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Apparently I missed some previous posts about a new grocery store being Kickstarted to serve Winter Hill with local produce. They opened a storefront about a year ago, and I only found out just a month ago on a post-Harvest-closing mailing list.

It's a little store, but it focuses on local fresh produce and dairy. Decent bulk section. A rack of canned goods and other non-perishable prepackaged items. Bread, coffee, donuts. Fair prices.

The proprietor (Matt Gray) is interested in expanding to more locations, and is friendly to bulk ordering, which I've availed myself of. :-) I'm still hoping a buying club kicks off, but this helps with some of what I miss about Harvest.

Here's their website: https://www.nbrhoodproduce.com/
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Former Harvest Co-op shoppers: have y'all figured out your replacement stores yet?

I especially miss the bulk (spices and dr. bronners as well as the main bulk); some of the random local things: the Just Soap and the 21st Century Tofu from JP; big containers of active dry yeast; eco pack bags of Nature's Path cereal.

(I am in favor of places that are T-accessible from greater Davis, and especially in favor of places that aren't Whole Foods.)
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Is there anywhere in the Boston Area to get fair trade bananas now that Harvest Co-op is no more?

("Whole Trade" doesn't count.)
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The Davis Square Domino's has re-opened in its remodeled store that now fills the entirety of 201 Elm Street.

Enjoy. Or not.
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This Saturday, April 14, is the last indoor Somerville Winter Farmers' Market at the Armory for this season.

The outdoor Union Square Farmers' Market starts on Saturday, May 12.

The outdoor Davis Square Farmers' Market starts on Wednesday, May 16.
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Is it just me, or have a bunch of them jumped in the past few weeks? Good yogurt was 3.99, now in the $4-5 range; white large eggs were $1.99, now $2.59...


Mar. 3rd, 2018 05:40 pm
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I noticed that a crew was doing demolition work inside the former Falafel Shop location next to Domino's last week, and soon after that, took apart the Domino's itself (including its sign). A peek inside shows that the entire interior has been gutted, and the permit sign in the window says that they're refurbishing the entire interior and exterior to conform with the "new Domino's look". So I guess our mini-Domino's is becoming a very large Domino's.
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My partner and I were walking down College Avenue today and noticed that Kor Tor Mor, which promises "Bangkok Street Food," had opened, so we went inside, looked at the menu, and ordered lunch.

We got scallion pancakes; larb kai, a salad with spicy minced chicken; and khao na ped, roast duck with "Thai style sauce" over rice, and a side of greens. All three were good.

The scallion pancake is a bit different than what I was expecting from many years of scallion pancakes in Chinese restaurants: flaky rather than chewy, and with a sweet ginger dipping sauce instead of soy sauce with bits of ginger and/or scallion.

My partner liked the larb kai, which was labeled as moderately spicy, and said it was as spicy as he would want. (Everything is labeled with zero, one, or two hot peppers.) The proprietor asked if it had been too spicy, even though he finished it, because she noticed he'd been drinking a fair amount of water.

The khao na ped was also very good, once I got past a brief disappointment that it wasn't the crisp-skinned roast duck that a Cantonese restaurant would probably use in an "over rice" duck dish. But between that and the scallion pancakes, it definitely felt homey, street food/inexpensive restaurant food. Also, if that's the everyday duck, I definitely want to try the dish they call "Superior Duck."

There's seating for at most twelve people; they're clearly expecting to do mostly take-out and delivery. We had no trouble getting seats today, but the server/cashier told me they had just opened yesterday.
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Chef Steve "Nookie" Postal signed a lease for the former Davis Square Subway back in mid-2016, and he's announced that it'll become a cafe called Revival. It was formerly the first Bertucci's, and the original plan was to use the original bocce court in the basement, but apparently that's against code now.

The article linked above also says that a second Revival location is going in at Alewife alongside a 7,000 square foot beer hall possibly called Mothership.
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• For those who hadn't seen yet, Johnny D's was completely torn down this past week. Despite the plan to build condos/apartments above it and repurpose the space for retail, their engineers apparently said the old building couldn't support floors above.

• The old Snappy Ramen location on Highland will be opening soon as a branch of Tsurumen Ramen, an Osaka-based ramen mini-chain that apparently had a location in Hawaii and a NYC pop-up until recently.

Kor Tor Mor (former Golden Light location) has a website up and says they'll be open within a week or so.
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We waited so long for a decent tenant in the old Social Security building space and now it appears that it is at risk. Hard to tell from the article what is going on except than that the "concept" is in trouble.

Stop & Shop to rebrand bfresh chain, close 1 store

I like bfresh. I went there more when it first opened (and yes, when its prices were lower) but I still go there a few times a month. It was never going to be a "first choice" grocery store. That, of course, is Market Basket. But I will happily pay a bit more for the convenience when I need to.
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According to the Boston Globe (paywall) Stop & Shop will be closing one bfresh store in Brighton and making as of yet unknown changes to its locations in Davis Square and Allston. The Globe describes the changes as a "new brand and format."

In addition, a planned bfresh expansion into locations in Philadelphia has been cancelled according to the Philadelphia Inquirer and use of the real estate secured for this purpose is being re-evaluated. The parent company of Stop & Shop (Ahold Delhaize) is also closing a similarly formatted grocery store that they had opened in Philadelphia in 2014 known as "Everything Fresh."

A small format store that was intended to be branded as bfresh will still open next year in Newton.
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Tedeschi's in Davis Square (the former Store 24) has a sign saying that it will be closed from August 25 (tomorrow) through September 8 "for construction". The people inside told me that it will then reopen as a 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven bought the Tedeschi's chain more than two years ago, but is only now getting around to rebranding the stores.
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according to a sign outside the store. It is located where AC Moore (and maybe part of Sports Authority?) was.
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Frozen Hoagies, the ice cream & cookie shop on Broadway in Powderhouse Square, has been selling day-old cookies at three for a dollar, or six for a dollar later in the evening. And lately they've had quite a lot still left by the end of the day. I asked what they do with two-day-old cookies, and was told "I think we throw them away". I almost bought the whole basketful but I was too embarrassed! Anyway, in my experience cookies can stay fresh enough for at least a week in a cookie jar, so it seems a shame for these to go to waste.
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 A couple of pieces are out about this switch-out in Winter Hill. The first piece I saw was this one:  https://boston.eater.com/2017/6/26/15872592/somerville-bread-company-expansion-union-square

The next piece was a bit more detailed on the new space in Union--it won't have a retail piece. But---stay tuned. The new produce shop will carry the bread still.

Produce-focused piece: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/restaurants/blog/2017/06/27/neighborhood-produce-location-somerville/

This one has some other tidbits: http://www.masslive.com/news/boston/index.ssf/2017/06/neighborhood_produce_supermark.html

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I had somehow decided the farmers' market didn't start until [community profile] davis_square told me it had, but apparently the universe doesn't revolve around our little community, and it's had two weeks already. Yum!

At Day & Herbert Streets
May 17 - Nov 22, 2017
Wednesdays, 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
EBT-SNAP accepted
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instead of 10 pm. A sign inside says this is because they "listened" to customer demand.
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This coupon will get you $10 off a purchase of $25 or more at the new bfresh grocery at 244 Elm Street. It is good through Thursday, March 23. The coupon says you can use it once a week. You cannot use it for sushi. You should be able to either print it out or flash it on your phone.

(thank you to [livejournal.com profile] pekmez and her friends for seeing this on Facebook and saving the link)
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The new Dunkin Donuts next to bfresh has a sign saying it will open this Thursday. I don't know what time it will open.

bfresh sent me a press release about its opening, which will happen this Friday at 9 am, "contingent on securing typical city permits and passing final inspections".
Here's the full press release )


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