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Just saw this from the Tufts PD:
On December 2, 2017 at approximately 0100 Hours, the Tufts University Police were notified by the Somerville Police of a reported armed robbery in Davis Square. The victim who is not affiliated with the university reported that three males approached her, one suspect displayed a handgun and took her pocketbook. The suspects fled in a unknown direction. The victim was not injured. The Somerville Police conducted an area search with negative results and will continue with the investigation.
The victim described the suspects as one white male, a dark-skinned male, and a third male – unknown description. The victim further advised that all three suspects were possibly wearing hoodies.
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At 5pm today, a 16 year-old male from Malden was shot and killed at 14 Farragut Ave in Somerville. Police say there is no threat to the public. This is the first homicide in Somerville since 2014 and only the second this decade.

Updates are being made to http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/08/29/year-old-boy-fatally-shot-somerville/pqiuXXi8iusZ39RpaZRKCM/story.html?event=event12, but it requires a subscription. If you have a decent free source, please post it!
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from my neighborhood listserv:

An Irving St resident reported that she arrived home tonight to find a young Hispanic-looking man in her house rummaging through bedroom drawers. Doesn't look like he took anything & she caught him in time. He appears to have come in through a window off of a fire escape. Guess the window lock was not in place.
Police are looking for him. Young male with a San Diego cap, about 5'4". Quite a scare. Be smart & check that all windows & doors are locked.
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Last night a friend of mine was biking near Union Square and was attacked by a group of guys in a car, blowing an airhorn, yelling "kumbaya, bitch" and throwing or firing eggs at her from some sort of slingshot. She called 911 and filed a police report. Apparently a number of other people have also experienced this. Be on the lookout and try to get a license plate number if you can.
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Just before Christmas I posted about how I came home only to find several SPD vehicles, along with numerous officers, 2 handcuffed (apparent) perps, and a couple of piles of packages in front of my apartment; come to find out that the police had just broken up/arrested part of a package-stealing ring which had been wrecking havoc all around West Somerville.  Ron had already told me that this had ended up on Universal Hub, but little did I know that I was going to end up getting a shout-out in the pages of Scout Somerville as well for that very DSLJ post! (It's on Page 8 under "Winners and Losers," FWIW.)  Whatever shall I do with my newfound fame?... ;-)

(BTW, I know several readers mentioned either having missing packages of their own or knowing people who hadn't received packages yet--did everyone end up getting their mail eventually?)
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Now that many of us are scrambling to find help shoveling snow, I just wanted to send a warning about how I got scammed last winter by a "service" run by a guy named Jared Wright. He offered a contract for the season and wanted the entire amount up front. I signed, I paid. And I never saw him again. If you are approached by him, run away as fast as you can.
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...right in front of my apartment at the dead end of Highland Road.

I had no idea why there were at least three police SUVs parked there w/their blue lights on as I came walking down from Highland Ave., until I saw the two guys in handcuffs and the rather large piles of packages, mostly from Amazon, piled up on the sidewalk in front of my place; after the (apparent) perps were hauled away, I asked the remaining cops if that was what was up, and they confirmed it.  So, if you were expecting a package and it hasn't shown up yet, perhaps a trip to the Somerville PD may be in order?...
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On Thursday 5:30-7:30pm at City Hall:


    After Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone denied a request from a city police union to remove a Black Lives Matter banner from City Hall, the union announced it will hold a rally to protest the banner's "disrespectful" message, according to a release from the Somerville Police Employee's Association.

Personally I think their doing this will make lots of people trust them less, fear them more, and increase danger for everyone, including police. I wish they'd call it off.

Worth noting that the chief of police supports the mayor putting up the banner, and the union is initiating this protest, not the police department leadership, as far as I can tell.
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Just got an email from the Cambridge PD, emphasis mine:
During this busy travel season, the Cambridge Police Department would like to remind ATM users to be aware of skimming devices at area ATMs. These skimming devices are being used as part of an ongoing scheme by thieves to steal account information from customers and to defraud banks. On July 1, 2016, a skimming device (card reader) was located by a customer using an ATM at a local convenience store in Cambridge. The device was attached with double-sided tape. The pinhole camera was located on a plate over the money dispenser area.

These devices are well built and appear to be part of the machine. Customers are asked to take special attention to the card reader dome, and either look over the pin pad area or the money dispenser area for any pinhole camera device.

The Cambridge Police Investigations Unit is actively following up this incident and asking patrols to periodically check ATMs in local convenience stores, gas stations, and other locations.

“If an ATM appears to have been tampered with, please report it right away to the local business and the police,” stated Detective Brian O’Connor of the Cambridge Police Department.
They link to this handy info graphic for basic explanation of skimming.
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Bomb threats on a day finals are scheduled aren't that unusual, but someone setting a car on fire, supposedly as part of the same action, is.


The car was apparently parked behind the Tufts Student Health Center at 124 Professors Row and belonged to an employee at the health center. A note was left which referenced labor issues between Tufts and the SEIU, which represents their janitors. The student group which is organized around the labor issues denied any connection to the events.
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Ward 5 Alderman Mark Niedergang sent me this and said I could repost it here (and on NextDoor). It's a response to this earlier post.

Over the past few days, I've spoken with a bunch of people including the Chief of Police Dave Fallon (daily), Mayor's aide, and several of the owners of properties right near the site of the shooting and other neighbors who live right in the area.

Here is what I can tell you at this point.

First, and foremost, I understand neighbors' concern about safety in the area and share their concern. But I do not believe that concerns about safety in the Lowell Street area going forward are warrented.

The Somerville Police Department has said that this was not a random act. The parties involved were known to each other. They are not from Somerville, do not hang out here, and are no longer here.

Chief of Police Dave Fallon assured me that there will be a heightened police presence in the area going forward.

I am asking the SPD to have an active presence at the Albion Street playground in that are for at least the rest of May to talk with parents and address any concerns they have. I have also asked for a communication from the City to the neighborhood.

The police will be sharing more information with the public once an arrest is made.


Mark Niedergang's contact info )
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from Wicked Local Somerville: Boston man hospitalized after shooting on Lowell Street in Somerville.

It happened Sunday around 3:20 pm outside 228 Lowell Street. That was right in the middle of Somerville Open Studios, so there were probably lots of folks walking around. Did any of you see this happen?

I'm surprised that the police haven't made robo-calls (or, if they did, maybe I just live too far away). How sure are they that the shooter isn't still in our neighborhood?
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I'm posting to let people know the shady utility marketers are back, if they ever left.

Last night I had an unsolicited visit to my front door by a guy who represented himself (vaguely) as from Eversource, here to roll back my rate increase if I would just show him an electric bill. I have little doubt he was a shady marketer for an alternative electricity supplier. If he wasn't that, I don't know what he was, because he certainly wasn't from Eversource.

My phone rang just then so I used that as an excuse - I told him this call was important and I couldn't talk & closed the door in his face. So I never got who he actually represented.

I recognized the modus operandi thanks to my memory of a thread here just exactly a year ago ("Phone call from "PalmCo" wanting to change my electricity supplier"). Since that was useful to me, I thought I'd return the favor by warning those here who may be new here or have forgotten. I trust that no one here would show a bill, but it's much easier to react appropriately if you immediately recognize what's going on.
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Last night around 7 pm, someone falsely claiming to be from RCN tried to get into my across-the-hall neighbor's apartment. He said something about a problem in her apartment that was affecting service to the rest of the building. She did NOT let him in, and instead called both RCN and the building manager. RCN confirmed that they don't make visits like this after 5 pm.

So, be careful out there.
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ETA: Suspect apprehended in Everett and now in custody.

Just received this from the Somerville Police:

Early this morning, during a federal law enforcement operation, an 18 year old male Somerville resident who is a known criminal MS 13 gang member escaped federal custody while being transported in Somerville. A search is currently underway by the Somerville Police Department and federal agencies. The suspect is not armed and was handcuffed when he escaped custody. While there is not believed to be a threat to the community, please be aware that there is a heightened law enforcement presence, particularly in the Union Square area.

The suspect, Gabriel Castillo Perez, is 5 foot 8 inches tall, 150-160 pounds, and was last seen near Linden St. wearing a light brown jacket, white button-down shirt, black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. His last known address is 7 Everett Ave.

If you see this individual please call 911 immeidately. If you have any other relevant information, please contact Somerville Police 617-625-1600 Again, there is not believed to be any immediate threat to the Somerville community.
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On September 22nd I walked into Diva around noon with 2 colleagues and got takeout lunch buffet. My total came to $10.65, which I paid with credit card. The waiter was rude, and I didn't feel obliged to tip since I was just getting takeout. Walking back to the office, one of my colleagues said he saw the waiter add $2 to my credit card receipt.

The food was okay.

I waited until the charge cleared, and sure enough, it was for $12.65. I disputed the $2 with the credit card company, which gave it back to me immediately. I'll be eating elsewhere in the future.

Be careful using credit cards at Diva Indian Bistro.
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The post on gentrification reminded me of something that I've been meaning to post here for ages. About a year ago, I searched the NYT for every article mentioning Somerville MA, as far back as its archives go. I compiled links to all of them by year. Here is the result.

To sum up -- from 1860 to 1995 is pretty much all "murder and mayhem" (including several articles about Mrs. Robinson, the Somerville Poisoner*). Then from 1995 to the present, there is a sharp turn towards "so hip it hurts".

*Hey local playwrights, Mrs. Robinson's story would make a riveting drama. Or possibly black comedy.
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Apparently the Community Credit Union (in that new building next to Rosebud) was robbed yesterday, amidst all the construction issues in the square.

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Someone stole my 8-year-old's bike out of our driveway today, and I'd appreciate it if y'all could keep an eye out for it, because she's going to be super sad in the morning when we tell her. (Yes, I've filed the police report and will be calling the bike shops.)

It's this bike: http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/kids/hotrock-boys/hotrock-24-7speed-boys

Brand-new, black and red, seven speed, hand brakes, 24-inch wheels. Of note, it has a combination lock looped around it, so we can authenticate the bike with that combination (if no one cuts off the lock :/ ).

Thanks for looking.
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The police log shows seven people all arrested for "disorderly conduct" at the exact same time and place: April 30, 3:18 pm in Davis Square.

Anyone know more?


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