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The pantry mice are back and have discovered that we have milk powder, tapioca powder, and guar gum.

I've done the glue traps. I'd rather not do that again. And they live in the floor joists that they access through the air ducts, so it's not like we can block off a mouse hole.

So if you have a Mighty Hunter Cat, we would like to borrow them for a day or so... just long enough to convince the mice that they would be happier next door.

(We're in Medford, the other side of Medford Square from Davis. We will feed you at least one meal.)
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Boosting the signal:

Lost dog found this morning in the area of Teele Square. If you are the owner or know who this dog belongs to please contact the Somerville Police: 617-625-1212

Found near Clarendon st/ Broadway
Being held by Somerville animal control
Male approx 50 lbs

Photo on the Somerville PD FB page
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Hey folks!

I live up near Powderhouse, close to Tufts. My roommate found a dog (small, dark fur, short fur, possibly arthretic?) with no information on the collar (just a skull and crossbones)

We don't know what to do and have places to be. Animal control is currently closed, apparently. Does anyone have any ideas, or know someone in south Medford who is missing their small dog?


Edited: We found the dog's owner wandering around late last night looking for him! Thanks for all your suggestions, folks!
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EDIT:: He's home!! I did another sweep just after midnight and found him on Morrison Ave. Thank you all so much for the ideas and extra eyes!!

Somerville, please help me find my son's cat before he comes home from camp today!

Mashga is the love of his life. He's an indoor kitty who loves to try to get into the downstair neighbor's apartment. Last night he escaped not only out the front door but out the enclosed porch door too.

Mash has a chip, but no collar. Yes, I am an asshole for not making him always wear a collar. Yes, if he never comes home I will never forgive myself. Beat me up in the comments, please just keep an eye out for the little guy?

I have been walking around the neighborhood for hours looking for him, nothing yet. I'm at Morrison Ave between Boston Ave and Pritchard. Since he went out last night when it was quiet and dark, I'm looking everywhere from Porter Square to Ball square in a circle.

If you see him, or are able to grab him, please email me at or call me at 617-372-4373. I'll be out putting up fliers and shaking a bag of food if you want to say hello. I've called animal control and porter sq vet, and am posting on twitter and facebook too.

Thank you, neighbors.

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Cross-posting from reddit, as per request over there.

This extremely friendly floof, Somerville Ave near La Ronga / Forge / Samba. Does anyone recognize him/her?

This floof is extremely outgoing, may have been wearing a collar until recently from the way the fur is around the neck, looks healthy though maybe a little on the under-weight side, loves all the pettings, super energetic and playful, sheds like absolute bananas....and very, very much wants to come into the apartment. I had trouble coming back in without letting them in...and then it sat there and mewed and pawed on the patio door. They're still hanging around, exploring the porch area, and occasionally staring me down and letting out the most sad Meeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwws. Auuuuuugh, kitteh!

Does anyone recognize this kitteh? I've never seen them around before...I may call Somerville Animal control, but wanted to see if anyone recognized 'em.

Lost cat

Jun. 30th, 2016 11:23 am
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This adorable, sociable cat just adopted me. No collar, solid color. Any clues as to a home?

Between Davis and Ball squares.

I also just posted this to where I see it's likely the same cat spotted in Ward 2 yesterday.
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I know nothing else about this, but Miko's owner has postered the area near Linnaean pretty thoroughly and I figure it's worth sharing in case anyone spots Miko around Davis.

Flyer under the cut )

ETA: More details available via Reddit.

Edit 2: Found!

Found Cat

Apr. 13th, 2016 06:20 pm
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Has anyone lost a cat in the Ball Square area? There is a cat who has taken over my basement. Mostly black, no collar, quite shy.

If anyone has lost a cat, please contact me here with a detailed description of the cat and how best to get in touch with you.

I'll also be checking around with local vets.
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Hi neighbors! I volunteer with a local no kill cat rescue, Black Cat Rescue, and we are having a Benefit Night at Flatbread Co. in Davis Sq next Tuesday, March 29th. Proceeds from each pizza sold all night, eat in or takeout (or delivery on Foodler and Grubhub), will be donated to Black Cat Rescue.

5pm to close
Flatbread Co., 45 Day St, Somerville

All you have to do is order pizza!

We will also be selling raffle tickets with lots of prizes including gift cards to JP Licks, Somerville Theatre, Diesel Cafe, Ball Sq Fine Wines, Float Boston, and more. Learn more about fostering, adopting, and helping homeless cats. It'd be great if you can make it, and bring all your pizza-eating friends! (Remember, takeout and delivery count too!)

Here is the Facebook Event Page with more information:

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This has been posted, as a PDF here:

Text version:

Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone The Health & Human Services Department and Somerville Animal Control are pleased to sponsor the 16th Annual Rabies Clinic.

When: Saturday, April 9, 2016 10:00am to 12:00pm
Where: DPW Highway Garage (Located at Franey Road)
Who: Cats and Dogs Cost: $10.00 per animal

>Cats must be in carriers
>Dogs must be leashed
>No Prior record needed
>All vaccines are good for One (1) year (unless current rabies certificated is supplied)
>The City Clerk will be on-site to license dogs: $20.00 if dogs have been spayed and neutered (Please bring documentation), $30.00 otherwise

Please contact the Health & Human Services Department with questions 617-625-6600 Ext. 4300

Last time I went I had my cat's last record (also from the city clinic, I keep in in a pocket of her carrier), so she was able to get the 3 year vaccine.

(I keep the vaccine info in her carrier in case of evacuation. Some emergency shelters will demand proof. And if your pet doesn't have it on a collar it could be an issue. I hope we'll never have to evacuate to a shelter, but just in case.)
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The front window of 196 Elm Street, formerly Stellabella Toys, has a Cambridge "Notice of Public Hearing" sign. It says that the Board of Zoning Appeal will hear a petition from Sharon Cerny for a "Variance to allow a dog grooming service as an additional use to retail store selling dog products."

The public hearing will occur on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 8:15 pm at the Senior Center, 806 Mass. Ave. in Central Square.

If you know anything more, please post comments here.
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Originally posted by [ profile] phpanda at Charles River Alley cats and Tom Del Medico
Great article in Somerville Journal about local organiziations and people who support Somerville's feral cats. It sounds like Tom Del Medico spends  a lot of his own money to feed the cats. It sounds like Charles River Alley Cats helps at much as posaible with cost of neutering and other ways they can, Does anyone know how to reach him to contribute money to defer his costs to feed the cats?   I hope tthe animals  are able to finds spots to stay warm this weekend. Thanks to all the volunteers.
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This moving saga is getting.. complicated. The part of most immediate concern is that I can't take my cat with me when I move (badly allergic person at destination), and both my primary and backup plans for finding her a new home have failed. And so I'm offering her to you:

Shelby is a spayed female tortoiseshell... )

I'm looking for someone who's willing to adopt her, or perhaps board her for 4-6mo while DH and I sort out independent housing at our destination. We can supply all of her care items, as well as our current stock of food & litter. We'll be renting a van for move-related errands and can deliver if needed.

If you'd like to arrange to meet her, send me a PM and we'll work something out.
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UPDATE: So happy to report that the dogs that were stolen have been found and reunited with their owners!

I saw this post on the Somerville Animal Control Facebook page. Wanted to share!

Please share to help generate sightings and bring them home.

The dogs pictured below are believed to have been stolen from their apartment during a B&E at 30 Summer Street on January 19, 2016 at approximately 6:55pm.
The last known sighting was at 6:57pm in the area of 34 Summer St heading west on Summer St.

"Cleopatra", female Pomeranian, 3 yrs. old and 7 lbs., blue-white in color
"Caesar", male Pomeranian 4 yrs. old and 14 lbs., black-white in color

Anyone who has information or may have seen an individual with these dogs on the date and time mentioned above should contact Somerville Police Department or Somerville Animal Control.

Somerville AC: 617-625-6600 ext 2190
Somerville Police: 617-625-1600

Vet recs:

Sep. 7th, 2015 10:30 pm
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Looks like our veterinary recommendations haven't been updated since 2013 -- so here we go.

My cat needs a new vet. She's been at the same practice for the last ten years and I keep getting this upselling vibe every time I take her in for an annual exam that always seems to conveniently dovetail with food they sell, drugs they sell, services they sell, etc.

This time, she's actually got some concerning problems and if I'm going to take her in for treatment regularly, it has to be with a practice I don't start to feel itchy about every time I walk in.

Anyone have any Somerville or Cambridge recs (NOT interested in Arlington/Medford/Belmont etc because it's out of my way) particularly, Porter Square Vet on Summer that would be my first choice out of convenience?

Forestalling the inevitable questions:
Don't really care to out the name of the current practice
Won't take her further afield than Cambridge or Somerville right now
Did already check the tags
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I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for dog trainers in the Somerville area?
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I want to volunteer at an animal shelter or rescue and maybe eventually do some fostering. I live on the Medford/Somerville border and don't have access to a car. Any local recommendations?
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Boosting the signal for the cat owner.
(Originally posted on SomervilleMoms)

Hi All,
Our beloved cat, Boo, must have somehow escaped the house sometime this morning. He's nowhere to be found. We live on Ossipee Rd., near Teele Square, Packard Ave., Electric, and Powderhouse Ave - also near Tufts University. lf you happen to see an orange tabby cat who responds to "Boo!" Read more... )

feral cats

Apr. 11th, 2015 11:45 am
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I want to give a shout out to the volunteers at Charles River Alleycats. Thanks to them I was able to help a small feral cat colony in our neighborhood between Davis and Porter squares. With their guidance, I obtained vouchers from the state (through the S'ville Animal Control officer) for free spaying/neutering and shots. They supplied traps and showed me how to trap, made appointments with vets who accept the vouchers, and offered advice when I trapped a few skunks instead (oops). So now the cats are spayed, inoculated, and back in the shed that they'd adopted as a home. Great outfit, ready to help anyone who wants to give feral cats a better life. They also offer - for free - small, safe, warm "beds" made of styrofoam carriers and straw.


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