Jan. 29th, 2019

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UPDATE: All gone! Thanks for the help!

Original post follows.


Anybody around from Artisan's Asylum or Parts n' Crafts or any other organization which might like a lot of hand tools?

My SO is cleaning out his mother's house in Danvers to prepare it for sale, and part of that is cleaning out the garage, which is where his father's workbench is. His father has been gone for about 50 years, so everything there is pretty old.

We have a clean-out company coming Monday next week to throw everything in a dumpster and cart it away. If anybody wants to meet up with us when we're there this coming Sunday (Feb 3) afternoon, you're welcome to take just about anything out of that garage you want for free.

In addition to tools and fasteners, there's various landscaping equipment that hasn't been used in about 10 years including a (gas-powered) lawn mower.

All of it is free to anyone who wants to come pillage the place on Sunday afternoon, but you have to coordinate with us because we'll only be there a little while, so comment below and/or DM me.

We cannot deliver this stuff.


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