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does anyone have any handy helpful hints for getting the old parking permit sticker off my windshield so i can put the new one on? (hints that aren't "scrape it off with a box cutter", which is what i did last year. so many tiny bits of sticker all over the inside of my car. >.< )
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Would you like an off-street parking space for the winter? We have an empty driveway, located on a side street between Powder House and Broadway, near Tufts and the Powder House rotary. It’s available from Jan-April 2018.

We’re not charging for it, but in return, we’re asking that you agree to shovel the sidewalk in front of our house if/when it snows, throughout that period — just to make sure we don’t get a ticket. (If we do get a no-shoveling ticket, we’d ask that you pay it.)

Let us know if you’re interested or if you have questions!
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It appears that Somerville finally has their new system up for sending street sweeping/trash alerts by email, phone, text etc. I set mine up by going to http://www.somervillema.gov/trash finding my address under "My Schedule" and then choosing "Sign up for reminders". So far I have been getting emails with trash pickup, and the system knows things like to send a delayed message on weeks when there is a holiday. You also have control over what time the messages are sent. Supposedly this will also be sending reminders about street sweeping, though I can't vouch for that in February.

From the main Somerville page under "Residents" I see that there is a pull-down menu option for "Sign Up for Alerts", but as that's not the way I signed up for mine, I can't say whether you end up at the same place.
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Since the Camberville city line is so close to DS, I thought I'd ask here (but admins, please remove or note if this isn't site-specific enough):

Read more... )

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Not specific to Davis Square, but:

I have a Somerville residential parking sticker on my car. When I first moved here, the parking enforcement office mentioned the stickers were divided into zones based on where you live. Can I legally park in a permit only area outside my zone? The info sheet on the ParkSomerville website says location is unlimited, but I wanted to be sure. I couldn't remember if the zones restricted where you can park, or if it was just when you had to renew. Thanks in advance.
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The city email notification for street cleaning is a great service and has worked fine but I noticed I didn't get one for today (1st & 3rd Wed). I had backup with a calendar app I forgot to disable when I signed up with the city, so I didn't get caught. I did receive one for the 1st Wed. – so maybe it is a temporary outage.

Anyway – maybe something to check if you have come to rely on those city notifications.
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Some of you probably noticed the construction on Day St. The original parking restriction signs said 3/23-3/25, but the construction is still going on. I called the helpline today and was told that it's going to continue through May 6. The road is closed during the day while construction is going on, then it seems to be open to traffic at night. There's no parking allowed at all.

I'm surprised there was no notification about this. I get a phone call and an email every time this street is closed for 3 hours for a road race, but they never sent any sort of notification for 6 weeks of construction! Things should be rough, especially when street sweeping starts tomorrow.
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Sharing for the other folks who love Davis but live in Medford :)

A message from CITY OF MEDFORD

Hello, This is Captain Barry Clemente with an informational message. Spring Street Sweeping will begin on Monday April 4th and will continue until Friday, April 22nd between the hours of 8AM and 6PM. Please refer to the Sweeping schedule at www.medford.org to find the date that your street will be cleaned. Your help in moving your vehicles from the street the day it is to be cleaned will make it much easier for the sweeping crews. Tagging and Towing services will be utilized during the Street Sweeping. If severe weather conditions exist, your street will be rescheduled at the end of the regular sweep schedule. Any date revisions will appear at www.medford.org. As always we appreciate your patience and cooperation. Thank-you.
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I'm pretty sure that I've always received notices in the mail about parking permit renewal, and I know that I've done these renewals online for at least the past two years. I realized this week that I never got a notice about my permits that expire at the end of February, and so I decided to just renew them online. When I went to log in, the system said that there was no record of my account, and I had to set up a new account and submit proof of residency. (Probably I could have phoned, but at this point it just seemed easier to resubmit all my information and hope it is approved and processed in time.) I'm just curious if this was an isolated incident, and whether other people got notices to renew their B-zone parking permits.
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If you are one of those second-and-fourth Thursday people (whose street doesn’t get swept on Thanksgiving), good news! The city is going to sweep your street on the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Yay! But don’t forget to move your car!
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We live on one of the many dead-end streets here in Somerville. For the past untold number of years, the very end of the street has essentially accommodated three parking spots: one against each curb, and one in the middle. I have seen this set-up on other dead-end streets I've visited or come across.

Recently we received a ticket for parking in that middle space that was marked as "double parking- 100% blocking." Yes, as if it were a through street and not parked in front of a fence and earthwork berm that couldn't be driven through if you tried.Read more... )
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From the City's website:
Alternating odd- and even-side parking takes effect for winter 2015, with switch to even-side parking beginning during 2016-17 season.

So nothing is different this winter, but next winter people will park during snow emergencies on the even side of the street.

See more at: http://www.somervillema.gov/news/somerville-change-snow-emergency-parking-policy#sthash.B3IUPVgi.dpuf

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Hoping to go to the 2001 screening at Somerville Theater tonight. Does anybody know if the parking lot adjacent to the theater, next to the health center, is still available for parking? I haven't had to park anywhere in the Square in years. A friend wants to drive and we'll need to find something. Thanks.
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I just got back from my first trip to Outback Steakhouse in Somerville's Assembly Row.  Good food, standard "Outback" fare.  I really like it.  They apparently opened last Monday, so it's been just over a week that they've been open.  Parking is getting weird, the big lot outside of Sports Authority/ACMoore/Bed,Bath,Beyond is getting difficult to park in, as it fills up.  Expect it to, since they put meters on the sidewalk about 6 feet from the curb (!) so free parking in the large lot is likely to go poof as soon as more folks decide that it's easier to park for free and closer than to pay to park further from the restaurants.
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I noticed in the last couple of days that Pat's Towing in Union Sq. has emptied their lot and put up a sign that they have moved. Where did they go? Nothing is updated on their web site that I can find.

It's information I hope I never have to use, but it's good to know where the tow lot is when they take your car.
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Quick reminder to Somerville residents -- street sweeping starts this week! (One of the first signs of Spring?) You can check out the exact schedule for your street and sign up for reminders on the city's web site.
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Hello, this is Mayor Joe Curtatone with the message we’ve all been waiting for. The City’s longest snow emergency in history[*] is coming to an end as of 8 a.m. Wednesday, March 11, and I have important updates for you, so please read this full message.

As of 8 a.m. Wednesday, cars may park on both sides of the street unless otherwise posted. HOWEVER, to ensure emergency access, drivers must leave 12-feet of clearance between their car and the car parked opposite them or they may be ticketed and towed. Despite DPW’s massive snow removal effort to clear the even sides of nearly all of our streets, some streets remain narrow, especially for emergency vehicles to pass, and we will enforce the 12-foot regulation to ensure public safety. Crews will also be back for targeted snow removal on some streets, which will be posted in advance.

All cars must also be cleared of snow by 8 a.m. Friday or may be ticketed and towed. Additionally, all meters will go back into effect at 10 a.m. Wednesday, and residents parked in municipal parking lots will have until 10 a.m. to move their cars from the lots.

We may be ending the parking ban, but the broader cleanup from these historic storms is just getting underway. Crews are already out patching potholes and will be intensifying their efforts. Damages to signs, curbs, trash cans, meters and more will require repairs, and we will continue to clear catch basins. Finally, turf experts will be assessing when we can safely use our sports fields. In short, we have more work to do. Thank you all for your support during the winter we’ll never forget. Here’s looking forward to spring.

* Ed. note by RN - this one started at 10 am on February 8, in advance of the third big snowstorm, which means it will last a couple hours short of 31 days!
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Whether you agree or not, Somerville is not Boston, and the policy of Somerville is to disallow and remove so-called "space savers" in the street.  The city just tweeted a picture of all of the space savers they have collected so far: https://twitter.com/311Somerville/status/571307724165799937/photo/1

Also, be aware that many residents simply remove space savers from the street when they come across them, even though they are just passing by and not parking in the spot.

If someone takes "your" spot, be aware, that that person most likely did not move your space saver.  Be an adult and move on and find another spot.
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Hello, this is Jackie Rossetti from the City of Somerville with important information for persons parked in school or library lots.

While the parking ban remains in effect for most streets citywide, effective at 6 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 20, all school parking lots and the Central Library lot will be CLOSED for snow removal through the weekend. All cars parked in school or library lots must be moved to on-street or municipal, non-school parking lot locations by 8 p.m. on Friday, or will be subject to ticketing and towing.

School lots that must be vacated by 8 p.m. Friday are:
List behind this cut )

City crews are working to clear snow from streets surrounding school lots to accommodate additional parking and the ban will be lifted from those streets in the next 24 hours. Please refer to http://www.somervillema.gov/snow , or call 311 for a full list of streets where the parking ban has already been lifted.

Residents may return to lots after snow removal is complete. However, please note that school lots will NOT be available for emergency parking after Friday. Going forward, residents may only use school lots between the hours of 6 p.m. and 7 a.m. on weekdays, and at all hours on weekends. For a map of municipal parking lots, and a list of streets where the ban has been lifted, visit http://www.somervillema.gov .
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Parking Ban Updates, Snow Info Wed. 2/18
From the website:

"Last updated Wed., Feb. 18, 2:00 p.m.

Please note that a citywide parking ban remains meaning that all cars must park on the odd-numbered side of the street unless otherwise posted. HOWEVER parking is now permitted on both sides of the following streets ONLY (unless otherwise posted):

Elm St.
Highland Ave.
Holland St.
Morrison Ave.
School St. (Madison St. to Highland Ave.)
Willow Ave. (Summer St. to Broadway)

In all other locations, the parking ban remains in effect. As bans are lifted, on a rolling basis, we will send email and text message alerts to residents and businesses in those areas. As they are announced, streets will be listed here as well as on our social media feeds. Residents may also call 311 (617-666-3311) for a list of streets."



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