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Solarize Somerville goal metHey neighbors--

Our successful Solarize Somerville program has one more thing to wrap up. Because we hit our goal, we are going to be able to get a solar array donated to an eligible non-profit in the 'Ville.

There are some criteria to meet--you have to own the roof (we don't want some landlord to get the benefit of this, unless that non-profit is the landlord), you have to have the space and the orientation towards the sun, suitable roof condition, stuff like that. But if you know of a local organization that might meet this--tell them to submit their interest at the web form that can be found in the press release:

And please share this around your networks so that we can be sure as many people as possible hear about this.

Just so there's also a link here, let me quote from the release:
For eligibility requirements and to nominate a local nonprofit or house of worship, visit The online application will be available until Friday, June 30, 2017.


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