental-type breakfast, and then [we’ll] go into lunch and then into dinner,” Theophanis said.

The new restaurant will be a causal place for food and drink, Theophanis said. In addition, there will be take-out service and a pizza oven.

Seems like an odd place for anything other than a weekday lunch place for students & faculty. There's not much after hours traffic down there.


Doing a little research, it looks like this is the space, which I just assumed was Tufts property:

I guess it's been in the works for a while:
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Reminder: There will be a neighborhood meeting regarding the proposed "Taco Bell Cantina" at the former iYo/Farmer's Bounty location (234 Elm St.) on Monday, February 27th, at 6:30.
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They were closed when I drove by over the weekend, then on President's Day, and again yesterday (Tuesday); I walked by this morning, and the coolers inside are all empty.
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The Oat Shop, "Boston's first oatmeal cafe", has officially opened at 22a College Avenue, replacing American Bakers Cafe.

(Earlier posts here and here.)
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The former iYO Cafe/Bistro at 234 Elm Street has a big new RESTAURANT AVAILABLE sign in the window. The QR code on the sign leads to a blank page, but I found the restaurant listed for sale on this page

Café / Restaurant Location 
Common Victualler License 
Busy High Traffic Location. Sales History of $14,400.00 per week. 
Approximately 2,510 SF. Rent $50 - $55 PSF. 60 Seats. 
Beautiful Buildout with Exposed Brick Walls. Great Opportunity.

with more detail available here if you login to the nerest.com website. I'll include that detail below the lj-cut.

At an informal meeting with a few local residents Wednesday evening, Ward 6 Alderman Lance Davis said that Taco Bell has expressed interest in this location for their new Taco Bell Cantina restaurant format, which includes alcoholic beverages. Only a few of these exist so far, in Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

Restaurant for sale detail )

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Thought I'd give a shout out to Nu Cafe, which opened recently on Washington Street in Union Square, since it seems like something that would appeal to this community, but is not really in a location that you'd walk by going to the usual Union Square haunts. The menu is extensive and very vegan/vegetarian friendly. It should be noted that this location doesn't have espresso drinks (which are listed on the website menu and I assume are available in Worcester) but does have alcohol. The space is huge and they have wifi. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just happily eating my Thai Curry Bowl and iced coffee and thinking that other people should be here too.


195 Washington Street, Somerville MA 02143 (pretty close to the Somerville Target store)
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Eater.com reports: Pokéworks opens its doors to the raw fish salad-loving public on Thursday at 5 p.m. in Somerville, with a menu full of customizable bowls and burritos made with sushi fixings.

Pokéworks is located at 261 Elm Street. It will be the fifth location of a growing national chain.


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