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4 rm apt – 1 bedroom, living room, "middle" (dining, I guess) room & kitchen. Decent windows. Tired wood floors.
Hasn't been painted in many years, kitchen very shabby, hasn't been updated since 1950's (think: double, chipped porcelain sink on a tin cabinet), except for "self-stick" floor tiles that are all cracked and loose. No kitchen cupboards but there is a pantry. Bathroom rehabbed with "bottom shelf" Home Depot fxtures 10 years ago but now is tired.

Saving graces: quiet street, easy on-street parking and easy walking distance to DS. In apt hook-ups for W & D

Anyone have thoughts on what something like this would rent for in the current DS market? I haven't been "out there" for a long time and am facing a "should I stay or should I go" moment in light of a huge rent increase.
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Hi Folks,

I posted about a month ago, but not having much luck finding a roommate situation, so am posting again. Thanks for any leads!

I am searching for a shared living situation in a home that is within a 15-minute walk (max) to the Red Line (Davis Sq, Cambridge) or would also be interested in Union Square. I consider myself to be friendly, considerate, and clean and seek the same. I am mindful of other people's quiet times, clean up after myself, prompt with rent/bills. I tend to be out and about a lot, but at home I enjoy cooking, catching up with roommate(s), watching the occasional movie/documentary, reading, relaxing. I work at a nonprofit and enjoy community theater, meditation, live music, lectures, films, ... I'm looking in the $850/$900 price range for a share.
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I'm trying to see how much my unit compares in price and amenities to other one bedrooms in the area. Craigslist hasn't been much help, as there are few one bedrooms listed. Would love to hear thoughts on how much monthly rent should be for a one bedroom on the first floor with off street parking, washer/drier in the basement, disposer, dishwasher and a fairly large backyard. Location is between Ball Square and Davis Square.

It looks like $1600-$1800 seems to be the going rate, but would love to here people's thoughts.
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Boosting signal for my awesome upstairs neighbor. He writes:

"I spend a lot of time in Davis Square.. have a 2BR in Union Sq that's a short bus ride away. (Between Highland and Som'l Ave, busses on both) Currently looking for someone for 10/1 (with some flexibility before/after the date).
http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/roo/5216548917.html "

Craigslist ad details )
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I'm looking to rent a garage, self-storage space, warehouse, basement, gym in poor condition, or something along those lines to use as event space in late October. It's for an indie theater production, not a rave or anything. 500+ square feet desired, 300+ sq ft ok. Needs to have heat and electricity, and preferably access to a bathroom, and ideally within 1.5 miles of the T (Davis area would be great, but it doesn't have to be). Does anyone want to rent me their space? Anyone know anyone? Thanks in advance!
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My roommate and I are looking for 2 more roommates to join our 4 bedroom unit on Lowden Ave. $821/mo plus utilities. Available Sept 1 or Oct 1.

Us: friendly geeky mid-20s software people, LGBTQ+poly friendly, non-smokers, moderately social but also enjoying alone time. Hobbies include knitting, improv theater, folk music, and circus.

Apartment: 4 bed 2 bath, cats permitted, in-unit laundry, GIANT living room, spacious kitchen w/ all appliances, central heating/ac (though we do supplement with window units upstairs in summer). 10 minute walk from Davis; convenient to buses 80, 89, 96, and probably others. Landlord is a reasonable person who gets shit done.

About 75% of our common area furniture will be gone by the time you move in, so there's space to bring your own stuff or you can join us on IKEA quests.

If you are a dancer or musician who wants to practice at home, this would be a great place for you as we're out of the house during the day and you'd have the giant living room all to yourself.

Contact: alioth (at) mit (dot) edu
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Looking for a friendly roommate to share a comfortable, beautiful home in Medford Hillside - $837.50. Available August 1 - possibly earlier.

Me: Female, 40's, artist/designer. Very clean and organized. Very responsible. Mostly vegetarian. Friendly and respectful. Left leaning, energy conscious and environmentally friendly. Open to sharing the occasional meal or coffee, but enjoy my alone time too.

You: Female or gay male, 30+, non-smoker, no pets (allergies). Easy-going and responsible. Very clean, communicative, and considerate. Seeking a similar situation...

Apartment: Owner occupied 2 family house. 13.5 x 13.5 bedroom with ceiling fan and 2 long but narrow closets. Living room, office, sunroom & small side porch. Kitchen has microwave, toaster oven, dishwasher, gas stove, and hook-up for a stackable washer dryer.

Minutes drive/bike to 93, Mystic Parkway, Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville, Davis and Porter Square. The 96, 80, and 94 buses are 5-6 minutes walk away. Easy street parking - no permit required.

I have most household furniture and supplies (except the w/d) but have pared down to the essentials and those I love. Room for some more (chair or loveseat, desk) but prefer a zen home to an overcrowded or cluttered one.

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Someone decided that my apartment is in violation of building codes, and I need to move ASAP.

I am not looking for a housemate situation.

My max budget is $1100/mo.

I have a cat.

I need to have MBTA access. Subway preferred, buses OK, commuter rail if absolutely nothing else works out, but I don't drive.

I am quiet, steadily employed, don't smoke or do drugs, and can provide a great reference from my landlord.

So - any ideas? Please feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might know of a suitable place.

Posts of "haw haw haw, what are you smoking, you can't get a place anywhere near Davis for under $2K" are expected, and will be ignored. I've lived here long enough to know that an ethical landlord with an odd space - basement, attic, mother-in-law with shared entrance - will often be reluctant to post it at an affordable price for fear of attracting losers, so I'm here to say, "Here's your Winner, long-term and reliable!" My current landlord will attest to same. And, as explained above, it doesn't have to be in Davis (although staying in Somerville would be delightful!) I'm just getting the word out however I can.

Many thanks!
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I was wondering if anyone had experience with local places (or otherwise) for short-term laptop rental.  My personal laptop is heavier than is comfortable for travel, but I need more than my tablet when I'm going to do work or present at a conference.  It occurs to me that maybe an option is to rent a lightweight or 2-in-1 laptop for a week.  I know there are local locations of big businesses like Rent-a-Center and also some places that specifically rent computers and technology, but I'm wondering if anyone has actually done this and has thoughts about recommendations or risks to consider.
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My husband and I just bought a house in Medford so somewhat sadly need to move out of our Ball Square home. Slightly outside of Davis (10 min walk) but we still consider Davis to be our 'hood so I hope this is OK to post! We've been here 6+ years and have taken very good care of the place! Bottom floor of a typical triple decker. 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, large office, living room & EIK. 1 off-street parking spot, coin-op laundry in basement and lots of storage, back yard. Wonderful landlord.

Details here:
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I'm sorry this isn't more specific to Davis Sq, so feel free to remove it if it's inappropriate, but: I know there are a lot of Davis Sq landlords on this community (not mine). We're trying to convince our landlord to allow a rabbit in our apartment. Our lease requires landlord approval to have a pet, rather than just a flat out "NO PETS" rule. The rabbit would be penned and is not a threat to any part of the apartment beyond maybe our own furniture. The landlord has been unreceptive so far but hasn't stated what his concerns are. Can any of you Davis landlords provide any insight into what he might be concerned about with the rabbit?

The other issue is that the rabbit would be an emotional support animal for a member of our household. Legally a landlord has to accommodate an emotional support animal within reason but we really don't want to force him into agreeing that way. Not sure if anyone here has any suggestions for that.

Thanks for any help!
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For *rentals*, do realtors in Somerville share apartment listings or do they each have their own?    Would it be a mistake for a landlord or a tenant to use a smaller realtor, because they would not achieve critical mass of prospective tenants/apartments?   If that is the case, which realtors have a sufficient volume of listings/tenants?
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My wife and I are finally becoming homeowners, which means we have to give up our gorgeous rental just 8 minutes from the Porter Square T stop. Hardwood floors, lots of light, skylights, 2 bedrooms and a loft-style office. We've had a great time in our little "treehouse" for three years, with many parties and good times. Almost every single night you get a fantastic view of the sunset over the western horizon. We will sorely miss it, but our loss can be your gain!

You can see some pics and learn a bit more about the unit from the agent's listings here:


and here:


If you're interested, please contact the agent at the number listed on those sites. Available November 1!
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Posting this for my terrific former landlords. 2 bed apartment in Teele Square available November 1st. Really lovely house (with amazing garden!) on a quiet one-way street. Landlords live upstairs and they are just great. Cats encouraged! Maybe not good for people with small children because of the lead paint thing. It's an old house. Laundry in basement, updated bathroom and kitchen, new appliances. I never had a problem finding street parking. 87 and 88 buses stop at the end of the street. I lived there for 10 years before I bought my house. I really loved it.

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5 minute walk to Davis from Cogswell Ave.
Small one bedroom furnished apartment available in North Cambridge on December 1.
Bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Small deck off bedroom and use of backyard.
Rent includes all utilities. $1950 includes all heat, electricity, gas, air conditioning, TV, and internet.Completely equipped--all you need is your clothing. Also has an in unit washer and dryer. No utility/extra bills at all. Free driveway parking space. One dog permitted.
First/last month's rent upon lease sign. If you would like a showing of the apartment, please send a phone number in your reply. Please reply to
karenricesutton at hotmail com
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Hello Neighbors,

After ten years in the same apartment we finally bought a condo.  We are moving from one side of the square to the other and need to downsize.  Lots of great items for sale.  Please see our craigslist posting for details: http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/gms/4482485676.html

We are willing to sell some of the larger items pre-sale if you see something you like.

Also, if you know anyone looking for an amazing apartment starting July 1 let us know and we can connect them with our landlord.

See you on Sunday!
Melissa and Kristin
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My husband and I will be moving back to the area this winter, and if it's at all possible we would love to find an apartment in advance, especially if it allows us to deal directly with a trustworthy landlord and bypass the agencies. I know it's outrageously early, but you never know.

Briefly, we are looking for a 2+ bed, with laundry, dishwasher, and a bit of outdoor space, near the red line or bus lines to Harvard. Parking is not an issue, and no pets. We'd like to stay around $2100 but are somewhat flexible for the right place.

We are 30, financially stable, excellent references, clean and responsible, looking for a place to call home and take good care of.

If you own a place like this, or if you live in one but are planning to move out, we would love to hear from you! We currently live abroad but will be back for a visit in July, and then back permanently in Nov/Dec.

More details in the CL post: http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/hou/4477317363.html
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The house where I rent a room is about to be sold. I am looking for a new place to live, likely with new housemates. My ideal moving date would be July 1st or the July 4th weekend; I need to be out of my current residence by the end of July. I'd prefer to live within a five to ten minute walk from Davis Square.

I'm a 32-year-old professional woman, LGBTQ/poly friendly. I have one indoor cat who is small, friendly, and not a threat to furniture or shoes. She likes to play with other cats. I'm a geek who plays D&D, writes alternate history novels, and I'm an active member of the SCA.

The easiest way to contact me is to send an email to my username at gmail dot com. Craigslist ad: http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/sha/4477736396.html
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My friend recently moved back to this area from out of state and got a job. He needs to move out of his temporary housing situation ASAP but is having difficulty due to owning 2 large dogs (whose presence is non-negotiable - he moved across the country with them). Please read his statement below, and if you can help email him at caith_threefires@yahoo.com I will also send him the link to this post and monitor any replies made. Thanks!
"Dog-friendly housing needed: Boston area peeps - finding a place to rent with two large dogs has become the impossible task. Craig's List is useless. I need to manipulate the "personal connections" network fabric and find something word-of-mouth. If anyone personally knows a landlord within 30 mins of Somerville who is ok with large dogs (German shepherd and a lab mix), or if you know of a networking resource specifically aimed at this situation, please let me know. I am "doggone" desperate."
[edited to try to get rid of that weird formatting, though I didn't choose it originally...]


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