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At 5pm today, a 16 year-old male from Malden was shot and killed at 14 Farragut Ave in Somerville. Police say there is no threat to the public. This is the first homicide in Somerville since 2014 and only the second this decade.

Updates are being made to http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/08/29/year-old-boy-fatally-shot-somerville/pqiuXXi8iusZ39RpaZRKCM/story.html?event=event12, but it requires a subscription. If you have a decent free source, please post it!
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EDIT: I am adding, the next day, that the owner of the shop has reached out to me, and offered an apology and to try to get to the bottom of what events unfolded outside the store that left me so upset. I will be speaking with him in the next few days and appreciate that they reached out.

Original vent / post:
West Somerville folks - I just had a terrible experience in Teele Square, bad enough that I would like to spread my rage at the proprietor of a local business, the Knight Moves Cafe on Broadway. Please stay far away from this business with kids. If you have any kids who walk to and from the west somerville school, please make sure they steer clear of the business as well.

The proprietor (edit: manager) of this business threatened to call the Somerville police and made my children cry, for the crime of disagreeing over what to get with a few bucks each at the conveience store, and the crime of waiting for me on the sidewalk rather than inside the dry cleaners on the same block, and then choosing to get into my unlocked car with the cold drinks they had bought at the convenience store, while my 5 min errand lasted 15 min because the folks at the dry cleaners were trying to repair a broken zipper for me on a coat I had cleaned out of my closet and intended to donate.

Seriously if you have any choice in ever doing business with them, and support the right of elementary school kids to have a little independence and learn from their disagreements on whether mom said they could get ice cream, I urge you steer clear.

I am FURIOUS at having been confronted for going to the dry cleaners and letting my kids go to the convenience store to enjoy their refreshing cold drinks. And I even like board games and was pleased when they came to town.

I am SURE that plenty of kids the age of mine walk home from WSNS through Teele Square every school day. Yes, even when it's hot out. But if your first grader has an argument with their big sibling in the vicinity of Teele you can expect the police to be called, next time.
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There is a lot of work happening at old Powderhouse School on Broadway. Does anyone know where the plans are online for the new design that includes high school? I have not seen anything in the paper or at city websites.
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Boosting the signal:

Lost dog found this morning in the area of Teele Square. If you are the owner or know who this dog belongs to please contact the Somerville Police: 617-625-1212

Found near Clarendon st/ Broadway
Being held by Somerville animal control
Male approx 50 lbs

Photo on the Somerville PD FB page


Nov. 13th, 2016 06:16 pm
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Boxes of free cuddly and plastic toys suitable for younger children on sidewalk on Barton Street near the Broadway side.
Barton is between Teele Square and Clarendon Hill.
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Writing on the Wall
Poetry Reading with Neil Callender
Sunday, October 16
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
Reading, discussion and community reception
Nave Gallery, Teele Square
155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville
Once a year, the Nave Gallery collaborates with the Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church (CHPC) to create an exhibition centered on social justice, underscoring the assertion that art is a vehicle through which conversations on social change can be held, compelling people to action.
This event is part of the Learn to Talk social justice series hosted by the CHPC in partnership with the Nave Gallery, and is part of the Wall to Wall: Art Builds Community exhibition.

Details     Directions     Facebook
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The Mark Wahlburg movie "Patriots' Day", about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, will have scenes filmed in the Teele Square neighborhood starting this Wednesday and continuing through the long weekend.

This leaflet, which was posted to reddit's Somerville forum, details traffic and parking restrictions related to the filming from April 13-18.

(Watertown and UMass-Dartmouth already said no to location shoots for this movie, but for some reason Somerville is letting them film here.)
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During the months of February and March, first year MFA graduate students display work in sites in and around Boston. Four SMFA artists, Riley Allen, Hannah Bates, William Van Beckum and Thomas Radovich will be exhibiting their work at the Nave Gallery.

Saturday, February 6, 2016; 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Nave Gallery (Teele Square), 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, MA

February 6-20, 2016

Saturday and Sunday, 1:00-5:00 pm

Learn more: http://navegallery.org/wp/smfa-first-year-2016-part-one/

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The Zoning Board of Appeals approved Knight Moves in Teele Square at their January 20 meeting. (Earlier discussion here.)

The ZBA also approved Oath Craft Pizza at last night's meeting. The decision isn't published online yet, but I phoned the clerk today and she told me of the approval. (Earlier discussion mostly here, with some additional posts here and here) EDIT 2/17/16: The ZBA decision is now online.

The attorney for Opa Greek Yeeros requested that his case be continued until the next ZBA meeting on February 17. The clerk did not know why. I'm surprised by this, since the restaurant is ready to open and the owner was eager to get this process over with. (Earlier discussion here and here.)
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Brookline's Knight Moves, which describes itself as "New England's only board game café", proposes to open a second location at 1159 Broadway in Teele Square. The store would provided non-alcoholic refreshments for board gamers who would pay a daily or monthly fee to play there.

Here are the planning staff report and an interior blueprint.

A Boston.com article says that Knight Moves will have a BYOB policy, though I see no mention of that in the city's report EDIT: has now been edited to say that Somerville does NOT allow BYOB and that this new location has no plans to offer that option.

Here's a Somerville Journal article about the proposed cafe.
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Sunday. December 6, 2015; 1:00 pm-5:00 pm
Live music with Yani Batteau


Nave Gallery (Teele Square), 155 Powderhouse Blvd, Somerville, MA


Each November, the Nave Gallery hosts Wrap Around, a sale of handmade knitted/crocheted/sewn goods to benefit the Somerville Homeless Coalition. Our dessert reception kicks off our sale on a sweet note.

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Any recent developments on that big hole in the ground in Teele Square? Last I heard there was residential/commercial development on the table but the property required environmental remediation.
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Looks like a bid has been chosen for the Powder House School site.  Details in the city's press release:

I've read the proposal, and while there are some good design ideas that will open up, expand, and enhance the public outdoor spaces in the site, the building use will be focused on housing and commercial space, with only token concessions to SomerVision's priorities of arts and community oriented space. It's a far cry from the most exciting of the proposals, like the possible new home for Artisan's Asylum (I really hope they have other options they're considering and that this wasn't their only shot at staying in Somerville!).  But here's my big question: why is the city accepting a bid of only $2.7 million for a property that is valued at $7 million (and post-development will be potentially valued at more than $20 mil)?

Additionally, of the 40 housing units 7 will be designated affordable (a better proportion than at Assembly), and 12 units will be designed for aging-in-place, though I note that the degree of overlap of the affordable and senior housing is not stated.  Has anyone heard what the plan is in this regard?

That said, I'm glad the city is moving forward, as the most important thing is to get our vacant spaces into development before they become a public safety hazard, like certain Social Security buildings we all know.

(some more of my own thoughts on Facebook)
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knitting crocheting yarnDATE:
Saturday, May 16, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm
Sunday, May 17, 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Nave Gallery (Teele Square), 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, MA

Join us to kick off the 2015 Wrap Around Project with a fiber swap to support the work of the Somerville Homeless Coalition (SHC)!

Yarn. Fabric. Felt. Thread. Maybe you can have too much of a good thing? The Great Fiber Swap is your chance to get rid of your unwanted fiber items and refresh your stash. You can swap items or donate your goods to the event.

Admission to the event is free, but please bring a donation of canned goods or toiletries to support Somerville Homeless Coalition’s (SHC) Project SOUP, the local food pantry that provides weekly community dinners and delivers groceries to individuals, families, elderly, disabled and homebound people in our neighborhood.

More info: http://navegallery.org/wp/the-great-fiber-swap/

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Boosting the signal for the cat owner.
(Originally posted on SomervilleMoms)

Hi All,
Our beloved cat, Boo, must have somehow escaped the house sometime this morning. He's nowhere to be found. We live on Ossipee Rd., near Teele Square, Packard Ave., Electric, and Powderhouse Ave - also near Tufts University. lf you happen to see an orange tabby cat who responds to "Boo!" Read more... )
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The Nave Gallery in Teele Square has a great new show curated by William Turville and Ecco Pierce opening this Friday. Hope you can make it.

Friday, April 24, 2015 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Exhibition details

Nave Gallery (Teele Square), 155 Powder House Blvd, Somerville, MA

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Hello! Some friends of mine are moving in December and have a 1BR in Teele Square available this December. It's a great place! X-post from Craigslist, with pictures and all the details.
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Posting this for my terrific former landlords. 2 bed apartment in Teele Square available November 1st. Really lovely house (with amazing garden!) on a quiet one-way street. Landlords live upstairs and they are just great. Cats encouraged! Maybe not good for people with small children because of the lead paint thing. It's an old house. Laundry in basement, updated bathroom and kitchen, new appliances. I never had a problem finding street parking. 87 and 88 buses stop at the end of the street. I lived there for 10 years before I bought my house. I really loved it.

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Wednesday, May 28, 6-7:30 pm

Nave Gallery (Teele Square), 155 Powderhouse Blvd, Somerville, MA

FREE, but please bring a donation to benefit the Somerville Homeless Coalition

The Nave Gallery’s recent Fiber Swap was a big success, so much so that we still have fabric and yarn leftover.

Please come by and grab items for your various projects. You do not need to bring your own stash to exchange, but please bring a donation (canned goods, toiletries, financial contribution) to benefit the Somerville Homeless Coalition.


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